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From the Beginning

It was another week before Lily got out the hospital and her friends were more than supportive. Lissa spent days after classes with Lily reading her diary to help her remember the last year, she showed her pictures that James took of both of them and pictures from the ball and all the other times they spent together. No matter how many times Lissa read to her and showed her Lily was still convinced that James had wrote all these things and faked the pictures so that she would believe that she actually went out with him. Every waking day Malfoy visited manipulating her telling her that everything she has been shown was a lie. On the morning Lily got out the hospital wing her friends were waiting on her to walk her to breakfast.

"Hey Lils" Lissa greeted with a huge smile to comfort her friend.

" Where is Lucius? Why isn't he here?" she questioned Lissa.

"He is already at breakfast Lils he was up late with homework or something like that" she quickly lied to Lily. Truth was Malfoy didn't want to wait on her he was busy boasting about how after he leaves school he was set to be married into the Blacks fortune.

"Don't lie to her baby!" Sirius whined "Truth is Lily he is down at the breakfast table boasting to the entire Slytherin house that he is marrying my skank of a cousin!" he spat at Lily which he inherited a slap from Lissa who whispered "Shut up now!"

"Shut up Black I know what your up to" Lily shouted furiously. Lissa rushed to her side and moved her along the corridor throwing death glares at Sirius and mouthed "You are gonna pay" which made Sirius pout and follow on after the girls.

"C'mon Lils lets go get something to eat" Alice assured her whilst ushering her into the great hall.

"Aren't you sitting with Frank today?" Lily asked Alice.

"No today I am gonna sit with you guys if that alright today?" Alice replied looking at Lily sympathetically.

"Yeah its fine but guys you don't need to fuss over me I only had a small accident its not as if I am a recluse or anything. You can go sit with Frank I honestly don't mind I know u sit with him every morning so go." she strained to Alice who just gave her a glare " Honestly go, I'm fine"

"Ok but if u ne…" Alice began

"I know" Lily laughed and hugged her "honestly its like I am a baby" she sniggered once more.

"Hey Lily!" Everyone said except from James.

"Hey" she replied "Hi Potter"

"Hi Li - Evans" he stammered back.

"What's up with you? Another girl dumped you and bruised your ego?" she asked him sarcastically

"Yeah something like that" he mumbled back and strode up the great hall

"Was it something I said?" she asked knowing full well what she meant.

"Look can you two just try and get along please?" Sirius begged Lily.

"Why should I its him trying to convince everyone that we went out he has got the whole school believing it Sirius how he has done it I will never know. People are going to think I am some woman of the night!" she hissed back at him.

"Well I'm not getting stuck between this if it comes to it Lily I pick him over you! Because lets face it you are just being a bitch and you know it he has apologised to you over and over and you are still being a bitch to him!" Sirius shouted at her now rising out of his seat. Looking down at Lily who for once was speechless.

"Sirius please" Lissa whined

"No am sick of this tip toeing around her acting as if nothing if wrong." he shouted at lissa. " Face it he has been nothing but nice to her and she is wrapped up in this wanker" he said pointing to lucius across the hall " when all the time he is engaged to my cousin" after this Lily's head whipped round to see Lucius looking stunned before getting up out the hall " See he cant even face you to tell you and if you don't believe me here" he flung a letter and a copy of the prophet in front of lily. " A letter from my mother about it all feel free to read it. Try and come to your senses a bit!"

"Mr. Black that is quite enough my office now!" McGonagall shouted at him.


"Do you not think Miss Evans has been through enough Mr Black without you shouting at her?" Professor McGonagall shouted furiously at him "Well?"

"Yes but I just couldn't stand it anymore Minnie!" he mumbled back under his breath

"How many time have I told you not to call me that Black?"

"Sorry Minnie" he smirked

"Right enough get out my office. A weeks detention for harassing Miss Evans and me an for your use of language in the Great Hall!!! Get out" She screamed at him. While he ran off down the hall.

Sirius entered the common room to go to collect his books for the first class of the day to find James lying in his bed staring at the top of his four poster bed.

"You not ready yet mate?" he asked him.

"No I think am gonna ditch today." James replied in an automatic response.

"Ok no prob I will cover for you mate" Sirius replied but at that minute Lily walked into the dormitory. "What do you want? Have you forgot what I told you?"

"I wanted to speak to Potter to apologise Black that's all and to tell you Lissa is waiting on you downstairs." she said with her head hung down to hide her red puffy eyes from him.

"Fine!" Sirius replied before storming off.

"Look Pott-" Lily began

"Enough I don't want to here it Lily I have tried I really have but I give in now I really do. I don't know what else to do"

"Potter I am sorry for the way I spoke to you this morning you didn't deserve it you really didn't and I'm sorry. Also I am going to stay up here with Lissa for a while so you will have the heads dorm to yourself for a while ok? She spoke slowly to him

"Yeah fine whatever" he said never taking his eyes off the top of his bed.

"Will you at least look at me?" he flicked his eyes to her and back up again

"What are your looking at?" she quizzed him and walked over to his bed to see exactly what he was staring at. She looked up and saw carved into the wood LE + JP and a picture of the two of them at the lake just about to kiss.

"So it was true then? Every bit of it?"

"Yeah" he sighed.

"I am sorry James but whatever was there I just don't remember any of it happening. Can we please be friends sort of start over?" she looked at him but he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Please I need all the friends I can get. I found out about Lucius and I finished with him. Please?" she pleaded with him

"Ok then I suppose I could" he replied with a slight smile.

"Good its settled then you are coming to mine over the Christmas holidays" she said brightly springing up from his bed.

"What! I never agreed to that!" he shouted bolting upright.

"Yeah you all are. My mum wrote to me to make sure you were going to my sisters wedding. Another thing I guess I forgot." she reminded him for once. But James knew all to well the day that Lily found out about the wedding at the days before.

"Fine if I must. Do you not have class to go to?" he asked her

" No free period all morning thought I would go for a walk. Do you not have class?"

"No I'm ditching today." he said causing a silence between them. "Mind if I come with you?"

" No that would be nice. You can catch me up on everything that has happened" she said smiling and then leading him out the door.


Everyone was in the great hall at lunch. Lissa and Sirius had had their words about his behaviour that morning and were back to being their usual self. Remus had his head in his book occasionally looking over to look at Mary and Mary just stared lovingly at Remus they way she had done for the past year. Everything was back to normal the way it should be. Lily and James both walked down the great hall laughing their heads off and everyone was staring at them.

"You did not did you?" she said through her laughs

"I did and I have the picture to prove it" he said laughing back at her

"Oh I soo need to see that" she sighed trying to stop her laughing and sitting in her seat.

"Need to see what?" Sirius asked bouncing in his seat trying to get in on what they were talking about "Need to see what prongs?" he asked James still bouncing

"Nothing Sirius but if you ever need a lone of my lipstick just ask me ok?" Lily laughed at him and so did the whole entire group.

"You promised you wouldn't say anything!!!!" he shouted over the laughter.

"What can I say I lied" James said through his laughter.

"You … You I will get you back for this I will" Sirius pointed in his face and got up and stormed away.

"Now you've done it" Lissa laughed and got up to chase after him " Sirius! Sirius c'mon baby it was only a joke!" she shouted after him.


Both Lily and James moved back into the heads dorm a couple of days later once they had gotten their stuff together and got along as if they were the best of friends. They had even decided to plan a 7th year Christmas party as it would be their last Christmas at Hogwarts.

"I think we should get in the weird sisters or something like that for a band. I mean they are pretty good." James suggested

"Yeah but from what I heard your band did great at the Halloween ball. You sure you lot don't want to play?" she asked

"No. We have had our turn to shine plus I want to enjoy myself" he laughed "Which reminds me do you want to go with me as friends that is?"

"Yeah if you want" she replied not looking up from her note pad. All the time James sat with a huge smile on his face until Lily looked up to ask him "Hogsmade visit before?"

"Yeah sure" he said lounging back in the chair and ruffled his hair.


Authors Note: I am so sorry it took so long to get done but its here now and not long to go now. I hope u all enjoy it xxx