The Darkness of Death

By Kara Darkblood
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" There is a certain time, in the past, when they say that all was
peacefull. It was when Muggles and Wizards lived in harmony with
eachother. There was no persecution, there was no execution, no
torture, no decapitation. The Muggles helped the Wizards, the Wizards
helped the Muggles. But then, it became divided. A new muggle ceremony
called "religion" developed, and with it the evils of the devil and
witches. They became shunned and almost all wizarding practice stopped,
untill a few wizards began to teach magic to their children quietly and
secretly, in the forests and woods, far away from muggles. They
began to grow, and expand. There were now thousands of wizards around
the world. They began to make academies, the most prominent being
Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durham. Hogwarts, the good English
school, was the most well known wizarding school. Then Beauxbatons, a
french academy, was the sister school of Hogwarts, and many
exchange programs and inter-scholar Quiddich matches took place.
Durham, was an academy off in Russia, from which many students began
to practice the Dark Arts. They were angry with Hogwarts and so
posed as mortals and told the Muggles of Hogwarts and Beauxbatons.
The Puritans, at this time, were thriving in England and they attacked
the two schools with force. Hogwarts was able to withstand attack, but
the more elaborate, beautiful "Academie de Beauxbatons Pour Sorciers
et Sorcieres" fell to the mob. Thousands of students were killed, and
teachers slaughtered. The headmaster, Proffessor Jacques D'Estee,
was taken for questioning. To which he replied only,

"Je ne vais jamais dire rien. Et jamais vais-j'arreter de
faire ce que je fais - il faudra prendre mon tete."

(Which means, "Never shall I tell you anything. And never shall I stop
what I do - you would have to sever my head from my body.")

This tragedy was a great blow to the wizarding communtiy. Now, three
hundred years later, Beaubaxons is finally going to be re-opened.
The headmaster will be Proffesseur Pierre D'Estee, Jacque's great-
great-great-great-grandson. But suspicion as to wether it will be
a sucess is questionable. "

Harry and Hermione sat back as Ron re-read the page. Harry smiled, and
started laughing as Ron closed the book. Hermione gave them a sharp
glance. "Why are you laughing?" she snapped, angry at them.

"Because it's funny!" said Ron.

"No, it isn't! Look at what this school has gone through - I mean,
think of the history!" she said.

"Yeah? History history school school school, is that all you think
about, Herm?" asked Harry.

Hermione rose in anger. "Look at what those students had to go through!
Imagine their lives! To be executed for practicing the Magic Arts!"

She ran out of the room as the two boys continued laughing.


Hermione didn't know where she was going, or why she was going there.
She asked herself why this affected her so much, this Beaubaxons academy.
She stumbled through the darkness of the corridors and ran in and out
of rooms and halls, as though posessed. She wasn't really sure what she
was looking for, but she knew that she was looking for something.
She thought of Ron, Harry, Gryffindor, her parents, her muggle life as
she ran through the hall, and she reached the end. It had been a long
corridor, one that had twists and turns and wrong ends, but somehow
she had made it to the end. There was a pool of water in a golden
well. She had never heard of this hall, though she had read of all of
the books on Hogwarts. She gazed into the pond, and it began to swirl.
Images of a school like Hogwarts, only much grander, and decorated
with Ivory and Gold, and all sorts of precious metals appeared before
her. She gasped as the room began to spin and she fainted on the floor.


She was in a dark room, the only light was the faint light from a
candle in a golden holder. She bolted up right, and found that she was
in the middle of a hall way with someone peering over her. It looked
like...Proffessor Lupin?!?

"It seems, Miss Jones, that you are in the wrong place - your commons
room is over there," he said, smiling at her, and pointing to
a door with the words "Lion D'Or" inscribed in huge gold lettering.
She looked at him, confused.

"Proffessor Lupin, where am I?" she asked, and the young man looked
back at her, surprised.

"Miss Jones, are you feeling well? I am Proffessor McLerson!" he
chuckled slightly, and she stood up, as Proffessor McLearson walked

Hermione, who was apparently "Miss Jones," looked at the gold letters
above her commons room. Under the grand "LionD'or" was written
"Golden Lion". She stepped in the door, and gasped as she looked
around the room. It was...

Chapter 2 : La Mystere de BeauxBatons

...exactly as the Gryffindor commons room! There was a fire lit, and
there were students around her, on the couches, chatting, playing
cards or doing homework. Their robes were more elaborate, the girls in
long dresses of the seventeen hundreds, and there were no electric lights,
merely dozens and dozens of candles lit everywhere. Her mouth dropped
as she was mezmerized by her surrounding. She saw two fifth year boys,
who resembled Harry and Ron, and she ran to them. "Harry! Ron!" she
cried, and the boys stared at her asthough she were crazy.

"Henrietta, what are you talking about?" asked the Ron-ish boy. "Don't
tell me that you have forgotten our names!"

She faked a laugh and looked around, cheeks burning red, for a hint
as to what their names were. She noticed school books on the ground,
and they read: Jean, and Paul. "Jean," she asked testily, and the
boy that looks like Harry turned.

His eyes twinkled, and Henrietta noticed that there was something
different about him, as he asked her, "What is it?"

She shook her head. "Nothing. Er - what do we have for homework?"
They looked at her as though she were insane.

Paul, Ron, piped up, "Henrietta, what has gotten into you? Man!"
she said a soft goodnight and stumbled out of the commons room,
tired. She managed to find her way into her dorm, and found the bed
that had school books all over it marked "Henrietta Granstewart"
in elegant writing. She flipped through the pages, and tried to figure
out what was happening.

The night dragged on. Hermione watched as the other girls that
"Henrietta" shared a dorm with filled in at different times. Hermione
packed her schoolthings to the side, and tried to sleep.

The next day came, and Hermione thought, for a fleeting second, that
she might just be back home, where she could wander down to the commons
room and find Ron and Harry waiting for her so they could go to Hogsmead
or whatever. But no - the commons room was dark, and it seems that all
of the other students had already gone to their classes. Hermione
panicked. She could never be late for class! Never, not even in an
alternate dimension - or wherever she was. She grabbed her books,
ran a comb through her hair and was half out of the commons room
untill she realized that she was in her pj's. She ran up to her room,
where an elaborate set of dresses, peticoats, and other things
that Hermione had only read about were oh her bed. She hardly had time
to wonder how they got there - she was more concerned about getting
them on, and became frantic, when a small house-elf came up to her.

"Mistress Henrietta, Shahiri wonder why you are so early?" asked the
small woman. She began to undress Hermione and put on the corset.

"Early? I'm late! Late for classes!" she squealed.

The ugliest laughter came from the elf. "It is not a day for school,
Shahiri knows, it is a day of rest!"

Hermione sighed, and then asked, "Saturday?"

The elf nodded. "You are up early." There was a silence as Shahiri
began to pull on the layers of the dress. "You are very pretty today,
Mistress - prettier than Thursday, Shahiri thinks." Hermione smiled
sadly at this comment. Today is saturday, she thought to herself.
Two days to find out what is going on...

~~~ Chapter 3: La Mystere Est Elabore ~~~

Hermione walked through the halls on her own. It was very early,
and only some of the proffessors were up. She was trying to piece
together things. She was smart, she thought, she should be able to
figure it out. SHe began to speak aloud. "My name is Henrietta
Granstewart, and my friends, Harry and Ron are actually Jean and Paul.
Proffessor Lupin is Proffessor Mc..whatever... and today is Saturday."
SHe paused, and leaned against the cold stone wall, trying to
think of an explanation for all of this.

There was silence for a few moments. Then hushed talking from the near
-est classroom. She went closer to hear what they were saying.

"Yes, Lily, I know." said a voice - it sounded like Lupin.

"But, Mooney..." said a sweet, female voice, and Hermione assumed
that it was Lily.

"James will be here soon, and then everything will be ok." said

"But, what if ...he... kills him?" she asked, voice trembling.

Hermione leaned in for a closer listen, but froze when she felt a thin,
bony hand on her shoulder.


To Be Continued...
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