Beauxbatons: Chapter 4

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A puritan came charging in. Hermione gasped and looked to Jean,
who grabbed her arm protectively, and pulled her back behind her.
"I won't let them hurt you," he whispered to her softly, and Hermione
could only nod.

The man in black grabbed Jean, and then Hermione. "Come on, you kids,
you've made me enough trouble already!" he spat as he shoved them
out of the door.

Hermione looked to the ground. Lying there, in the darkness, was
Paul, and she felt her heart tear in two. Should she stay here with
Paul? Should she go with Jean? Her mind span with questions as she
heard a weak voice call her name: "Henrietta..." it was Paul. His arm
was outstreached and a tear stained his cheek. She turned away,
fighting the urge to cry, and the man grabbed her roughly.

"Get moving, child of evil!" he said, and Hermione was pushed through
the dungeons to a chamber where sat the leader of the puritans, and
Voldemort himself.


Hermione kneeled in front of the Dark Lord, who was dressed as a peasant.
She hated the feeling of not knowing what was going on... it made her
feel helpless. She tried to connect her thoughts, when finally, it
hit her.

Voldemort was not dead - Harry's parents had not been killed, Harry
was not famous, and Voldemort was thriving. That's why Harry - or
Jean - had no scar! That meant...

"Are you sure that these are the children?" asked the Puritan leader.
Voldemort nodded, and turned to look at Hermione. His cold glance
sent shivers down her spine. She leaned over and clung to Harry.
She could hear some shouting as they brought into the room Snape
and Duponte.

"Listen, you can't touch these kids!" said Snape, who was trying to
stare the guard down.

"Would you rather we take your life over that of your pupil's?"
Sneered Voldemort, his cold eyes piercing deep into Snape's flesh.

Then he said something that made almost everyone in the place fall over:

"By all means."

He was willing to give up what little chance he had of saving himself for
his worst ennemy: Harry Potter.

Hermione gasped. She watched as they took their potions teacher and
their headmaster away. She looked to Harry, petrifyed.

Outside, the din of a crowd could be heard. As they were pushed out
into the sunlight, Hermione had to sheild her eyes from the brightness
of the day. She looked around, and was greated by the angry, dirty
faces of filthy pesants and the stench of rot. They booed and hissed
as Professor Snape was executed.

The executioner lifed up the severed head from the decapitated body.
The skin was drenched with the dark red blood, its face frozen into
a permanent look of fear and anticipation. Hermione turned, burring
her face into Jean's warm shoulder, and Headmaster Duponte approached
the guilotine.

The puritan leader, with Voldemort near by, began speaking, adressing
the mob. "This is the one responsible for this all! Take one last look
at his face. This is the face of a child of satan! The spawn of evil!
He has taken our children and made them evil..."

His speach droned on and Hermione heard a cry, that of a tear-stained
red haired woman. "Jean" she screamed frantically, over and over. Jean
turned, and his face lit up for the first time in a long time.

"Mother!" he called, breaking free of the Guards and Hermione. His
mother ran to hug him. He took one last look at Hermione, and then
sighed. His mother, and apparently, his father, were taking off quietly,
not having been seen by the crowd. They were much too interested in
Duponte's execution. Hermione's eyes darted from place to place.
She was torn - how could they excecute Duponte! She had fallen so much
into this dream that it all seemed to be perfect reality to her.
Turning her head, not being able to watch, she saw the tear stained
face of a familiar red head. He was being brought up to the executioner's
stand. It was Paul.

Her pulse raced. Her heart was going a mile a minute. "Paul!" she
screamed, and ran to him. All thoughts of Jean had been vanquished.
All she cared about right now was Paul. As he was being taken to the
guillotine, he looked back to scan the crowd one last time.

"PAUL!" she screamed again, pushing past all of the guards and onto
the platform. He looked at her, anxiously.

"Get out of here! You have to get out of here! They ... they might
kill you too!" he shouted, his eyes brimming with salty tears.

"So? What does that matter?" she spat, staring deep into Paul's eyes.

"It matters to me! I can't - I can't let that happen to you!" he
said, almost stuttering.

"Oh, Paul..." Hermione whispered, tears slipping down her cheeks.

Then Paul grabbed her and kissed her, and she felt her heart melt.
The executioner grabbed Paul, roughly pulling her away from him.
"No!" she screamed, as Paul gave her one last look.

"Run, Hermione, run!" he whispered, and Hermione froze. He called me
Hermione, she thought, he called me Hermione.

Then everything went black.


When she came to, everything was a little fuzzy. A red head was leaning
over her. "Herm...Hermione...?" he asked softly. She looked up at
him and smiled.

"Ron?" she asked, and he nodded.

"Are you ok?" he asked again, gently picking her up.

Hermione scratched her forehead, leaning against Ron. "What happened?"
she questioned him. He looked back at her surprised.

"I- I don't know... you ran away and I got worried, so I came looking
for you!" he said.

"Where's Harry?" she asked, and Ron looked a little hurt.

"Oh. Harry." he said dissapointedly. "He's off with Ginny somewhere."

Hermione sighed. For all of this time, she had been torn between
Ron and Harry. But I guess, she thought, that it has always been
Ron from the start, only ... she looked back up at him, who was staring
at her intensly. ... only I didn't know it.

"Ron?" she said softly.



"For what?" he asked, surprised, and she shrugged.

"Come on, let's get out of here." she attempted to stand up but ended
up falling over, into Ron's arms.

"Yeah - it's nearly dinner. Care to join me?" he asked, holding out
his arm.

She locked her arm in his, smiling, and they walked back to the
dinner hall together.

~~~~ THE END ~~~~~~

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