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Summery: Sequel to Is It True. It's been ten years since I left. My curiosity has been growing to see what happened to Sam and Tucker, to Paulina, Dash, Star and Kwan…and maybe even Phantom. Val's POV.


Reliving the Past:

Chapter One: My Heartache


The perfect life.

One with no worries or cares. Just freedom.


It was nearing dusk as I walked down the street of the small town I now lived in which I recently found out was called Vina, Alabama. I walked everywhere because I left home with almost no money and the job I found barely paid enough for me to afford a house and bed, let alone a car.

I walked into the post office to get my maiil.

"Hey Nicky!" "What's up Nick!" "Nicky, baby." "Here for your mail Nick?" came a courus of greetings. In a small town like this I quickly found out everybody knew everybody else's name.

"Hey John, Laura, Shrad, yeah I am, Yale," I answered instantly out of habit. I was busy getting my mail when someone placed their hands on my shoulders and called out,

"Nicole, sweet-" that was the farthest he got for I swung my fist around and nailed him in the stomach.

"If I've told you once Harper I've told you a million times, don't sneak up on me!" I started for the door. "Oh, and I've told you this too, I don't like you!" I silently exited knowing everyone was staring at me. Of course, they knew that I sometimes lurched out unexpected beatings and yellings but they didn't know why.

Hey, I didn't even know why. I guess it was instinct or something after all those years of...I dismissed that thought as soon as it came. When I arrived at my house I fumbled with the keys and let myself in. Plopping down on the bed and throwing my mail everywhere, I thought of sleep and before I knew it I was in dream land.

I dreamt about something I hadn't thought about for weeks. I dreamt about Phantom. I had been able to get most of him off my mind and even go weeks without thinking about him now so I didn't expect to be dreaming of him.

I dreamt about what I thought present day Amity Park might look like. I saw everything in ruins, people in chains being forced to do manual labor like build buildings that would be destroyed.

And I saw Phantom standing over them, harassing them until they finished the job. Every now and then he would shoot an ecto-blast at people and places in general. When someone would finish a part of what they were doing, he'd let some high pitched green wail out of his mouth and destroy it.

All of a sudden the scenery changed. Amity Park was fine. It was just as I remembered it. I looked down and gasped. I was fourteen again. I had my long curly hair and orange and yellow clothes I used to wear all the time back. When I looked back up I saw Danny sitting in front of me.

I reached for my backback with my ghosthunting gear in it but realized it wasn't there. I put my hand back down and noticed we were sitting in a park with a picnic basket and blanket near us. Danny was looking at me with a goofy grin on his face. I shuddered at the sight.

All of a sudden he lurched at me. I thought he was going to try and kill me so I struggled with all my might until I realized he wasn't ataking me. He was kissing me.

And I was kissing him back.

That one sight made me sit straight up in bed. I can't believe I'd had a dream of us kissing. I can't believe how real it felt. And I can't believe I was dreaming about him in the first place. Maybe if I had been dreaming about a nice Phantom he was really...

I slapped myself on the check to rid myself of those thoughts. I knew he was evil; that 'Danny' was just an act and sooner or later-unless he already had-Phantom would erupt and show himself.

Then everyone would run away. Just like I did. Except everyone would know why everyone else was running. Nobody knew why I ran.

I ran to get away from loving the enemy. And it wasn't working.

I stopped all my thoughts and focused on that last one. I had just admitted for the first time in ten years that I was still in love with Danny-no, Phantom. I had never really given him up. That's why I never married or fell in love again.

I was still in love with the enemy.

Days ago I carried no regrets but now I was telling myself that I actually missed Phantom. Had I all this time?

I swung my legs over my bed, got up, and began to pace. It's not like I hadn't considered the thought of maybe still loving Phantom. It's just that I'd never come to admit it.

And though I'd told myself over and over again that I didn't miss Dad, I did. And I missed Sam and Tucker-they were part of the package when Danny and I became friends. Sure they didn't like me, which I now knew was because I tried to destroy their so called best friend, at least that would be the reason if they knew about him. But I still wanted to see what became of them.

I may even want to see Paulina, Dash, Star, and Kwan. The "in" crowd I'd been booted out of when Daddy had lost all of his money. I stopped pacing. I didn't want to go back, yet I did. I hated Phantom, yet I didn't. I was happy, yet I wasn't.

Sitting down on my bed I pushed a strand of blood red hair out of my eyes and behind my ear. I sighed as I tried to think of something that could keep me away any longer.

He wouldn't recognize me with my blood red, short hair. I had blue color contacts. I always wore tight blue jeans that were longer than necessary and a black shirt with a purple flower in the middle. I wore black sandals and more black make-up than Sam. I'd even grown a couple more inches.

There wasn't anything he'd recognize me by. Nobody would. That meant I wouldn't actually get to talk to my dad or my friends but at least I could see what they were up to. If they still lived after I left the town that is.

And just like that, in one mind toggling battle between myself, in one night I'd convinced myself to visit the town that I'd promised I'd never return to.

That is if it was still standing.


I'm not sure if it's short but I'm gonna tell ya that the next chapter's longer.( I think)

Sneak Peak

Entering Amity Park City limits I prepared myself for the worst. Imagine my surprise when I found the city twice the size it used to be. The buildings were huge. The transportation was of the future. And...

Every place I looked I saw Phantom's face. I scowled, not remembering my little debat in my mind about still being in love with him ealier that morning. I stolled over to one of them assuming it was a wanted poster.

My mouth must have dropped below my feet after I read the poster. It proclaimed the town hero was Danny Phantom...

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