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Chapter Twelve: My Ultimate Decision


"You seem to know this ghost. Who is he?"

And it was then that every person in the room tried to stifle laughter.

Sam answered, "Well, if you don't know him, he has the weirdest name; The Box Ghost."

It took every ounce of will power I had and more to keep myself from bursting out into laughter. Nicole had never known the Box Ghost; what would she find humorous about him? Besides the name that is...

I saw Danny smile at me across everyone's heads. I knew what he was thinking.

"Alright," I began, still trying to hold in laughter. "You guys obviously know this guy. Why do you seem so surprised at how powerful he is?" Well, I know I'm surprised at him looking that way, but they've had to have seen him since I've been gone.

"Because last time we saw him, five years ago, he was a little blue guy with a rounded back and known shouting, "I AM THE BOX GHOST! BEWARE!" Sam answered.

"So, how'd he get like this?" I asked.

"We don't know, but let's focus on defeating him before anything else; any plans?" Danny asked.

"I'm on my way up as we speak," Dad said, walking down the hallway to check on the others.

"Okay," Danny stated. He looked at me. "Nicole, you know where the shield is; when I give the go ahead, drop the shield. You three," he pointed at Tucker, Sam, and Maddie, "come inside with me. Maybe we can get it worked out so he'll get confused enough and end up loosing."

"We have no weapons," Sam reminded him. "Nicole found some that we took into battle last time, but they're still in there."

"Then hopefully," Danny started to say as I ran toward the small office area, reading what he was about to say, "she can find some more."

I was back inside the office. I first hit the off button to the generator; then I grabbed an arm load of ecto-weapons and made my way back to the small group. "Here are a couple of things," I announced, handing them out to the humans in the group and keeping a few weapons for myself. "The ghost shield should be gone in about half a minute or so."

"Alright, so now we just have to wait."

In the thirty seconds that followed, we watched the Box Ghost calm down, realizing we were about to charge in, and step back from the doorway. It felt like ages, but the shield finally dropped, and the computerized voice again said, "Ghost shield deactivated."

Danny was the first to charge in, with Maddie, Sam, Tucker, and me following. Attacks were being thrown left to right, from everyone at the same time.

I didn't hesitate to jump in and throw attacks myself. We threw out all we had on the ghost. I brought out two ectoplasm seeking rockets I'd found in the office. I considered the thought of them hitting Danny, but threw them anyway. He could take care of himself. As I'd predicted, one of the rockets shot toward Danny, but, as I'd hoped, the other shot toward the Box Ghost. When I noticed Danny not try and destroy it, I helped out by doing it myself. That gave him a chance to get back into beating up the Box Ghost.

The Box Ghost ended up catching the rocket in mid-air and crushing it to little bits. He fired up some kind of weird pink ecto-blast, but before he let it go, I realized it was three electric boxes. Before he shot them at me I thought about how more useful a power like that was, instead of him jumping out of random boxes. He shot them. I jumped out of the way, but one of them scraped the back side of my ankle. And they hurt a lot worse than they'd looked.

I screamed in pain. Maddie rushed over to me and motioned the others to continue the fighting. "Those things sure hurt," I commented.

"Yeah, I'll bet," she replied, dabbing on some kind of cool jell on my ankle that made it sting. "It doesn't need anything else, just be careful." I jumped back onto my feet instantly. I was about to run back into the fight but Maddie asked me a question. "You sure you've never fought ghosts before? You seem pretty good."

"Thanks," I replied, ignoring the question. I ran and began fighting again, but I heard Maddie shout,

"You know there was a question in there too!"

I watched Sam and Tucker shoot shots at the same time. Both shots hit the Box Ghost, near the same spot. He stepped back for a moment, but quickly regained his composure and hit Sam and Tucker. Danny shot into the air and punched and kicked the ghost with all his might. I even saw a fist with and ecto-blast hit him a few times.

The Box Ghost fought back though. He punched Danny whenever the chance came, and was pretty good about keeping Sam, Tucker, and Maddie off their feet. He shot an ecto-blast at Sam, an electric box at Tucker and Maddie, who were sneaking up behind him, and kept Danny out of the way the rest of the time.

He's forgotten about me, I suddenly realized. This could be used as an advantage by us. I backed up out of sight. Think, think! What could I do that would help everyone out? I know they needed some kind of upper hand, but how could I get it to them?


I turned around and saw Dad walking up from where he'd gone to check on the others.

"Oh hey, Mr. Gray," I greeted. "What's up with the other guys?"

"They're fine. They've been awake up there for awhile." I stared at him curiously.

"How come they haven't come down to help out?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe they don't feel like fighting. Maybe they didn't know what had happened or that there was even a fight going on down here. Either way, they're up there."

"You didn't tell them there was a fight down here with everyone but them involved?" I asked, incredulously. "Danny says his dad is a pretty enthusiastic ghost hunter. He'll kill you if you don't tell him."

"Why bother. They didn't ask about anything, and they were outside when I came back in here."

"Didn't they wonder why you came back inside, or where everyone else was?"

"I suppose they might have, but they didn't ask about it. I didn't see the need to involve more people than necessary. If we end up needing them, they're upstairs, waiting."

"Okay. Are you going to get involved?"

"If I'm needed," he answered. A minute of silence passed between us. "Are you?"

"I'm...trying to think of the way I'd be most useful right now," I told him, watching Danny being slung across the room, hitting the wall, and sliding down to the floor, only to get back up and charge again.

"Then maybe it's best you don't get involved at all." That was the last thing he said before backing further up. I'd never realized dad's mind worked that way. It was...very unusual to say the least. Maybe he was right and I shouldn't get involved; I should just let everything work out without me.

Then again, maybe I should get involved. Maybe I should offer my support; wanted or not. Maybe they needed it. But maybe they didn't. Everything was so confusing.

It was then that I caught sight of the cuffs the Box Ghost had used to chain Danny up. Could it work for full ghosts? It was worth a shot. After all, if it was designed to make sure ghosts couldn't use there powers, why wouldn't it not work on a full ghost?

I crept out from where I was hiding, shooting one last look at dad, and kept my back against the wall as I slowly made my way over to where the cuffs had fallen to the ground.

As I came into reach of them, the Box Ghost roared in anger. From what, I wasn't sure. All I could tell that was happening was nothing that hadn't been happening the entire time. Danny kicking and punching and shooting; Maddie, Sam, and Tucker shooting and fighting. Maybe the ghost had just simply lost it.

I grabbed the chains. His back was pointed my direction; good. I noticed Sam look my way with a confused look on her face. I shook my head violently to get her to look away. Thankfully, she did. And she also did something else that I hadn't planned on.

"Hey!" she ran to the nearest corner. "Over here! I bet you'd like to get rid of me!" She waved her arms frantically, trying to get the ghost to look her direction.

"Sam! You're nuts!" Danny yelled. Maddie and Tucker both verbally agreed. I chose that moment to strike. I ran as fast as I could, chains making loud noises, and kicked the Box Ghost with all my might. He had had just enough time to turn around by the time I'd hit him. He grunted under the sudden impact and fell backwards.

I threw one of the cuffs to Tucker, who was standing on the other side of the Box Ghost. We both clasped them shut at the same time, and not too soon after, shackled his feet. He writhed and screamed and tried with all his might to use some kind of power.

"Ya know, ten years of nothing at all have been good for me," I stated quietly to myself.

I witnessed The Box Ghost being sucked into the thermos. "I'll be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled.

"Good job," Dad congratulated us all once we'd made it over to where he was standing. I smiled and nodded, as did everyone.


"So," I began the next morning, sitting at the breakfast table with Sam. "Where was Danny yesterday?"

"I'm not sure. I'm actually pretty surprised he didn't get drug into everything. He always gets drug into everything."

"I guess some kind of politically scandal came up," I offered as an excuse.

"Yeah, I guess so. I should've asked him about it last night." Sam stood up and walked over to the sink, mumbling to herself.

I was about to leave the kitchen to go back to my room when I heard Danny's voice. "Can I talk to you for a minute, Nicole?"

I nodded and followed him out the door. "What?" I asked once we were outside.

"Look, Sam told me about what happened yesterday, and I just want to know why you did what you did instead of full on attacking."

"I heard some wise words," I told him honestly. "I figured it'd be more helpful to us all if I tried to find some strategy instead of just attacking. I liked Phantom's plan, by the way. Let's charge in and see what happens. Let him know I thought it was amazing."

Danny blushed. "I'll be sure and tell him. That brings me to another question. Why did the Box Ghost hold you all captive down there?"

"I don't know. Some kind of secret something about who Phantom really was. I'll tell you what I told Phantom. As soon as I'm clued in as to what the secret is, I'll be really happy. Until then, I'm in the dark ages," I lied.

"Right," Danny replied, his eyes narrowing. "Well, I guess I should be going. How much longer are you going to stick around?"

"Not much longer," I told him. "My stuff's packed and ready to go. My plane leaves in two hours."

"Why are you leaving so soon?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. I might be back; I might never come back. I guess I was just bent on reliving my past."

"So, I guess this is goodbye..." he trailed off. I thought for sure he was going to say something more, but he began walking the other direction. I turned to head back to the boarding house to get my stuff and be on my way to the airport. "...Val." I heard him yell.

I turned around, mockingly fuming. He'd started running, so I did too. I only stopped to pick up a stick to throw at him, and when I did, I thought I saw someone standing in the shadows not out of hearing shot. I paid no attention though. There was a half ghost freak getting farther and farther away from me with every passing second.


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