Naruto Filler: Tenten's Kimono Business chapter 5


Tenten sighed deeply and pulled her hands closer to her body.

"Neji…I'm going to ask you one thing and you have to answer me truthfully," Tenten said.

Neji raised an eyebrow and answered reluctantly. "Sure."

Tenten hugged her knees. "Do you ever picture me in a kimono?"

Neji lurched backwards. "Kimono?"



"Do you?"


"Answer me."


Tenten sighed and closed her eyes. She leaned against the tree and wiped her forehead of the sweat.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" She asked, taking a different approach.

"Of course." Neji said.

Tenten's eyes grew big. She hadn't expected such a quick answer. I mean, this was Hyuuga Neji! The coldest, most twisted, evil, cynical shinobi in the village! How could he have said that?

Tenten smiled. "Really?"

Neji shrugged like it was no big deal. "Sure."

Tenten grew really happy now.

"Why do you ask?" Neji questioned.

Tenten's eyes grew dark and she had this pitiful puppy look on her face and Neji could almost just cuddle her.

"I had a dream…" Tenten began. "And I was wearing this great kimono, and everyone was just so startled by my beauty that it almost seemed too good to be true."

Neji nodded and kept listening.

"But when I woke up, and I went to the Training Grounds today, it was just like before. People looked at me like a tomboy, but not a girl." Tenten said…

Neji thought of telling Tenten that she was a tomboy, but decided against it.

"Does this mean that no matter how I try, I'll never be beautiful?" Tenten finished.

Neji looked troubled. "Of course not."

Tenten gave him an Are-you-serious look.

"I mean, you're really a pretty girl. But sometimes, you just…act like a guy." Neji said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Tenten asked.

"In a good way, you have multiple personalities." Neji remarked.

"Multiple Personalities?"


"So…I'm a girl sometimes and a tomboy at times?"


"Is that good?"


"Can you say something other than 'yea'?"


Tenten paused. This conversation was going nowhere and somehow, it didn't really make her any happier than she was before.

Neji recognized the sadden look on Tenten's face and tried to say something else.

"Well, I mean, your multiple personalities is what sets you apart from other girls." Neji improvised.

"Really?" Tenten asked.

"No one likes a girl who'd follow the crowd. Boys like girls who are different. And willing to set themselves apart from others." Neji stated.

"And you know this because…?" Tenten questioned.

"I'm a guy." Neji said.

"Hardly…" Tenten muttered beneath her breath.

"Well, I know what kind of girl I like." Neji stared at Tenten.

Tenten smiled and playfully poked Neji on the arm. "What kind of girl do you like?"

Neji shrugged and stared straight ahead. "A girl who's kind, with a sense of humor. A girl who doesn't follow the crowd. And a girl who's a strong kunoichi and someone I'm comfortable with."

Tenten nodded knowingly and smiled.

Neji stared at the sky. The sun was going to set soon. "We should probably get going."

Tenten got up. "Yea. You're right."

Neji helped Tenten gather her things and they headed for the town.

"You know, since it is pretty late, do you want to go to Ichiraku to get some ramen?" Tenten asked. "You know, like a friend who's offering a meal." She added to make sure Neji wasn't going to get the wrong idea and think it's a date.

Neji smiled. "Why not?"

(At Ichiraku Ramen Stand)

Tenten took a seat next to Neji on a row of spare stools.

"Welcome!" Toro, the old man who runs the Ramen Stand greeted.

"Good evening." Tenten said.

"What would you like?" Toro asked. He steamed up some water.

"A bowl of miso ramen." Tenten said thoughtfully. Neji nodded in agreement.

"Two bowls of miso ramen coming up!" Toro laughed.

Tenten looked around the store. She heard that Naruto loved going to this place and the ramen here was actually pretty good. Tenten smiled.

"You two on a date?" Toro asked as he prepared the broth.

Tenten flushed and Neji's eyes turned big.

"NO!" Tenten and Neji hollered at the same time.

"We're just friends." Tenten stammered.

"We're on the same team." Neji added.

"Since it's pretty late, we're just eating out." Tenten said.

"Because we want to see how the ramen is here." Neji added.

Toro looked puzzled. "Like on a date?"

"NO!" Tenten and Neji hollered again, this time a bit louder. They almost slapped their chopsticks on the counter.

Toro laughed at their quick response and went back to cooking.

"You two are cute together." He said.

"…" Tenten blushed and looked away.

"…" Neji coughed.

Toro just started whistling and added the shrimp.

(5 minutes later)

"Here you are! 2 miso ramen!" Toro handed Neji and Tenten each a large bowl of delicious smelling ramen. With miso, lobster, shrimp, chicken broth and onions in it.

"Itadakimasu." Tenten smiled and took out her chopsticks.

"Itadakimasu." Neji said. He snapped his chopsticks.

They both started eating and joking around. The subject of training and future missions was the main focus. They smiled and laughed once in a while and even punched each other on the arm playfully.

Toro smiled. "Definitely a couple." He said under his breath.

(15 minutes later)

Neji offered to walk Tenten back to her house. They walked in the moonlight (Well, technically "streetlights") and silence filled the air. Hmm…I guess all that talking in the ramen stand left them nothing else to talk about. Or maybe it's because the author is too lame (heyyyyy…I am the author.)

Suddenly, a bat flew into the air and Tenten shrieked and grabbed Neji's hand. The bat flew by quickly which left the startled Tenten still holding Neji's hand, blushing.

"Sorry." Tenten sputtered and pulled her hand away.

"It's ok." Neji said solemnly. Actually, he didn't really mind that.

Tenten smiled. Actually, she didn't really mind that either.

They walked a few blocks until they reached Tenten's apartment.

They walked up to the door. Tenten grabbed the doorknob and turned around at Neji.

"See you tomorrow?" Tenten asked smiling.

"Sure." Neji smiled too.

Tenten was almost going to go in, but she turned around one last time and said with a smirk. "Hey Neji, I almost forgot…I get one last shot at you." She said referring to a punch in the face. "You looked through my shirt today!"

Neji stared, startled but closed his eyes. "Fine. One punch. On the right." He said, motioning his right cheek.

Neji's eyes remain closed and he could hear Tenten say, "Get ready!"

But what thought was to be a punch was actually a kiss. The kiss bounced lightly on Neji's lips and Tenten held his neck softly, giving him a tingling, but smooth and delightful kiss on the mouth.

Neji opened his eyes startled during the kiss and saw Tenten, closing her eyes. He then, closed his eyes too. The kiss ended briefly.

Tenten smiled with confidence and held one finger to her cheek. "You didn't think that looking through my shirt was gonna be all suffering, did you?"

Neji smiled. Butterflies flew through his stomach.

"Bye." Tenten said tentatively and closed her door behind her.

Neji stood still, trying to imagine what had just happened.

He smiled and walked away, heading for his own house.

Neji stuffed his hands in his pockets and headed towards the Hyuuga residence.

Who knows? Tomorrow was gonna be a brand new day!

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