Title: Waltz

Author: Digimon Empress Yaten (de yaten)

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't claim to own.

Fire met with light, and the red flames kissing the troubled glow tenderly.

"Let's dance," Axel whispered into a soft neck.

Roxas gave a unsure frown, but complied, wrapping his arms around the lithe man.

The flames swirled with the awkward glimmer, burning the ground with quick steps.

"I feel like we're lovers. Maybe Beauty and the Beast," Axel said, amused.

"We're Nobodies. We can't feel anything," Roxas murmured, pressed against Axel's shoulder.

The dim light called forth the wind, breaking the fire apart. The flames came back angrily.

"Is that what you think!" Axel shouted, holding Roxas' shoulders tightly.

Roxas stared ahead listlessly.

"It's bullshit, Roxas. ... It has to be," Axel swallowed, resuming the dance. "Let's find out together, okay?" He smiled, twirling Roxas around. "It'll be our own adventure."

The blaze licked at the weakened light, and the blistered light blended in uneasily.