Duo sat in the dark room, bored. Heero was off trying to stop some battle or other. He had left straight after dinner the night before. Duo hadn't gotten to say any form of a personal good-bye; everyone had just given Heero wishes for good luck that he had ignored. Duo had been left with an impersonal view of his back.

Quatre had put a hand on his forearm as the doors closed, Trowa had looked away to spare Duo a bit of embarrassment for the hurt in his eyes, and Wufei had glared at the place where Heero had been. Duo had quietly excused himself and sat in his room.

The only difference between last night and now was, in fact, the room in which he sat. He simply liked Heero's spartan room better than his own cluttered one. His was old news. He had only recently been allowed a key to Heero's, so it was a new experience still. Plus, Heero's bed smelled so, so, so much like the man himself. Duo didn't feel as lonely and discarded.

Why had Heero just up and left like that? He had never been one for displays of affection, public or not, and Duo had never expected him to be. But what if he died?

No, Duo knew that one. If Heero died, it would be as a soldier, as he had been trained. It would be the death of a comrade-in-arms, superficially…

The laptop on the desk flared to life. An instant messenger screen had opened, and Duo crept over to sit in the chair facing it. You're in my room, it said. The screen name was WZ00. Wing Zero? Duo shrugged. It was definitely Heero, since Heero didn't have any friends and the only contacts on his list were the other pilots and Command.

Do you have cameras in your own room, lover? he typed, grinning. Maybe you want to capture your first time to show your grandkids?

I knew you would be invading my space. You don't have any business in there.

Duo's heart fell. So you do hate me. I thought so.

Never assume things, you will get yourself killed. Obtain the real information.

That's what I'm on the team for, sweets. An implied 'duh' hung at the end of the typed words.

You're angry.

No, I know I should expect things like last night by now.

You deserve better.

Are you breaking up with me?

I think it would be the most advantageous course for you.

And for you?

I shouldn't need you.

Shouldn't, or don't? There was no reply to that. Duo went on. Well, I need you. And you won't hurt me.

I will. I did last night.

That goes away. It already has.

There was a considering pause, and Heero asked, Do you understand binary?

Not fluently.

Figure this out. It will occupy your time. 01001001 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101

Alright. And you'll be home by dark, right?

Yes. Earlier.

Yay! Love you, Heero!

You will see the humor in that eventually.

And that was it. Duo set to work.

Five hours later (he had promised himself he wouldn't cheat and look it up online, but he had done so in the end), Duo sat back and stared at the ten letters.

I. Space. L. O. V. E. Space. Y. O. U.

Who ever said that Heero doesn't like displays of affection?

Hah, random fluff. I had this idea after a guy told me my name in binary. I actually did research for this! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. DuoxHeero forever!