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Average Rating: T

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Author: Uchiha Yumi

Title: Of flash and blush

Genre: General, slightly romance.

Rating: T

Parings: Byakuya x Yoruichi

Main Characters: Kuchiki Byakuya, Shinhouin Yoruichi

Set during Byakuya's adolescence

Of flash and blush

He raised his head from the pillow to catch a glimpse of a tanned body barely covered in a white towel gracefully sitting on the other side of the mattress.

The dim light of a bed-side lamp cast a pale aura on her dark skin, her long, purple hair shining with the last drops of water trapped among those soft locks.

Kuchiki Byakuya deeply inhaled in the morning air, slowly rolling on his left side to have a better sight of that beautiful body.

His action, however, didn't go unnoticed. Shinhouin Yoruichi briefly smiled, bending over to distractedly collect some scattered clothes.

"You're finally awake, Byakuya-ko"

He opened his mouth to reply something, but just then a sudden concern took over his mind, his eyes slightly widening in worry

"Did…did I oversleep?" his horrified voice resounded in the silent bedroom.

The woman shortly chuckled, turning to look at him from above her shoulder.

"No. It's barely 6"

A sigh of relief escaped the boy's lips, a faint blush spreading over his cheeks as he realised the low act he had indulged into. Yoruichi laughed again, loosening the towel around her bosom to wear her bra. How cute he was, those flustered cheeks at the same time matching and contrasting with his raven hair and pale skin.

Byakuya quickly turned to the other side, his blush deepening as he caught a quick glance of her breasts again, his hands tingling in remembering the pleasant and unexpected feeling of sensing those round mounds under his inexperienced touch.

"Ano…aren't we training today, Yoruichi-san?" his tone was a little shaky.

She raised up from the bed to slip into her panties. Then, leisurely, she tied up her long locks in a high ponytail, turning towards the young boy and widely grinning

"I thought we had trained enough tonight, Byakuya-ko. I must admit you were quite skilled to be a novice"

His whole body seemed to tense for a brief moment, his long hair draped over his face and probably covering some over-flushed cheeks. The noble boy took a couple of deep breaths, evidently struggling to coherently voice some apologies for non-existent sins.

"I…Yoruichi-san…" his mouth lingered open for a brief moment, his eyes clutched in search of the proper word or some divine inspiration.

However, his thoughts were promptly shaken off by soft lips suddenly pressed against his own.

He gasped, not daring to look at her.

She was fast, wasn't she? A real goddess.

'The goddess of flash…'

The kiss seemed to deepen for a moment, her tongue tracing the shape of his upper lip, slowly.

"I'll wait for you at the training ground. I expect you to be ready in half an hour"

And, as soon as it began, the warm feeling was already over.

When Kuchiki Byakuya opened his eyes, just an half-opened door was there to indicate Shinhouin Yoruichi had been there.