Oh my gawd...no new drabbles...IN A YEAR?! Looks like I had to dedicate myself to longer stories, mmmm? Yes, yes, that was it. Anyway, here we go. A smaaaal drabble I wrote in July and I've now found on my PC. Enjoy and review, please! Oh...and...would you give me ideas on new drabbles? I'd LOVE it!

Author: Uchiha Yumi

Title: Falling Apart

Genre: Angst, Yaoi, Romance


Parings: Renji x Byakuya

Main Characters:Kuchiki Byakuya, Abarai Renji

Falling Apart

I try to say goodbye and I choke
Try to walk away and I stumble
Though I try to hide it, it's clear
My world crumbles when you are not near

Macy Gray, "I try"

Becomingness meant nothing to him anymore.

His whole world had miserably fallen apart – he had sought a light, following black thick lines marked on a muscular canvas. He had sought a light and he had lost his own path.

There's no prison a warrior can't escape from, he believed, but a curtain had fallen in front of his very eyes and every candle, every firm hold he had on reality was fading away, suddenly – and he started sinking. Falling down in a pair of strong, brawny arms, in a red ocean of silky, flaming strands.

Discipline couldn't help him, now.

His own body was his worst traitor. Subtle, stabbing sensations hit him heavily, in the middle of the night – chest heaving, limbs quivering, his skin begging for an impossible relief. Everything was swirling and he was crawling, inside his own dreams. Slender fingers reached out for something to grip onto – his knuckles whitened, his hands clutched just to find another body – was he safe again?

It was the edge of the precipice and he dived in, relentlessly. A warm hug was embracing him and yet he was drowning.

It was his fate, maybe.

He couldn't run away and he couldn't pull back. His heart was being wrenched and yet, that ache, made him feel alive. He was fighting bare-handed and he was being wounded.

Red hair and red blood. Pain and liberation. Freedom and slavery. Heat and sweat.

Deep inside he was rejoicing.