Apprentice to the Sharingan

Prologue- The Beginning

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The four year old Naruto stood in an open field panting from exertion, palming his hands at his sides, then taking a deep breath, he looked back full of determination, did the proper hand signs and shouted "Katon: Goukakuyuu no Jutsu" and bring his hand up to his mouth he blew expecting a large ball of flame to shout out of his mouth, but instead found only a puff of smoke before that completely dissipated in the air.

Falling to his knees, Naruto hung his head in shame, then balling his hands into fist again slammed them into the ground angered with himself for failing yet again.

When he heard footsteps behind him, turning around Naruto wasn't surprised to see the one that gave him this task to complete standing there impassive as always. The only person that ever gave him a chance or even a second look, Itachi Uchiha.

Sighing to himself Itachi said "How disappointing, I expected more from you Naruto-kun."

Lifting up his hand Itachi calmly brushed some hair out of his face before saying "If you can't even learn this basic technique, how can you possibly learn other things I would show you, now get up and try again."

Nodding is head once, Naruto struggled to stand again. When he did finally make it to standing position, Naruto took a couple of deep breathes, before doing the hand signals again and blowing out, praying that it would work, and it seems his prayer's were answered when a power he never felt before rushed threw his veins, red chakra flowed out of his body and seemed to swirl around him and he called out "Katon: Goukakuyuu no Jutsu" and blew, but unlike all the times before, a huge stream of fire blew out, completely scorching the tree he was aiming at and the ground all around it.

Smiling happy with himself, Naruto shouted "I DID IT" before falling to the ground unconscious.

Lifting up the corner's of his mouth, Itachi gave a small smile before walking up to Naruto's body and gently picking him up. Looking down at the unconscious body Itachi said "Hopefully Naruto, you can help me find some meaning in my life" before walking away from the training ground to take Naruto home.

7 years later...

"BEEP BEEP BEEP" Naruto's alarm clock blared out to world, or in this case the sleeping form of Naruto.

Opening his right eye, he glared hatefully at the noisy machine, before sighing to himself and getting out of his oh so comfy bed.

Stretching he gradually made his way to the bathroom to do his morning routine. After leaving the bathroom with his routine finished and hair slightly damp, he made his way to back to his bedroom where he began the process of getting dressed.

First putting on a black short sleeve turtle-neck shirt that clung to his upper body, then a pair black ninja pants, a pair of black fingerless gloves and a navy blue Jounin vest over his shirt. On his back was a strap for a short sword that he only wore, when he trained or sometime in the future on a mission.

He then tied his long blonde hair into a loose ponytail that hung to the middle of his back, and bangs that fell over his eyes. Picking up his head he looked at himself in the mirror, but his attention wasn't on the whisker marks that adorned the side of his face, but his eyes and more importantly his left eye. Unlike his right one that was a blue color, this one was a red color and had three black tomas in it, the eye of the Uchiha, the Sharingan.

Closing his eyes a quick scene of the past flashed threw his mind.


It was a dark night Naruto stood in the middle of a field, panting and his outfit dirty and roughed up like he was in a battle of some kind, in front of him stood his teacher, his master for the last 3 years Itachi.

"Why are you doing this Itachi-sama" Naruto said kneeling on the ground, before falling to the ground completely and unable to move, coughing up blood in the process.

Itachi didn't answer, he only walked up to the downed form of Naruto, kneeled next to him and said "Take this gift Naruto-kun, become stronger with it, and when you become strong enough, find me again."

The next thing Naruto knew was pain, only to be followed a second later by blissful darkness.

(End Flashback)

Coming out of his thoughts Naruto looked back up and into the mirror once again staring intently at his reflection, and found that for some reason his breathing was coming out in shallow burst and rigid. Taking a deep calming breath, when his breath finally returned to normal, he studied his face again before looking down and questioned himself "Why did he do that to his own clan, why did he give me this cursed thing?"

Sighing to himself because he knew he wouldn't get an answer anytime soon, he took one of the black headbands that hung by his mirror and fastened it over his eye, hiding the Sharingan from view, much like Kakashi does.

Walking over do the door he stopped right before walking threw and looked back at his wall above the mirror at the short sword that hung there, walking back over to it he gently picked it up and said to himself "Why not, I was going to train later anyways" and with that put the sword in the slot on the back of his vest, and then walked all the way threw the door.

Before walking through replaced his frowning face with that of a cheery smile and walked through the door, locking it behind him.

Naruto wasnow walking down the street , receiving glares from everyone that he passed.

Outside Naruto seemed like his normal cherry self, but on the inside it was a completely different matter.

'Pathetic fools, their really going to hate me, when they find out what I hide behind my headband' Naruto seethed to himself, while walking down the street, ignoring everybody around him. It would seem that after the incident where all the Uchiha were wiped out, they not only blamed Itachi, but himself as well, obviously the demon boy must have done something to their precious prodigy.

Sneering in his mind, while on the outside he continued to do nothing but smile as he made his way to the Hokage's office.

After convincing not only the guards but the secretaries as well, that he had an appointment with the Hokage.

Finally after getting through with all that, he finally made his way into the Hokage's office where he received a smiling face from the Sandaime and he said "Naruto, welcome if you would take a seat I will be right with you."

Taking a seat at in a chair in front of his leaders desk, Naruto sat and waited patiently for his kage to finish the paperwork he was doing.

When he was finally done he looked back up at Naruto who was still sitting straight up in his chair.

Smiling at the boy the Hokage finally said "I'm sorry for making you wait Naruto, especially since I am the one that asked you here."

"It's okay Hokage-sama" Naruto replied respectfully.

The Hokage still smiling at Naruto said to him "Well I won't take any more of your time then absolutely necessary, I called you here because I wanted to ask you something."

"Ask me something?" Naruto repeated questioningly.

"Yes" the Sandaime answered, then continued and said "I was wondering if you had a preference for the sensei you wanted for the Genin team you would join."

Raising an eyebrow at the Hokage Naruto asked "What?... sensei, but Hokage-sama, I haven't even passed the test to become a genin."

Smiling warmly at the boy the Sandaime said "Let's just say I have the upmost confidence in you, now who would you choose."

Naruto still staring weirdly at the Hokage just asked of him "Why are you even giving me a choice, I don't want any special treatment, besides anybody you choose would be fine by me."

Sighing to himself the Hokage replied "If you say so, okay then I'll decide for you, now I believe you have to leave, that is if you don't want to be late."

Naruto got out of his chair and bowed respectively to his Kage before starting to walk out of the room, but before leaving he stopped and seemed to be thinking of something.

Seeing this the Sandaime stopped the paper work he was beginning to start again and ask "Naruto is there something you wanted to say?"

He turned back around and said "Hokage-sama, if it was truly my choice I would not choose Kakashi."

Raising an eyebrow at him the Hokage asked "Kakashi why not?"

"As you know ever since I was given this eye" Naruto explained while pointing at his covered eye "I have been training with Kakashi to master it, and I would like some...variety in my life."

"Hmmmm...I see" the Sandaime responded "I will take that under advisement I'll see you later, Naruto" he said joyfully before looking down at the paperwork still scattered around on his desk.

Bowing once more to the Hokage, Naruto then left the room on his way to the academy.

Not long after leaving the Hokage's office Naruto was standing infront of the academy, ignoring the glares he received by anybody he passed, teachers included, so he was quite surprised to see a smiling face direct his way. But on a closer look at the person, and realizing who it was sighed and started to contemplate on either finding another way into the building or just continue on the path he was walking.

His decision was taken out of his hands when the person saw Naruto smiled at him and called out "Hey Naruto" while walking towards him.

Raising an eyebrow at the figure, that was approaching and said to him"What are you doing here Kabuto, I thought you were already a Genin, or are they making you retake this test because of your lest then stellar record at the Chuunin exams. "

Smiling at Naruto, Kabuto waved off Naruto's jibe and said in a friendly voice "Well today is your Genin exam, and I wanted to wish you luck, besides I thought it might help to see a smiling face, among all the glares.

Naruto dropped the fake smile on his face, adopted a smaller, but more real one in it's place "You didn't have to do that Kabuto, you know I can care less about what these fools think about me" he said gesturing to the people behind him with his head.

Dismissing Naruto's statement Kabuto then replied "Maybe so, but what kind of friend would I be if I didn't come by and at least wish you luck."

Smiling playfully at the grey-haired genin Naruto said "Since when have been friends."

Kabuto making a obviously fake pain expression on his face and making hand gestures like he was stabbed in the heart replied to Naruto by saying "You wound me, I've always thought you as a friend."

Sighing and realizing the scene Kabuto was making stopped him and said "Okay that's enough, your making a scene."

Stopping his acting Kabuto also looked around and said "It would seem I am, well I better be leaving anyways I have a team meeting to attend."

Raising an eyebrow Naruto said sarcastically "Sounds like fun."

Smiling at him he said "You'll find out soon enough."

"Well, I guess I'll see you later and if I don't, congratulations on becoming a Genin" after saying this Kabuto began walking away only to stop, turn around and call out to Naruto "And would you please stop with all the fake smiles they get really annoying" and before Naruto could call back to him, he was already gone, into the crowd of wandering citizens.

Grumbling to himself Naruto said to no one "What does he know, nothing" nodding his head agreeing with his own statement.

Looking back towards the academy the smile that found his way to his face during his talk with his one of only two of what he would call friends instantly fell off of his face.

Sighing to himself, Naruto then muttered out"Let's get this over with" before walking into the academy for what he knew without a doubt would be his last time entering this establishment without a Konoha headband.

End Chapter

(1) Katon: Goukakuyuu no Jutsu- translate to Fire Element; Grand Fireball.

Sorry that the prologue is shorter, but I wanted to see if anybody liked this fic before, I write out longer chapters, and besides it's only a prologue. And before somebody says something about a four year old, doing that fire technique remember he couldn't do it before the Kyuubi's chakra helped him out. Sorry if I was off on Kabuto's personality.

So tell me what you think and if I should continue with this story.