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"The Longest Month Ever"

"Chapter 15"

"Hmmph!" A muffled groan sounded from beneath the crumpled covers of the Uchiha king-sized bed. A tired Sakura lifted her head, sticking it out from under the covers and into the now sun filled room. She turned her head to the other side, to where the still sleeping Uchiha lay. She stifled a giggle at how peaceful and vulnerable he looked while asleep. Memories from yesterday flooded her mind as she laid her head back down, eyes still set on her boyfriend.

What a month it had been. She smiled again…today was the last session with Dr. Hikaru!

'YAY! Sasu-chan will be all ours!' Inner-Sakura cheered.

Sakura yawned and scooted closer to Sasuke, who was still peacefully sleeping on his back. She smiled lazily, and started tracing patterns on the Uchiha's bare chest with her finger. Finally things started to seem a little more normal. 'If you call our relationship normal…' She thought to herself sarcastically.

She was snapped out of her thoughts as a hand snapped out and grabbed the wrist of her hand that was tracing patterns just moments ago.

"That's annoying you know." A hoarse voice said.

Sakura giggled.

"I know." She answered simply, looking up at her boyfriend, who grunted in response. She sighed as she moved over and laid her head on his chest. Sasuke's hand immediately went to her head and started stroking her head, out of habit. Sakura let out another sigh; she liked this…not fighting, or arguing, just peaceful silence.

"We should get up." Sasuke said after a while, hand not stopping its movements.

"Hm mm…" Sakura responded, not moving. Sasuke sighed heavily, still not moving. Sakura lifted her head once again and turned to stare at Sasuke, whose hand slipped down to her neck. He pulled her into a kiss, soft and gentle. Sakura responded immediately to the kiss as Sasuke's hand pulled her closer to him.

He nipped at her bottom lip lightly, causing her to open her mouth. His tongue probed her mouth hungrily. Sakura let out a moan as she kissed back with just as much force.

'Uh oh…' She thought to herself, just a few more hours, she had to wait till then. With that thought in mind she pulled away from Sasuke, earning a disapproved grunt from the Uchiha. She took a minute to catch her breath before speaking.

"Just a few more hours." She smiled at his pouting face. She gave him a peck before starting to get up, only to be pulled roughly down by Sasuke.

"Sasuke…" Her muffled voice came out from against his chest. Sasuke smirked to himself as he held her there. Sakura wrestled from his grip and sat up on top of him, strangling his hips.

"You are so stubborn, you know that?" She huffed as she crossed her arms.

"Aa. So I'm told." Sasuke answered, hands settling themselves on her hips. Sakura swatted them away before leaning her face down to his, her breath mingling together with his.

"Just you wait till tonight…" She whispered seductively, lips brushing his. Sasuke's breath caught in his throat.

Sakura, taking this chance, leapt off of him and made her way to the bathroom. Sasuke scowled before laying back down, covering his face with his arm. "Damn…"

"Taking too long…" Sakura groaned as she let her head fall down on infront of the un-eaten bowl of Ramen infront of her. Sasuke silently agreed, wanting 2:00 to come quickly. Naruto looked back and forth at his friends…he had never seen them so stressed out. 'So that's what a whole month will do to ya…' he thought silently…then shuddered.

"Oi….Sakura-chan, you gonna eat that?" Naruto spoke up, pointing at her untouched Ramen. Sakura shook her head that was still on the table, no. Naruto happily took it and slurped it down.

"Well, at least this is the last day!!! And I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing you two for a few days if you know what I mean?" Naruto said, waggling his eyebrows in a suggestive matter. Sakura's head snapped up, blushing.

"N-naruto!" She yelled, embarrassed. She gave him a smack on the head, afterwards telling him to 'get some damn matters'.

Sasuke just stared ahead, ignoring their usual bickering. He was thinking of something different. 'Che…finally a whole month has passed.' He thought smugly with a smirk on his face.

"Well, at least me and Hinata-chan's relationship is better than ever!" Naruto said enthusiastically after a few moments of silence. "I mean. Unlike you guys screwed up relationship!" Naruto laughed at his own comment.

"Naruto shut up! That's not even funny!" Sakura huffed as she once again landed a nice hard punch on his head. "Our relationship is just fine! Right Sasuke!?"

Sasuke was silent.


Sasuke twitched. "What?" He grounded out, annoyed.

"Were you even listening to me?" Sakura demanded, as Naruto scooted his chair slowly away from the couple.

"How can I not?" He said plainly…wrong answer.

"And what exactly is that supposed to mean?" Sakura stood up now, hands settling themselves on her hips.

"Maybe it means you talk too much…and that you're too loud." He muttered the last part a little quieter.

"Hey! I heard that!" Sakura yelled, referring to the muttered statement. Sasuke looked at her, annoyed.

"I said it loud." He fired back. "UCHIHA! I swear to god, the way your acting!" Sakura threatened. "You just might not 'get some'." She said smugly.

"Che. Who said I wanted 'some'?" Sasuke lied…goddamnit!

"You did! This morning!" Sakura yelled again. By now they were attracting stranger's eyes. "Er…guys, people are staring." Naruto pointed out.

Sakura let out an angry growl as she walked by the Uchiha, grabbing him by the arm and leading him to where the restrooms were, where they could have a more private conversation.

"What the hell is your problem?" She whispered angrily. Sasuke glared at her before speaking.

"My problem? I have no problem, your just being your normal bitchy self." Sasuke hissed back. Sakura wasn't going to back down though.

"Well excuse me for wanting to have a normal talk with my boyfriend! And don't call me a bitch!" She hissed the last part.

"Hn. Well it's true." He said simply. Sakura walked up to where he was currently leaning against the wall.

"Yeah! Well at least I show some emotion!" She crossed her arms.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "I do show emotion." He rebutted.

"You do not!" She said again.

"I do, as of right now I'm feeling pretty angry." Sasuke stated as he glared at her.

"That makes two of us! Why can't you just act like a normal loving boyfriend?" Although secretly Sakura was glad that he didn't.

"Because I'm not a kiss-ass." Sasuke muttered. Sakura rolled her eyes. "Could have fooled me." She muttered to herself, unfortunately Sasuke had heard her.

Sakura let out an 'eep!' as she was roughly shoved up against the wall. Sasuke's warm breath fanned her neck.

"You of all people should know I'm not, Sakura." Sasuke growled, pinning her two hands above her head. Sakura glared back into his eyes.

"Well it wouldn't hurt for you to sometimes act normal!" She whispered. Sasuke smirked darkly, making Sakura shudder in a kind of pleasurable way.

"Aa…normal?" He growled, as his fingers traced across her stomach. Sakura shivered, man was she glad he wasn't normal.

"You're a stuck-up bastard." She muttered quietly. Sasuke's hand moved under her shirt, brushing against her ribcage.

"Hn…and you're an annoying woman." He whispered next to her ear, his lips brushing against her cheek. "S-sasuke…" She whimpered as he licked the shell of her ear.

"Hm…what's the matter Sa.Ku.Ra?" He said darkly, his hand moving up, cupping one of her breast. Sakura moaned…gods, it had been too long.

Sasuke closed his eyes as his lips moved gently along her neck and collarbone.

"W-why do our fights always end like this?" Sakura whispered as she leaned into his embrace. Sasuke smiled against her neck. "You're annoying." He muttered before biting her neck.

"Sasuke!" Sakura hissed in pain and annoyance. Sasuke moved again along her neck, trying to find that one spot.

"W-we should stop…someone...might...hear us…." Sakura tried convincing him. Sasuke didn't stop. 'Damnit, I'll find that spot…'

Meanwhile, Naruto was still eating his beloved Ramen, trying to ignore the thoughts of what could possibly be taking those two so long.


Unfortunately he got his answer.

Sasuke smirked in victory; he would have to remember that spot.

"AHEM!" A clearing of the throat interrupted the two as Sasuke turned around in annoyance.

"You guys! Can't you wait just a few more hours?" Naruto yelled. Sasuke set Sakura down, swiftly pulling his hand out from under her shirt. Sakura meanwhile, flushed, cleared her throat.

"Oh…um, sorry bout that!" She smiled, blushing. Sasuke glared at Naruto.

"What? Better me than anyone else!" Naruto defended. "I swear you two are the horniest people I've ever met!"

Sasuke cuffed him in the back of the head. "ITAI!" Naruto yelled clutching his head in pain. "What the hell!?"

"One month Naruto." Sasuke said simply. Sakura nodded her head from behind Naruto.

"You are the only couple I know who can drastically change moods so fast." Naruto shook his head.

"Well I see you two are in a better mood today." Dr. Hikaru said as he sat down.

"Hai! Er…I mean, it's been a very long month doctor." Sakura revised, as Sasuke nodded his head softly.

"Well then did you two complete the goal in communicating with eachother?" He asked.

Sakura smiled as her gaze drifted over to her boyfriend. "Hai…I really think we did." She said softly.

"Hn." Sasuke agreed, as Sakura mentally rolled her eyes at his simple response.

"And in what ways would that be?" Dr. Hikaru asked, pushing up the rim of his glasses.

Sakura thought for a moment before answering. "Well…Sasuke finally said he loved me! That's got to be a big plus!" She exclaimed happily, as Sasuke shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Dr. Hikaru nodded.

"And we've been talking more then we used to!" Sakura said…which was kinda true, I mean the arguing didn't really stop, but other than that their relationship was just fine!

"Hm…well I'm very glad that this has helped you two. And I'm happy to say, that you have now graduated from Sex counseling!" Dr. Hikaru exclaimed happily.

Sakura and Sasuke sweat dropped, you could actually graduate from sex counseling? Oh well, they weren't ones to complain.

"Finally." Sasuke muttered as Sakura smiled and stood up, grabbing his hand.

"Thank you Dr. Hikaru! We had…er…fun?" She said questionably as Sasuke scoffed next to her, muttering a 'Like hell'.

Dr. Hikaru stood up from his seat and shook both their hands. "I hope you will have a long lasting relationship."

Sakura nodded happily as she started walking towards the door, dragging Sasuke behind her. "Good bye doctor!" She called after her.

"YES!" She yelled as they walked out of the building. "Its over!" She sung happily.

"That seemed like the longest month ever Sasuke." She sighed as they walked down the road.

"Che. That's because it was." He replied, as Sakura silently agreed.

"NARUTO!" Sakura yelled as Naruto accidentally spilt his drink on her dress.

"G-gomen, Sakura-chan!" Naruto cowered.

To celebrate, the whole group had decided to go out and …which had resulted in Naruto getting his ass beat as always.

"So, forehead I bet you're happy you never have to go to another session ever again." Ino said, taking a big sip from her drink.

"Hell yeah I am!" Sakura exclaimed while wiping off the sake that Naruto had accidentally spilt on her. She stopped as she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around, coming face to face with her boyfriend.

"You ready?" He asked simply, shoving his hands into his pockets. Sakura nodded as she hopped off the stool she was sitting on.

"Ja ne Ino-pig!" Sakura bid farewell as Ino waved back, giving her a knowing wink. Sakura blushed as Sasuke pulled her away by the hand.

'What a month…' Sakura thought as Sasuke's house came to view. 'Never again…' She thought again as they walked up the steps.

"Sasu---mmpphh!" Sakura was cut off by the Uchiha's lips pressed hungrily against her. It took her a minute to respond, as she gradually wrapped her arms around his neck. Sasuke smirked as he gripped her thigh and pulled her up, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist.

While not breaking the kiss, he walked up the stairs, but unfortunately did not make it up all the way before accidentally tripping forward, landing on his hands, so not to crush Sakura with his body.

"Kyaa!!" Sakura yelped as she felt her back land very uncomfortably against the corners of the stairs.

"Che. Fuck." Sasuke swore. Sakura suddenly broke out laughing, taking his head into her hands and gave him a gentle kiss. Sasuke responded quickly. Nothing ever came very easily for them. Trying again, this time being careful not to trip, Sasuke picked her up and made it all the way up without any incidents. Sakura giggled again as he captured her between the hallway wall.

He moved down to her neck, kissing her gently along her collar bone. Sakura moaned as she arched her back, giving him more access. Growling in annoyance of her shirt, he quickly slipped it over her head, throwing it carelessly on the floor.

"Sasuke…bed..room…" Sakura gasped out as he cupped her breast. Silently agreeing, he once again picked her up and stumbled his way to their bedroom, throwing her on the bed. Sakura took a breath as she sat up on her elbows, watching Sasuke throw off his own shirt and pants, leaving him only in his boxers. She stared amazed at his perfectly chiseled abs.

He gently lay down, trapping her with him arms. Sakura lay down, pulling him into a rough kiss. Sasuke quickly removed the skirt she was wearing, as Sakura lay amazed. 'How does he do that so fast?'

She was brought out of her thoughts as unclipped her bra, and threw that also across the room. "Somebody's impatient." Sakura giggled, as Sasuke growled, squeezing one of her breast, causing Sakura to cry out in pleasure. This made him smirk.

"Looks like I'm not the only one." He said in a deep voice, as he started to kiss her stomach, traveling up to in-between the valley of her breast.

Sakura's shallow breaths were turning into pants, utterly laced with desire and want. Her eyes glazed over, her senses were blinded from the overwhelming effects of everything that was Sasuke. His smell, taste, looks, the way he felt, that was all that mattered to her as of that moment; it was enough to drive her insane.

He massaged the soft, pale mound, fingers gently brushing against a taut nipple, puckering more so against his touch. His lips took the lead of his hands, descending until it latched onto the other breast, licking and sucking until he finally grew bored. Taking Sakura's lips in his, he ran his tongue over her lips, pleading for entry. Sakura's fingers ran through his raven locks, massaging his scalp and moving down to cup his face.

She moaned in pleasure as he ravished her mouth, her hands swiftly moved down to the hem of his boxers, trying to untie them. Sasuke, noticing she was having trouble, smirked against her lips and quickly slipped them off.

She kissed him again, tangling her hands into his raven locks. "Damn…" He groaned as he felt her grab his member. 'Damnit, I can't wait any longer…'

With that thought in mind he spread her legs with his knee, lifted her up and under him and plunged his member into her. Her scream quickly cut off by his ferocious kiss. Her hands glided down his back as she grew comfortable with his quick thrusts. 'Fuck…' Sasuke thought as he thrust into her again. 'Oh gods I missed this…' Sakura thought, her mind starting to fog with pure bliss.

Sasuke swore out loud as he gave one last hard thrust. Sakura threw her head back and gave an ear-shattered scream as she came screaming Sasuke's name, Sasuke soon followed moaning her name.

Exhausted, Sasuke pulled himself out of her and rolled onto the side. Sakura moved her head onto his chest, both panting. After a few minutes Sakura's voice cut through the silence.

"Again?" She asked breathlessly. Sasuke smirked in response as he flipped her over.

Four hours later…

Sakura yawned as she settled herself on Sasuke's chest…five times was enough for one night. Damn she wouldn't be able to walk for a week!

Sasuke sighed, feeling much better. His hand rubbed Sakura's back, being a habit. Sakura gave a content sigh as she nuzzled her head in between her boyfriend's neck.

It had most definitely been the longest and probably most trying month ever for the both of them, but they had made it. Nothing could bring them down now; Sakura felt that their relationship was unbreakable now! They had been through more than most couples have in their whole life…well that's what it felt like to Sakura at least.

Sasuke closed his eyes, feeling content. Finally…the month was over. And he and Sakura were still together…I guess that said a lot about their relationship, that even though they may fight and argue a lot…in the end, they still loved eachother. He smiled as he began to doze off.

Sakura let out a silent yawn as she too closed her eyes, exhausted from that night's activity. Her eyes suddenly snapped open as a surprising thought hit her.

"Sasuke!" She whispered hurriedly, shaking him. Sasuke opened his eyes in annoyance. "What?!" He snapped.

"You did take the cameras out…didn't you?" She asked softly. 'Fuck…' Both of their eyes widened as they turned their heads to the corner of the room…where the camera was focused straight on them.

"Ha ha! Talk about some new ideas for my book!" Jiyaira yelled happily, jotting down all the ideas he had just witnessed. Well…they should have thought twice before putting him in charge of the monitoring.

The End

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