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Chapter 1

Tommy and Jude left the hotel, rented a car, and searched high and low, every which-way, for a place to adopt a child.

They searched everywhere in Japan.

They finally came across this orphanage in a small town in Japan.

They went inside and there was an old woman playing with the tiny children.

"Excuse us but, is there any way possible to adopt a child from here?" Jude asked hopeful that the old woman understood her.

"Yes there is" The old woman said in perfect English.

The old woman got up and took them to her office.

"Well my name Emiko and who might you two be?" the old woman said.

"My name is Tom Quincy and this is my wife Jude. We would really like to adopt a child from Japan and we have searched everywhere, and this is the only place we came across" Tommy revealed all of that in 2 breaths.

"Well I'm sorry but it will take years to be able to adopt a child from here. It is a very complicated process" Emiko explained the whole process to Jude and Tommy.

(the process is so long that I can't even begin to write it so I'm not going to.)

"But if you are willing to do this process I will give you an application" Emiko said.

"Thank you but I don't think so" Jude said as she and Tommy bowed out of respect, and left.

Jude and Tommy drove back to the closest airport, and took the next flight they could get.

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