Okay, several things. First, if you have a copy of the first Harry Potter book (or know the majority of it by heart) and this fic sounds very much like it, that's because it is. To create this fic, I literally went paragraph by paragraph through the book and altered things to include Danny. I figure that just because I'm deviating from what J.K. Rowling originally wrote, doesn't mean I have to totally go off on a tangent. This is meant to closely follow the book. Because of that, there are times when Harry will seem to be more in the limelight than Danny, although I try to avoid that as much as possible. And for those of you who feel this to be a copyright infringement, please read as follows.

Second, (cough): Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., London: 1997.

So there.

By the way, the reason it says Philosopher's Stone is because my edition of the book was a tenth birthday present from my grandparents who live in Canada, and therefore buy the British versions of the books. That's also why my copy of the third book is the British version.

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"Danny, have you finished organizing all of your school supplies?" Maddie Fenton asked her eleven-year-old son.

"Yeah, Mom."

"Oh, I can't believe my baby is starting middle school in a couple of weeks!" She squealed as she embraced him in a backbreaking hug.

"GAH! Can't…breathe…" she immediately let go of him.


"What was that?" Maddie asked as everyone spun around in an attempt to locate the source of the sound.

"I didn't do it," Jack's voice floated up from downstairs.

"It sounds like someone banging on the door," Jazz noted as she entered the living room from the kitchen.


This time, the door came completely off its hinges and fell inside. The three Fentons looked on as a huge man entered through the doorway. He looked to be three times as tall as a normal human being, and five times as wide. He was wearing a moleskin cloak, and a coal-black beard covered most of his face.

"Sorry about that," he mumbled as he carefully picked up the door and replaced it.

"W-who are you?" Jazz asked him.

"And what are you doing here?" Maddie added.

"The name's Hagrid. Rubeus Hagrid. And I've been sent here to give this to one Daniel Fenton," Hagrid replied as he held out a thick yellow envelope. Maddie suspiciously took the envelope and handed it to Danny, who opened it to reveal yellow parchment that had green writing on it.

"Dear Mr. Fenton, you are hereby invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…" he read aloud. Suddenly, Jack Fenton bounded upstairs from the lab, ectogun in hand.

"Did somebody say something about ghosts?" He asked excitedly.

"Not ghosts, dad. Wizards," Danny replied. "Apparently I've been enrolled at a school for wizards called Hogwarts."

"Hogwarts? My old buddie Vlad always talked about going to a place called Hogwarts before college. Cool!"

"But," Danny protested as he leafed through the letter, "where on earth will I get some of the stuff this list says I need? A magic wand? Dragon-hide gloves?"

"Don't you worry about that just yet," Hagrid replied. "We'll get that stuff in time. But first, I'll need you to pack a trunk with clothes and essentials."


"We have to pick up one other student, then I'll take you both to get your supplies. You'll be staying in an inn in London for some time before the train leaves to take you to Hogwarts."

"London? I'm going to England?"

"That's right, so dress warm." Danny ran upstairs to pack and also call his friends. First he dialed Tucker's number.

"Hey, Danny."

"How did you know it was me?"

"This new phone my parents got me has Caller ID. It's really sweet! So, what's up?"

"Apparently I'm going to this boarding school in England."

"Don't worry. My parents threatened me with that a couple of years ago, but they never followed through with it."

"No, seriously! I got a letter that said I was enrolled there, and this guy came to take me. It's a school for wizards!"

"Sure, Danny. I never figured that you'd be the Dungeons and Dragons type."

"You think I'm kidding?"

"I don't see why not."

"Well, if ghosts exist, then why shouldn't wizards?" There was a brief silence on the other end. Then, finally,

"You make a strong argument, Dan. So I guess you're not kidding."


"Well, have a good time and keep in touch!"

"Thanks, I will. I still have to tell Sam."

"Oh, that'll go well," Tucker sarcastically noted.

"Why, what's up?"

"Dude, she totally has a crush on you."

"Tucker! I'm eleven! I don't even like girls yet!"

"Sure…well, good luck!"

"Tucker, I swear-" but the line was dead. Danny sighed and dialed Sam's number.


"Hi, Sam."

"Danny! What's up?"

"Well, I kinda have to go to England…"

"Oh, okay…when will you be back?"

"Next summer. I'm going to a boarding school."

"WHAT! Why?"

"I dunno. Something about a school for wizards…it's weird. But hopefully I'll be able to come back for vacations."

"That stinks. I'll miss you so much!"

"I'll miss you too, Sam…" the phones heated up as the two tweens started blushing. There was an awkward silence that lasted for about thirty seconds, before Danny broke it.

"I'll try to see you soon."


"Bye, Sammy." The two of them hung up. Danny sighed and started putting some toiletries and clothes in a trunk. Despite what he'd said to Tucker earlier, he did kind of like Sam…but there was no way she'd feel the same way about him. He was just a half-ghost freak, an abomination of nature…he sighed again as he finished packing and lugged the suitcase downstairs. He was hugged one more time by his family, and they all said their teary goodbyes. Finally, when they were done, Danny went over to where Hagrid was standing in the corner.

"Ready to go? Okay, then, follow me." Hagrid led him over to the fireplace.

"Uh…Hagrid? What are you doing?"

"Taking us to England." He turned back to the rest of Danny's family. "Could one of you light the fireplace? I'm kinda not supposed to use magic…" Jack shot the ectogun at the logs and they burst into green flame. Hagrid took a pinch of powder out of his pocket and tossed it at the flames, and they grew to eight feet tall.

"Right, then, just step into the flames and say, 'Dedalus Diggle's Seafood and Marine Cuisine." Danny cocked an eyebrow but followed the instructions. With one last wave goodbye to his family, he hefted his suitcase and stepped into the fire. Oddly enough, the flames didn't burn. They tingled and tickled him slightly.

"Dedalus Diggle's Seafood and Marine Cuisine!" he shouted. He started spinning rapidly. He closed his eyes to avoid nausea, and spun faster and faster, but then started to slow down. When he finally stopped spinning, he stepped (read: fell) out of the fireplace he was in and landed in a seafood restaurant. He looked around, confused, for a second until he heard the flames behind him roar once again. Danny scrambled out of the way as Hagrid's huge form materialized behind him and entered the restaurant. The two of them made their way through the restaurant. They passed the manager's office and Hagrid nodded to the man inside, who had to be Dedalus Diggle. Dedalus waved back boredly, giving Danny the impression that people coming out of his restaurant's fireplace was a regular occurrence. As they came to the front entrance, Danny noticed two things. First, it was night. Second, it was pouring rain.

"Uh, Hagrid? Why is it nighttime all of a sudden?"

"The time difference, boy! We're in England, now."

"Ah…what was that powder stuff?"

"Floo powder. It lets wizards travel by fire. It's faster than muggle transport, and I can't exactly find a broomstick that'll support my weight."

"Muggle? Broomsticks?"

"Muggle means non-magic. And yes, witches and wizards actually use broomsticks, that's not just a tall tale. The kid we're about to recruit comes from a family of some of the worst muggles I've ever laid eyes on."

"What's his name? Who is he?"

"We'll get to that in a bit." He withdrew a pink umbrella from within the depths of his cloak and held it over himself and Danny.

"Come on." The two of them entered the downpour. Danny noticed that the restaurant had been situated on a rocky seashore, and he and Hagrid went to the very edge of the shore.

"I'm going to need your help for this part. You can fly, right?" Danny was taken aback.

"Wha-how did you know?"

"Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, keeps tabs on all of the prospective students. The faculty knows your secret, but don't worry; none of the students do."

"So, they all know that I'm part ghost?"

"Yeah. Now hurry up, we're not getting any younger just by standing here, you know!" Danny shrugged and a ring of white light appeared around his midsection. It split in two and the new rings gravitated away from each other, one moving up and the other down. As they passed over his body, baggy jeans and a t-shirt were replaced by a black and white HAZMAT suit. Black hair turned white, and blue eyes changed to piercing green.

The transformation complete, Danny grabbed Hagrid's forearm and made the two of them intangible so that the raindrops would simply phase through them. Hagrid folded his umbrella and stowed it away, and the two of them rose up into the air and flew over the ocean.

"That's the place," Hagrid said as a small island came into sight. Danny brought them down in front of the two-story hovel that comprised the island's only man-made feature, save for a small rowboat, and changed back. No longer intangible, the two of them quickly became drenched by the storm. Danny checked his watch and noticed that it was going to be midnight, and the start of July 31st, in three…two…one…"


Hagrid banged on the door in much the same manner as he had back at FentonWorks. Once again, the door was unhinged and fell inwards. Hagrid and Danny entered the hut, then Hagrid put the door back. A pudgy kid was sitting on the couch, staring at Hagrid and nervously blubbering something about the Great Humberto, whatever that was, and two adults, a man and a woman, quickly descended the stairs. The man pointed a rifle at Hagrid.

"Sir, you are breaking and entering," he squeaked. Hagrid rolled his eyes and twisted the barrel of the rifle into a knot.

"Don't try and pull that krupp dung with me, Dursley. I'm here for Harry." His eyes alighted on the pudgy kid on the couch.

"Harry? My, you've certainly grown since the last time I saw you! Especially 'round the middle." Suddenly, a boy wearing round glasses stepped out of the shadows in the corner. He was pale, skinny to the degree of being unhealthy, and knobbly-keed. He looked a lot like Danny, especially with the messy jet-black hair. The only difference was his eyes. His eyes were a dark green, rather than Danny's electric blue.

"He's not Harry. I am." Hagrid saw him and sighed, relieved.

"Ah, that's better, Harry. Here, I got this for you…" he reached into one of the numerous pockets of his cloak and withdrew, of all things, a birthday cake. Harry took the cake with a facial expression indicating extreme surprise and gratitude, as though he'd never received one of these before in his entire life.

"Thanks, but…who are you?" he asked as he placed the cake down. Danny noticed the pudgy kid eye it hungrily.

"My name's Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of the keys and gates at Hogwarts. You've heard of Hogwarts, of course."

"No…sorry." Hagrid looked at him confusedly.

"You've never heard…where d'you think you're parents learned it all?"

"All what?"

"Why, magic, of course?"

"My parents…knew magic?"

"Of course they did! And they studied at the finest magical institution in the world, Hogwarts. Here, it's about time you got your letter of acceptance," Hagrid told him as he handed Harry an envelope identical to the one he'd given Danny earlier that afternoon.

"He will not be going," the man suddenly said.

"What was that?" Hagrid asked.

"He will not be going to that freak school!" the man asserted.

"So you knew?" Harry asked angrily. "Uncle Vernon, you and Aunt Petunia both knew I was a wizard?" The woman, now called Petunia, stepped forward.

"Of course we knew," she spat. "What with my sister being the freak she was. And then she ran away with that…that awful boy and they had you, and I knew you'd be just the same…and then they had to go and get themselves blown up, and we got stuck with you…"

"Blown up? You told me my parents died in a car crash!" okay, so that explains why Harry's living with these three losers, Danny thought.

"A car crash kill Lily and James Potter? This is an outrage! A scandal! Harry, first thing tomorrow we're getting you and Danny your school supplies and getting you a place in London so that you won't have to spend the rest of your vacation with these muggles."


"Non-magic folk. These two," he gestured towards Harry's aunt and uncle, "are two of the biggest muggles I've ever met. In about a month, you'll be off to the greatest magical institution on the planet, with the greatest headmaster Hogwarts has ever known-Albus Dumbledore."

"I will not have some crackpot old fool teach him magic tricks!" Vernon exclaimed. Hagrid leveled his pink umbrella at him.

"Do. Not. Insult. Albus. Dumbledore. In. Front. Of. Me." He warned. He looked over Vernon's shoulder and noticed the pudgy kid shoveling Harry's birthday cake down his throat. A violet beam of light came out of the tip of the umbrella and hit him square on the behind. Danny and Harry watched in awe as he sprouted a pig's tail and ran around the room, squealing. The three Dursleys all ran upstairs and locked the door, leaving Harry, Hagrid, and Danny alone downstairs.

"Well, that scared them pretty well," Harry commented.

"Yeah, good job with that," Danny complimented.

"Thanks…just don't tell anyone at Hogwarts about this; I'm not supposed to be using magic. I already told you this, right Danny?"

"Yeah." Danny looked at his watch and noticed that it was after 1 AM.

"We should get to sleep," he told the other two.

"Agreed," Hagrid said. "Oh, and Harry? Happy birthday."

"Yeah, dude, happy birthday," Danny said. Hagrid lay down on the couch while Danny and Harry lay on the floor, and the three of them drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Danny was awakened by a sharp rapping on the window. He groggily opened his eyes and noticed that the sound had awakened Harry as well. The two of them looked towards the window and were shocked to see an owl, of all things, tapping on the glass with its talon. Danny opened the window and the owl immediately entered the hut and started attacking Hagrid.

"Hagrid? There's an owl attacking you," Harry told him.

"Give him a knut. One of the little bronze coins in my cloak." The two boys searched through the moleskin cloak and finally found one of the little coins. Harry placed it in a pouch attached to the owl's leg. The owl then dropped a roll of parchment on Hagrid's face and flew away. Hagrid rolled over and went back to sleep.

"He's not waking up any time soon," Danny commented. "So, I guess we should start with introductions. I'm Danny Fenton, and I live in Amity Park, which is in America."

"Cool. I'm Harry Potter, and I live with my aunt, uncle, and cousin in Little Whinging, Surrey."

"Oh, so that fat kid was your cousin?"

"Yep. That's Dudley. Are your parents wizards?" Danny chuckled dryly.

"My parents are quite possibly the furthest thing from wizards a person could possibly be. They're professional ghost hunters."

"That sounds brilliant!"

"Trust me, it's not as cool as it sounds. They almost killed me once."

"Really? How?"

"When I was four they injected me with high-energy ectoplasm to see how it affects humans. I got this nasty bruise all over my body for about a week, and when it went away I was part ghost." Harry looked at him in awe.

"Is that…even physically possible?" he asked. Danny laughed.

"Apparently. Just don't tell anyone, it's kind of a secret."

"Why did you tell me, then?"

"Because I get the feeling I can trust you. It must suck, having to live with those three."

"You don't know the half of it. They used to make me live in a cupboard under the staircase in our house, and they always favor my cousin more than me."

"Well, he is their son. That makes sense, right?"

"They don't buy me any clothes. I always use his hand-me-downs, and he's five sizes bigger than me. He's the ringleader of a gang that always picks on me and tries to beat me up, and they never get in trouble. I always get in trouble for everything, and sometimes I've been locked in my cupboard for weeks on end."

"Whoa…harsh…" Harry shrugged.

"Well, at least we're wizards now, so we can always use magic to get back at them."

"Not yet, you can't," Hagrid suddenly said, making the two boys jump. "Even if you were advanced enough to be able to use the types of spells that would get back at people, you can't use magic on muggles. It's against Wizarding law."

"Magic, maybe. But ghost powers, on the other hand…" Danny said, a mischievous smirk apparent on his features. He transformed in a flash of white light and flew upstairs. Two seconds later, Dudley phased down into the first floor of the house. He pranced around like a ballerina and sang 'I'm a little teapot,' then turned intangible and flew back upstairs. Danny descended and changed back to human, where he, Hagrid, and Harry started laughing their heads off.

"How did you do that?" Harry asked.

"It's called overshadowing. I can take over a person's body from the inside and make them do all kinds of stuff."

"What else can you do?"

"I can walk through solid objects, turn invisible, and fly. That's about it…my parents say that stronger ghosts are able to shoot energy blasts out of their hands, but I haven't been able to do that yet."

"We should be going," Hagrid said. "Let's go, before those muggles wake up and make our lives harder than they need to be." Harry and Danny agreed as they hefted their suitcases, and followed Hagrid out into the bright morning sunlight.