Okay, this was originally written as part of a Christmas-contest on back in '04, under my other alias, "TheHerooftheDualBlade," so for the three of you here at that actually visit that site, this is completely my 'fic, and was not plagiarized by that particular user. Also, I'll note that by rather than calling the Hero of the game, "The Hero," I've used Elly Whitaker's name of "Devur," so the people over there would be more familiar with it.

Also, I know it's not Christmas-time now, but hey… think of it as a Christmas-In-July deal!

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Lufia: The Gift of the Magi

Devur awoke, listening as something kept on banging against his window. "Wh-what the hell...?" he mumbled, sitting up in his bed.
He looked over at the window and watched as a ball of something white kept hitting his window.

He looked closer. "What the...?" something white was falling from the sky. Something he'd never seen in his life.


There it was again. Another ball of white hit the window.

"What the hell is that?" he mumbled, slowly pulling himself to his feet.


He walked over to his dresser, pulling on the same clothes he wore on that day. The day he thought his love had disappeared from him.
He didn't bother combing his messy hair; that was the way he liked it.


"Ugh..." he mumbled. He grabbed his sword, and walked downstairs; Flake wasn't there. "Flake?" he called, but no one answered.

He looked out the window, and saw that the white stuff was EVERYWHERE. "Wh-what's going on!" he yelled, dashing outside. "I thought the Sinistrals were gone! I destroyed them!"

Were they back? No! They couldn't be! He and his friends had destroyed them exactly one year ago! There's no way they could be back now! Or...could there?
He didn't know. After all, they had been revived once before...why not once more.

"LUFIA!" he called out. But no one in the village of Arus had answered.

Where the HELL is everybody! He was the only one around.


He forgot about the noise. He dashed around to the back of the house, drawing his blade...just in case.
As he turned the corner of the small house, he slipped and fell over. He quickly jumped up and noticed no one was there.

"Hmm...?" he looked around. "...but what was that? Why isn't..."

"BOO!" a voice instantly shouted, and before he knew it, his face was completely covered in all of the soft, but very cold, white stuff.

He turned over, and faintly saw the cerulean hair of the one who just hit him. "Lufia!" he said in amazement.

"Hey Devur!" she smiled, her eyes sparkling like they do. "Thought you'd never wake up!"

"W-was that you?"

"Yup!" she sat up. "Who'd you think it was? One of those Sinistrals you always talk about?"

He looked at the ground. "N-no...of course I didn't..." he felt so stupid.

She laughed. "I love it when you're paranoid...you're so cute!"

She pulled him up, a joyous look in her eyes. Way to save your dignity, Devur... he thought, taking her hand.

"By the way," he began to brush himself off. "Where is everybody? Flake wasn't home, and nobody seems to be outside..."

She looked at him. "Don't you remember? Tomorrow's Christmas! Almost EVERYONE has gone to Lorbenia to buy gifts for their loved ones..."
She walked closer toward him, placing her gentle hand on his chest. "You didn't forget to get me something did you...?" she smiled, looking into his eyes.

Ah, crap. He thought; he forgot. He had so much on his mind lately; he completely forgot to get her something. "O-Of course I did!" he stuttered.

Oh no. She tried not to show it, but she had just reminded herself of the ONE thing she forgot to do over the weekend. Everything's gonna be gone...

He looked down at her. "Of course I didn't." he said coolly. "In fact, you're gonna love it!"

She looked in his eyes. "You're gonna love what I got you!" she smiled warmly.

They hugged each other for a few minutes. "I-I have to go..." Devur let go of her.

"M-me too." she quickly replied.

"I'll be back by sundown..."they both said, simultaneously.

They paused for a moment, and then were off in separate directions.

"What in god's name do I get Lufia!" he said to himself, pondering very hard. "It's the day before Christmas, and everything's gonna be gone..."

"What do I get for Devur?" Lufia asked herself. "EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE GONE!"

They had to think fast. They had less than 24 hours to get something special for the one they loved the most.

"Well, off to Lorbenia." Devur said, quickly moving out of the village. Luckily, he still had all of his magic. "WARP!" he shouted. And with that, he was off.