--Christmas Night--

Nobody was in the village of Arus that night; no children, no adults, not even Flake, who was off visiting his family.

Devur and Lufia walked into the living room, and sat on the sofa in front of the warm fireplace. It was so comfortable, unlike the outside.

"Merry Christmas, Devur." Lufia said with a smile.

"Merry Christmas, Lufia." Devur replied, smiling.

They hugged each other. "Lufia. I got you something..."
He handed her the gift he had bought.

"And I got you something too..." she handed him the gift she had got him.

They exchanged smiles, and began unwrapping their gifts.

"Oh...it's a sheathe..." Devur frowned, holding the most beautiful sheathe he had ever seen in his life in his hands. "...for Dual Blade..."

"Oh! You got me the limited edition...Zari..." Lufia frowned, though she was holding the dress she had always wanted. "...Pearl...Dress..."

Devur looked at her. "What's wrong, don't you like it?" he asked.

"Of course! I LOVE it!" she forced a smile. "Don't you like yours...?"

Devur frowned. "Of course I do... I love it...but..."

"But...?" she looked at him.

"Well...I kinda sold Dual Blade to buy you your dress...y'know, to match your brooch, high-heels, and that veil you love so much..."

She gasped. "And I...I...sold my brooch, high-heels, and veil to buy you your sheathe..."

They looked at each other, and stared each other in the eyes. They slowly began to cry, knowing that the other truly loved them. They hugged tighter than they had ever hugged before.

"You do love me..." they said, simultaneously.

They sat there in each other's arms for a couple of minutes. They looked into each other's eyes. "I love you, Devur." she said, smiling more beautiful than he had ever seen her.

"And I love you, Lufia." Devur said, his eyes tearing up.

Lufia looked up, and pointed. "Devur. Look up."

He did. There was mistletoe hanging above them. They smiled at each other, and for the very first time, their lips interlocked. They sat there for hours, holding each other in their arms, not wanting to let go.

-- -- -- -- --

I love you. The true meaning of Christmas.