On the third night Margaret was jostled awake by her companion.

"I think I heard something," Julia said nervously, looking around in the darkness for a sign of movement.

"It was probably just an animal or something," Margaret groaned, frustrated to have been woken up after she had finally gotten to sleep.

"I don't think that's it."

"Julia, we're in the woods there's tons of little animals and bugs and things that can make noise. Now go back to sleep and don't wake me unless something kills you."

"But I heard voices!" Now curious Margaret sat up and strained her ears to listen.

"I don't hear anything."

"Shh, be quiet. Listen." They listened a little longer but Margaret heard nothing.

"I still don't hear anything."

"Shut up! You keep talking over it." Margaret was just about to lay back down when she saw a tiny glow of light in the distance.

"What's that?"

"It looks like a camp fire."

"Do you think we should go see who it is?"

"Why on earth would we do that? It could be a band of murdering thieves for all we know!"

"That's my point though; if they are dangerous then we need to get the hell away from here."

"Can't we just assume that they're dangerous and get the hell away from here now?"

"I don't want to walk all night if it's not necessary, besides I've got my pistol with me. We'll just go close enough to see who they are but stay out of sight."

"That's stupid! You don't even know how to aim that stupid gun! Besides it's easy for you to act all tough you're dressed as a man, there's no telling what they'll do to a woman looking the way I do."

"Don't worry I'll just tell them you're in drag." Margaret began to walk towards the glow of light.

"This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen anyone do," Said Julia, following closely. Although she didn't want to go with Margaret she also didn't want to stay by herself in the dark wilderness.

Margaret couldn't blame Julia for thinking she was stupid for going to find the other campsite. She thought it was rather stupid herself, but she couldn't help but wonder if it was Damien and she knew she would never be satisfied unless she checked.

The voices started as a murmur at first, but they grew louder and louder until they were right outside the camp and could hear two men talking abnormally loud. One had an absolutely booming voice and his laughter shook the ground. Margaret and Julia tried to find a position where they could observe without being seen. Finally, they could see one mans face. He was unshaven, filthy, and from the looks of it insanely drunk, but not entirely unhandsome. It was a while before the other man came into view and when he did Margaret gasped and Julia screamed. Their hiding place was compromised but Margaret no longer cared. She stood up and ran out of the bushes. She threw her arms around the massive man who looked at her in confusion for several moments before saying anything.

"Miss Wickum?"

"Damien where the hell have you been?" Margaret asked a little angrily. Then she looked to the other man. "Who is he?" Before Damien could answer the man stood up and stumbled towards Julia.

"Weasel at your service mum", he said trying to kiss Julia's hand but she pulled it away in disgust.

"Interesting name", Margaret said with a little condescension in her voice. She could tell that he was terribly drunk and it was not long before she realized that Damien was not much better off.

"It's Norwegian", Weasel slurred. Then he looked back to Julia. "So you must be the beautiful Margaret Williams."

"It's Wickum and that would be me."

"You're a woman?" he asked with a furrowed brow. "Well then what is she a drag queen or something?" he said gesturing towards Julia. A look of outrage spread over Julia's face. But she didn't have time to say anything before Weasel committed his next offense. He squinted at Julia and said, "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

"I don't think so," she answered coldly.

"No, no I'm sure of it." Then his eyes widened in recognition, "you're that girl from Brighton!" After having this revelation he began to laugh hysterically. "Damien do I have some stories to tell you!" But Julia cut Weasels good humor short by giving him a sharp smack in the face.

"This is the companion you have chosen in my stead?" Margaret said warmly turning to Damien.

"Umm… well, trust me I preferred your company infinitely better."

"Well then why did you leave me in the middle of the woods you stinking drunk?" Damien looked taken aback by this and he had to pause for a moment before answering.

"I'm sorry Miss Wickum but I had to."


"Jesus woman let the man finish before you bite his head off," conjectured Weasel, but after having told him to shut up everyone ignored him. He felt a slight pang of indignation but kept his mouth shut for a little while.

"That man that you met with was looking for me. And if I had come back he would have caught me."

"So you left me to face him without any protection."

"I wouldn't have left you if I wasn't completely certain that he wasn't going to harm you in anyway."

"Oh, well, if he's such a little lamb then why were you running away from him?"

"I'm the only one he wants."

"Who is he anyway?"

"He is… my father."

"Your father?"

"Well, my creator. He made me in a lab, for what purpose I have no idea. This experiment of his has brought nothing but misery to both of us."

"But, what harm could your creator want to do you?" Damien considered lying, telling her that he was a mad scientist who wanted to perform cruel experiments on him, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. However he could not risk telling the truth either.

"I promise I will tell you everything, just not yet." Margaret didn't say anything, not sure whether to demand a full explanation or if she really wanted one. "I know you have no reason to trust me Miss Wickum so it is your choice whether you would like to stay with me or not."

"Oh, don't tell me that we're going to have to travel with this little cretin!" Julia wailed.

"Does this man really have to come with us?" Margaret asked. Weasel looked in highly insulted by the question.

"I promised him protection," Damien said shrugging his shoulders.

So, it was settled that the four fugitives would become a company despite Julia's objections. She really did not think there was anything worse than having to travel with weasel but couldn't get up the nerve to set off on her own. Although Margaret was still a little angry they all felt very safe huddled around him that night, and that is what kept them together, the feeling of security during the night time that none of them had felt before.