Shadow Parody Part 3: Prison Island

Suddenly, out of nowhere and by no force seen or hinted to (until near the end of the game), Shadow materialized into the next level within a wavering glow of blue and white light.

Landing gracefully to the ground as the light dissipated from around him, Shadow opened his eyes and nonchalantly gazed over his surroundings—not bothering to wonder how he got there.

"Hmmm…" he pondered "I wonder if there are any chaos emeralds around here…" Chuckling to himself, he thought about how easy it was to get the first one in Westopolis.

It was right THERE, practically floating in the middle of nowhere.

Really, who keeps a rare and powerful jewel like that of a chaos emerald and place it in a ridiculous cage? And who keeps it stored there on a city not too far away from becoming ruins?!!

"Tch. That's not very bright. With that kind of luck, there may be another emerald just floating aimlessly around here for no other reason or purpose…" he smirked, clenching a fist. "If that's the case, I should find out the answers to my past in no time." Then he paused and thought for a moment. "But…why do I care?" Then he shrugged.

"Whatever" he muttered, taking a step, but as soon as he did, a slew of shrouded images held him in its mysterious grip.


He saw…a confusing image that looked like a room and a machine with a lot of steam or smoke coming out of it.

Alarmed, Shadow took a step backwards. "What? …That's right I somehow escaped from this island. I was captured by those humans... But when…and…why?"

Realizing that asking himself questions and not answering back wasn't getting him very far, Shadow took a few steps forward, then he paused.

"…This place seem so familiar…" He then looked upwards and realized there was no sky—just a black void. "Hmmm…" Continuing on, he came across Doom's Eye.

Seeing Shadow break open a wooden crate with his bare hands and pick up a gun, the eye chuckled. "Good. Annihilate those humans who dare stand to oppose me!!"

Not paying the floating iris any mind, Shadow proceeded to step on the speed trap in front of him and traveled to the next platform.

And of course, the eye followed.

"This base still holds the presence of the humans within it…" he began to narrate, while Shadow carelessly began to fire at the flying beetles above him. Right when he shot one, Black Doom's voice suddenly cut off and began to overlap with saying something else.

"Yeeess that's it. Show the humans your power!"

"Why the hell do you keep following me?" Shadow inquired, turning around to face Doom's eye when a beetle shot him in the arm.

Swearing, Shadow began to flicker as he ran around trying to gather his rings back.

Around this same time, Charmy popped up and happily flew around Shadow's head.

"Hey Shadow!!! I GOTTA ASK you SOMETHIN'!"

"Can't it wait?!" Shadow snapped, busily trying to blast the remaining gun beetles in his way. But Charmy continued on. "Vector TOLD me that he wants me to find 5 TOP SECRET DISKS! But…what's a top SECRET disk?" he merrily asked, fluttering about in Shadow's face.

Aggravated, Shadow missed his aim on one of the gun mechs one purpose because Charmy had flown right in his line of fire.

"S#it! Get outta the way!" he yelled, swatting at Charmy as he skated off through the poorly designed flora around him.

Charmy gasped at the word Shadow had just spat at him and covered his mouth while following him. "Awww you can't say that! This game is rated E10+ you know!"

Stopping immediately, Shadow whisked around to glare at Charmy and aimed his gun right at his face.

"Whooaaa!" Charmy chirped happily at the sight as he came to a pause in his flight. "Wow Shadow you're so cool! You're like an action hero!"

Scoffing in annoyance, Shadow cocked the gun and shoved it closer to the ecstatic bee.

"If you value that horrendously grating voice of yours, then I suggest you keep your fuc#in mouth the hell shut!"

Realizing that Shadow meant business, Charmy gulped and nodded. "I got you…" he whined dejectedly with a pout. "I'll just have to find those disks myself then!!" he cheered and flew off. "Bye Shadow! It was way cool meeting you!!!" he called excitedly while waving.

Once he was gone, Shadow heaved a deep and heavy sigh of relief.

"Finally that's over…!"

"Now go and attack those humans!" Doom's Eye suddenly announced in a booming voice from behind Shadow.

Irritated as much as he was caught off guard, Shadow jumped back and started popping off shots wildly at the creature.

Moments later, Shadow breathed heavily as he reached a strange platform where this odd yellowish liquid flowed.

Sniffing lightly, his lips began to curl disgustedly at the awful stench and he covered his nose.

"Ugggh! What's causing that awful smell?!" he wondered. Still covering his nose, he took a few steps forward and peered down.

He noticed there was an alien standing on a hover disk. He would need to use that.

But as he got a closer look, he witnessed the creature relieving itself into the acidic stream. Well, guess that explains the color and the stench.

Stifling back a choked laugh, Shadow discreetly pumped two bullets into the alien and stole its ride.

"Hmm" he thought to himself, steadying his balance on the device, "So this can stay above that putrid liquid…but it doesn't jump very high. …Not like I would actually need it to anyway..."

Reaching a springing platform, Shadow used it to get to a higher part of the stage and proceeded to shoot nearly all the alien forms that he could see.

Shooting them down one by one, especially the little larvae, Shadow's heart skipped a beat as he realized the small spurts of green blood that spewed out from them.

He shuddered. "The color of the blood was censored from red to green…?? Then that means…." he trailed off, placing a hand to the fur on his chest. Did that mean that his blood was green too?

Shuddering in disgust, he thought for a moment and a large grin smoothed across his face.

"Fu#k the rating! I'm on a rampage!!!" And with those words, he proceeded through the stage, firing at whatever got in his way.

Of course, he ran into Charmy again, who was whining about not being able to find any of the disks, but Shadow was too busy shooting to care.

"Hey you can ride along that pipe!" Charmy squealed, and only to this did Shadow answer. "I'd prefer not to ride pipes, thank you."

"Whyyy? You rode a pole for Rouge, didn't youuuu?"

"What--!" Shadow gasped and began blasting at the bee, but missing on purpose. "GET OUT OF HERE!!"

"Yaaaaaahhhhh!!! See ya Shadow!"

Before long, Shadow reached a giant gold ring with a levitating emerald in the middle of it.

"Finally the emerald!" he exclaimed, dashing towards it when Doom's Eye suddenly appeared, shaking with vexation.


"Shut UP!" Shadow vociferated, shooting at the creature again—but then suddenly his gun magically disappeared.

"What?!" he cried, looking to his hand in shock as Doom's Eye chuckled darkly.

"Seems as if you ran out of ammunition….! NOW DO AS YOU'RE TOLD!"

Irritated with this odd turn of events, and the game itself, Shadow scoffed and pushed past Doom's Eye. "I don't take orders…!"

Watching him intently, Doom's Eye chuckled again. "Maybe not from your own flesh and bloodbut perhaps from another…"

Shadow stopped in his steps and turned to him. "My own flesh and blood? What?"

"You will find out in time. Now, do as you please, ShadowAnd farewell for now…" he added in a gruff voice before floating off.

"What…?" Shadow pondered, standing there, still wallowing in the suspense. "…Could that mean…that he knows something I don't?"

Shadow thought over his redundant question again.

"Perhaps the Professor was not the only one who had a hand in creating me…Could that insipid looking floating eye possibly know who that other person was?"

Turning around slowly, Shadow eyed the emerald as it continued to hover in mid-air.

It was a sparkly emerald too!

Smiling faintly at its luster, Shadow wondered if a certain someone would go crazy over its lustrous shine and grabbed it.

"Three emeralds down…four more to go…! It shouldn't be long now!"

And with that, the level suddenly disappeared and Shadow fell through a black void---into the next level as it loaded.