Magic, Rivals and Friendship?

by: dark kakashi m13

Chapter 5- Shadow Genre Cluster

Sunday noon…

Sakura sat on the couch, nothing in mind, just staring at the vase in front of her.

(Sigh) 'So much time and so little I need to do.'

"Arf! Arf!"

After 1 minute…

"Arrgh! This is so stupid! If only I have a time machine!" She paused for some moment. "Now, that's great!"

5 more minutes…

"Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala! I can't take it anymore! The silence makes me deaf!"

She stomped off the room and headed outside. Going somewhere…she didn't know.


"She went out of her house!"

"Follow her!"

"Yes chief!" Click!


She went on Konoha's outskirts and wander around. After minutes of nonstop walking, she stopped on a store and stared at the scooter in front of her. She placed her hands on the glass barricade.

"Wow! It's so beautiful! I like it!" She murmured and went inside the store and admired the scooter.

"Um…excuse me miss. Would you like to look at our leaflet for Silver Wing?"

"Silver Wing?"

"Oh, that's the name of that scooter! Our newest model for this month! It was only released last week!" Sakura looked back and admired the scooter once again.

"So, uh, where's the leaflet?"

"Here." The guy handed Sakura a blue leaflet with the scooter's picture on it and some details about it.


Base MSRP $7,949

Want the thrills of luxury touring in an easy-to-ride package? As scooters go, the Silver Wing is the big dog, the king of the road, the ultimate luxury tourer. Check out its liquid-cooled, 582cc DOHC engine and fully automatic CVT transmission, powering a first-class package featuring plush two-up seating, luggage space galore and a choice of three cool new colors: Black, Metallic Titanium or Metallic Blue. Now grab a pal and hit the highway. There's no easier way for you and a friend to hit the open road.

Add more…

A helmet would be the best companion of a scooter, so grab one now…



Product highlights:

Painted Lightweight or Dark GE Lexan shell with Hi-brite protective clear coat

Black snap-on visor

Padded removable neck roll

Forehead vents

Padded chin straps


"Wow! Cool! It's totally awesome!"

"Will you buy it?"

"Um… I don't know. It's…kinda…um…expensive. I still have to talk with my mother and see if she'll approve…with…it!………Can I have this leaflet?"

"Oh sure! You can have it! If you happen to change your mind. Just come back here."

"Of course! I will! Bye! 'Til next time." She leaved the store with a smile crept on her face.


"Excuse me sir. How much is that scooter?"

"Do you have a plan to buy it?"

"Well, it still depends on chief's decision. But I would like to know how much?"

"$7,949. No one wants to buy it. They always say it's too much expensive."


"Please convince your chief."

"I'll try." The blue-haired guy calls his 'so-called' chief.

"She wants Silver Wing." Pause.

"Certainly sir." He set aside his cellphone.

"Lucky. He approved. Here's my credit card."

"Wow! So fast! Thank you. Please go to the counter with me." The salesman said. "What is your address, sir?"

"Here is the address, give it to Haruno Sakura tomorrow afternoon." The blue-haired guy handed him a small piece of paper.

"No prob., here's your card. Thank you for buying. Come back again."


3:00 p.m…

"2 more hours!" Sakura shouted in the living room after entering the house.

"Will you shut up? I'm trying to sleep here!" A very angry Kankuro shouted at her while changing positions on the sofa.

"Whatever." She slowly walked towards her room with silence.

"Stupid smart ass." She plopped on her bed and put up the paper she was holding and sighed dreamily. 'If only I have enough money.' She got up quickly and searched for her cellphone.


"Yeah, dear. What's your problem?"

"Uhmmm…I just wanted to ask…w-w-wi-will you buy me a new scooter?"

"I don't know honey. Just call me back later. I really have something important to do. Okay?"

"Sure. Bye. Take care." She hung her cellphone.

After minutes of thinking, she got a tape and attached the blue leaflet near her bed.

Sakura removed her jacket so she's only wearing a top that is fitted to her body.

(Sigh) '…' She search out for her i-pod nano and turned it on. She plopped on her bed and put her arms on the back of her head.

Feeling a bit drowsy, she took a nap and fell asleep while listening to music.

Knock! Knock! Knock! "Dinner's ready!"




"Are you there?

"…" Gaara opened the door and peeped inside and just to find out that Sakura's sleeping.

(Sigh) 'Why did I even bother?' He was about to close the door when something caught his eyes.

'What's that?' He went near Sakura's bed and laid a hand on the piece of paper attached on the wall.

"Silver Wing?" He murmured softly.

"$7,949! Holy cow!" Gaara said loudly which made Sakura awake from her deep slumber.

(Yawn!) She rubbed her eyes then sat up. "Aaaaaahhhh! What are you doing here?"

"Just wanted to tell you that dinner's ready."

"You don't have to go inside my room just to tell me that."

"I knocked but then no one answered so I went inside."

"Right." She got up the bed and stretched. Gaara observed her body curves.

'Nice body! I think her vital stat is 34-25-36! No! It's like 34-24-36!'

"What are you looking at tick boy? Out!"

"Oh yeah. Sorry." He walked towards the door. "Sorry?" She smirk. "Wow! Didn't think that someone like you will say sorry to me."

He looked back. "I also didn't think that you will dream of that scooter. It's only for high class. Not for you."




Sakura woke up very early in the morning because of her excitement. 'I can't wait anymore.'

She immediately took a bath and dress up. She wore jeans and a fitted black shirt up to her upper thigh that has a v-neck line and there showed underneath is a sky blue top. She tied a red jacket around her hips. She put on a silver star danglings, silver necklace with a cross and a wrist watch. She put up her hair in a ponytail.


Sakura's phone rang… "Hello?"

"Hey Sakura. It's me Dark."

"Aaaahhh! I've missed your voice. Where are you guys?"

"We're already here in Japan going to Yuri's house."

"Cool! So, what school are you going?"

"Grove High!"


"Let's meet in front of the school tomorrow morning alright?"

"Sure. Take Care."



End of Flashback…

(sigh) 'SGC will be complete soon.' She made a smug face. 'Here I come!' She got her black messenger bag and went downstairs and outside. Feeling like an idiot for tripping on the stairs.

She walked outside the gate and felt a bit cold so she put on her jacket and put up the zipper half way. She walked towards the school feeling the fresh air.

Sakura inhaled the clean air around her when suddenly……

……a garbage truck went pass.

"Great! Stupid asshole! So inconsiderate! Well…what can I say, 'expect no inhumanly behavior'! Schmuck!"

She walked towards the school, hands in the pockets.

After 20 minutes…

She reached the school and found only the janitor sweeping the ground. She looked at her watch and saw that it was only 6 in the morning.

"I guess I reached the school very early. Might as well find a spot to rest."


"Hurry guys! It's already 6:00." Ryuuen shouted.

"No perfect comes early!" Krad retorted while fixing his hair.

"You aren't perfect so stop acting like one." Dark smirked and leaned on the doorframe.

"No one asked your opinion so butt out!"

"Guys! Guys! Don't shout alright, this isn't your house!" Hyu butt in.

"Don't worry! Everyone's already awake." Yuri, the owner of the house, said. "Are you all finish? If yes? Come on. I bet Sakura's already at school waiting for us."


"Achooooh! What the-" Sakura woke up. "They're still not here."


"Sure." They all followed Yuri outside except for one. "Aren't you coming, Krad?"

"Wait, just a sec. Almost finish…………There! Perfect! Come on!"

All of them rode on Yuri's car and headed to Grove High.

After 15 minutes…

"At last! We're here." They went out the car and stared at the school. "Not that bad!" Yuri exclaimed.

"Yeah! So where's Sakura?" Hyu asked looking around.

"I can't see Res." Krad whispered.

"Don't call her Res! How many times do I have to tell you that?" Dark said angrily.

"Fine! Sure! Just don't shower at me!" He chuckled while dusting off the invisible saliva.


"Let's just find her!" Ryuuen said.

"Wait! I'll call her!"


"Sakura, it's me Dark! Where are you?"

"I'm already here at school! How 'bout you?"

"We're at the front gate of the school!"

"I'll meet you there! Just wait!" Dark hang his phone.

"What did she say?"

"She told me to w-"

"Guys!" A very cheerful Sakura ran to them.

"Oh my God Sakura!" Krad screamed then paused. "You didn't look different."

"Duh! Whatever Krad!"

"Well! I'm expecting more, I mean…wait…why don't you remove your jacket?"

"Nothing, I just wa-"

"And your hair is in a ponytail!"

"Why? What's your problem?"

"How about removing it?"

"No." Krad made a sign to Ryuuen and he pulled Sakura's hair tie.

"What the- Hey!" Sakura chased Ryuuen. "Give me that!"

"NO!" He threw the hair tie and it flew somewhere I don't know.

"You're so bad! I hate you!" Sakura pouted and hurriedly went inside the campus.

"Now look what you did to her!" Dark scolded Krad and Ryuuen.

"It's just for fun!"

"Right! Whatever! Let's just go inside."


"Hey Sakura why'd you stop?"

"You guys should stay here in the principal's office and your teachers will come and get you."


"Bye." She headed towards her classroom feeling a bit annoyed because of the loud noise.

"Hey, Shiriku, Ino. Do me some errand and please give this papers to our heamistress, now!"

The two of them groaned. "Why us?"

"Because I said so. I'm the class president so do what I tell you. And Kakashi also told me to discipline you, because you didn't clean last week."

"Fine. Whatever you say, jerk!" They rolled their eyes and make face then headed outside.

"And oh wait, before you go. Just wanted to remind you about our policy here in school. Anyone who didn't do his/her job will clean the toilet for a week. Hope you enjoy. Now what are you waiting for get your butts outta' here."

"Just shut up will you! DORK!"

'Did I heard that right? Headmistress Office?' Sakura gasped. 'Oh no! They'll see……SGC!'


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