Welcome back! OK, this took me a little longer than I was expecting, but her it is,the first chapter of the third part of….oh, you get it. Anyway, this chapter…well, it's kind of…oh, I can't explain. But as I was trying to think of a way to start it out, this one just would not back off. It was annoying really. But I think I like it. Hope it's up to all of your standards.

"I'm not going to do it."

House stood backed up against his bedroom wall, hands up in front of him in warning. Cameron was across the room hands folded tightly over her chest. The look on her face was clearly determined, so House should have known that he was inevitably screwed. It had been nearly eleven weeks since she'd learned that she was pregnant, and her body was starting to take the toll. Her belly was barely showing, but House decided that if you knew to look for it, you'd take notice.

"You're going to do it, if I have to tie you down and do it myself."

This was their latest argument: Cameron was taking a trip out to Wisconsin to visit her family – and break the news about her pregnancy – and she was bringing House with. This wasn't the part of it House was adamantly refusing – he had no problem meeting her family, though he foresaw many awkward hours in his future. No, Cameron was insisting that House be introduced to her family absolutely clean-shaven. She'd told him that they probably wouldn't find much comfort in thinking that the father of her future child was a hobo.

All House had to say was screw what they thought. If he had his way, they'd never see them again anyway.

Foreman had actually voiced how unnerving it was that they were almost constantly bickering. Though he had never expected House to soften completely, Foreman had thought that he'd lighten up on Cameron a little, instead of seemingly ignoring him and Chase altogether. Cameron told herself that the arguing made them better people, though she knew it probably just made them annoying.

House smirked at her. "I would love to see you try." And it was that look, the one that clearly said he knew she couldn't overpower him, that suddenly made her feel very ambitious. She glanced at the trunk he'd had placed at the end of his bed, where she had set the electric shaver. She faced him again, nearly surprised to find him looming over her. "Don't try it, Cameron," he leers. "You could never win." She was pretty sure that at one point she found his self-confidence attractive, but now it just made her want to beat him at his own game.

Their eyes locked, and Cameron had about thirteen seconds before House grabbed her. A strong hand came up and cupped her face in an almost mocking gesture.

"What are you going to do, Cameron?" he asked.

The idea popped into her head without a flash, merely waiting patiently until she took notice of it. And when she did, it went immediately into effect.

"Nothing," she replied calmly, taking a step back. "I plan to do absolutely nothing." Resisting an enticing smile, she stepped out of the room, and went back to watching the O.C.


The next morning Cameron woke to the sickeningly familiar churning of her stomach, House's arm flung over her chest. Delivering a sharp jab to his ribcage with her elbow, he rolled away with a grunt, allowing her to dash towards the bathroom. It wasn't too long after she'd started retching into the toilet that House took his usual position on the side of the tub, running his hand over her back.

"Great to be back, isn't it?" House asked lightly.

"Oh, yeah," Cameron answered, spitting into the toilet. House pushed himself up, wetting a washcloth in the sink.

"Only a few more weeks of this though."

Cameron scoffed. "Easy for you to say."

"You're right. I love waking up to the sound of you ralphing every morning." Cameron caught his eyes rolling as she struggled to her feet. Wiping the back her hand over her mouth, Cameron tossed the soggy rag into the sink, and turned to face House, trying to keep the devilish smirk off her face.

"You remember we're having lunch with the Wilsons today, right?" she asked him, running a cool hand under his t-shirt.

The Wilsons. The idea was still so foreign to him. The knowledge that his best friend had a child, much less a functioning marriage, often had him questioning reality.

"You think I'd forget?"


"That was rhetorical," he interrupted. She smiled softly up at him, before stepping away.

"I have to take a shower."

House tilted his head at her, smirking. "I do too." Cameron caught his drift.

Shaking her head, she said, "I don't think so." She walked around him, heading for the closet they shared. She still had her apartment, but she was there so rarely that she was thinking that she should just get rid of it. She wasn't ready to bring that up with House yet. Officially moving in would be a huge step for him, though asking for a child didn't seem to trouble him at all.

"No shower sex?" he whined, following her into the bedroom.

Cameron flung a pair of jeans on the bed. "Nope." House's eyes drifted to the bed where she had just added to the pile the vintage Rolling Stones t-shirt he had gotten her the day after she found out she was pregnant. A thought hit him.

"This is your plan?" he asked incredulously. "This is how you're going to get me to shave? Deny me sex?" Cameron glanced up from the dresser drawer in front of her, where she was deciding between bras.

"No," she replied innocently. She closed the drawer, clutching House's favorite black number. Their eyes met briefly as she grabbed the rest of her clothes. She paused on her way back to the bathroom beside him, their shoulders touching. "No, I plan to be much more aggressive." The shudder she felt course through his body had her smiling as she shut the bathroom door.

Yep, inevitably screwed.


"So how are things going?" Lisa asked once they all had a seat on the patio. The question had been directed at Cameron.

"Morning sickness twice in under a year," she answered, shaking her head. "There has to be some justice in the world."

Wilson clapped a hand lightly on his friend's shoulder. "Pardon me for saying, but I am so proud of you." House gave him a funny look.

"Why, because I got her pregnant? Trust me, I wasn't suffering." Cameron closed her eyes in embarrassment, placing a hand across her face, while Wilson just shook his head.

"You're hopeless."

"Thank you."

Lisa thought about asking Cameron to help her in the kitchen, but stopped herself at the sound of a baby's screams drifted through an open upstairs window.

"I'll get her," Wilson volunteered before his wife could get to her feet. He walked away briskly, sliding open the screen door.

When he was out of earshot, Lisa said, "She won't even let me feed her anymore." Her voice was light, implying that she wasn't upset over the parental preference of her daughter.

House narrowed his eyes. "That must be awkward for Wilson." She looked up confused, her eyes shifting to a glare as realization dawned on her.

"She's using bottles now, House," she clarified impatiently.

"That's unfortunate for her," he said, feigning pity.

Lisa's glare deepened. "Honestly. You are such a child."

"Greg…" Cameron began warningly, but House was spared the lecture by the entrance of Wilson, his sniffling daughter in his arms. When Rebecca's eyes landed on House, her arms instantly stretched toward him.

"Hey, Rae," he said quietly, taking her into his arms. The first few times the other three witnessed this sudden change in House had been completely shocking, but now it just made Cameron want to cry. She blamed it on her massive hormonal upheaval, rather than on the thought of him as a father. Rebecca had nuzzled her head against his neck, and soon she had fallen back asleep.

"So when are you two leaving?" Wilson asked, after admiring the effect his friend had on his daughter, or vice versa.

"Tomorrow evening," Cameron answered, eyeing House. As soon as Rebecca was out of his arms, her plan would go into effect. She could feel Wilson's eyes on her, waiting for the go-ahead. She had called them the night before, asking for their help in ambushing House. There was a cordless shaver stowed away in her purse.

Twenty minutes later and Cameron was getting antsy. Lisa, seeming to sense this, got to her feet and said, "Here Greg, I can go lay her down." House looked a little reluctant to give Rebecca up, but Lisa managed to get her away from him. The second they heard the screen door sliding shut behind them, Cameron and Wilson went into action. Wilson had scrambled to his feet and was behind House, clasping his wrists together above his head. Before House could voice his shock, Cameron had settled herself in his lap, carefully avoiding any pressure on his right leg. It was the glint in her eyes that clued him in.

"You little minx," he growled, narrowing his eyes. Cameron just smiled innocently, as though she had no idea what he was talking about, clicking on the shaver.

"Hold still."

He struggled, but Wilson's grip on his wrists tightened until House was sure that there would be hard-to-explain bruises come morning. Cameron went slow, tauntingly erasing his scruffy appearance. When she'd finished she ran her fingers over the smooth skin.


Wilson dropped his arms and came around to where Cameron was now standing, immediately broke out into a grin.

"I forgot you even had a face under there," he said, chuckling. House was glaring up at them both.

"You're going to pay," he said, pointing a menacing finger at Cameron.

Cameron shrugged as Lisa came back out to the patio. "Alright. Just remember, I am carrying your future child." When Lisa saw House, she couldn't stifle her astonished laugh.

"I'm sorry," she said, smiling. "It's just…you look just like you did the first day I saw you." House glared some more.

"I hate you all," he grumbled. "And do you plan to do this every night? You can't keep me unshaved for a whole week, and I certainly won't be doing it." Cameron and Wilson exchanged glances.

"Then I'll start denying sex."