Would you shut up? Just the way you talk makes me like you more and more. And I hate you for that.

"I'm leaving now." Kagome announced to the elderly woman, her grandmother, she supposed. It had only taken a month before she was able to move again like she used to. She wasn't as fast or strong as she had been, but it was better than nothing, and she was itching to leave. So, she did. She began to walk away from the place, and didn't look back. What was there to look back to? Her entire world, the one she belonged in, was gone. So she decided to travel, hoping to find a place in this strange world.

It was a few days later that she realized someone had been following her. Even then, the only way she realized it was when the stalker saved her from a nasty fall down a cliff. It was a girl, younger than herself, with brown hair and light green eyes. Her hair was tied back and parted on the side, so her hair covered her right eye. She wore earthy colors, that seemed to comoflague her. Her lightly tanned skin also hid her well. She grumbled slightly about having to save Kagome, obviously not happy about her cover being blown. "Maybe I should have let you fall, Ka-go-may." the girl said, getting annoyed that Kagome had screamed about getting her name right. "So, uh, whats your name?" Kagome asked. Sure, she was slightly annoyed, but this girl saved her. "Naga Imushu. And you are Kagome Higurashi." Naga said, startling Kagome. "You-you know about...my dream?" Kagome asked. "Dream? Didn't it feel to real to be a dream? Some of these fools may have forgotten about our strange past, but I haven't forgotten. There are many stories about a girl who was so powerful she possesed another who had just died. You are Kagome Higurashi. You died the night that you discovered your family dead. It had been a blizzard, and you froze to death. Thousands of years later a girl was born. And your soul possesed her the moment she died from the attack from the fire nation. The body fed off of your spiritual power, enabling it to heal itself and allowing you to live again. At least, that's what I hear." Naga said. "You seem well informed. Tell me all you know about the past years that I was dead." Kagome said. Naga shrugged. "There isn't a whole much to tell. After a couple hundred years, humans discovered scrolls that held ancient ninja techniques, and thus began our downfall. We created ninja, and we grew strong. We lost guns and nukes, but we gained something more deadly. Jutsu. Ninja split into different nations, the main ones being elemental nations. The fire nation, The earth Nation, the Water nation, the wind nation, and the shadow nation. Shadow was wiped out only 500 years ago, and thus began the Bending Nations. We fail to acknowledge our ninja heritage anymore. Thus we lost all powers of Jutsu, besides our elemental jutsu. Then the nations began to feud. Thus we gave birth to Avatars. A sacred one who could control all of the elements that still were used. They only come in the greatest time of need though. Fire nation grew strong, and began to try and take over all other nations. So, now we have a new Avatar, to help us through these warring times. Satisfied?" Naga ended her speech by opening her eyes and cocking an eyebrow. Kagome nodded as she tried to take it all in. Naga had just summed up about three thousand years worth of struggles. "Does...the..." Kagome started. "Well exsist still? Yeah, it should. But it's somewhere in the fire nation. You up for travelling?" Naga asked. "I'm up for anything!" Kagome said determinedly.

When Kagome said she was up for anything, she didn't think that she'd have to travel non-stop at an unbelivable speed, through all kinds of crazy places. And Naga was getting imapatient with how slow Kagome was moving. "Do you need me to pick you up or something?" she asked, watching Kagome warily as she struggled to breathe and keep up. "No. I'm fine." Kagome insisted. Naga sighed as she watched Kagome stumble slightly. This had seemed to become routine for the past three days. Frankly, Naga was surprised Kagome had made it that far. "Look Kagome, I'm impressed with you. But you need a break." Naga said, and hoisted Kagome on to her shoulder. Kagome gave up and rested while the nin girl ran as fast as she could, which was pretty damn fast. Before Kagome knew it, she was asleep.

"Kagome, we have a problem." She awoke to Naga's soft and urgent whispering. Kagome saw that it was nighttime, and they were in a small forrest. And there were three voices. "Where the heck are we?" one of the voices asked, loudly. Another silenced him quickly, saying "Shut up before you attract attention. We need to get a feel for our surroundings." it was a males voice, distinct and slightly annoyed. "Yeah, we need to watch out. There might be something out there." a girls voice said. "Something? Is that an insult!" In Kagome's dazed mind, she felt that she had done the right thing. In Naga's mind...well, she was going to kick Kagome's ass if they made it out of this one.