Deidara is a woman in this fanfic!

A/n: Ok important note! In this story Sakura was found by Sasori and Diedara when she was just a baby and I know I know that Diedara is really a boy, but…in this fiction he will be a she just to make things go smoother ok so Diedara is a girl and the only girl in the Akatsuki, I mean he does look like one so it will be ok! Alright now that that is over on with the story! R&R please!

"Deidara!" Sasori called, he lost her in the forest he sighed 'stupid woman' Sasori thought, then he heard something, 'crying?' he thought and followed the sound, he saw a bundle on the ground he picked it up and looked in it, a small baby with brilliant green eyes and some pink hair was crying, "you were abandoned?" he asked knowing it wouldn't answer.

The girl stopped crying and smiled when it saw the man, it made him smile, why he smiled he didn't know, "what you got there?" a voice came from behind him, Diedara appeared through the trees, she walked up to him both wearing their Akatsuki robes, "AWW! A baby!" Deidara had hearts in her eyes.

"AWW Sasori can we please take it back to the manor," Deidara begged holding the little girl and smiling at her, "why?" he asked, "we can't just leave her out her she was abandoned, please we could be it's mommy and daddy" Deidara begged her lover, Sasori as usual stayed emotionless.

"Ok, but don't you…you know have to name it" Sasori said to her, Deidara glared at him, "she will be called Sakura because of her hair" Deidara smiled at Sakura who reached her hand up to try and get Deidara, Deidara cuddled with the little thing, Sasori sighed he actually thought she was kind of cute but he wouldn't let Deidara know that she would only pick at him cause he was as she said it 'sensitive'.

Sasori and Deidara headed in the way to the Akatsuki manor which was located in this forest near the edge of the desert near the village of Suna, they ran and finally made it back "look little Sakura" Deidara pointed "it is your new home and you can meet ootoji Kisame and ootoji Itachi and ever Zetsu" Deidara hugged the child, 'Deidara sure looks cute all motherly with that child' Sasori thought.

"Look Sakura I think daddy is thinking about mommy" Deidara said smiling noticing he was staring at her, Sasori looked away to hide his blush, the two continued inside as they shut the doors Kisame came up to them shouting "A BABY!" he looked at it, "I want to be the father" he pleaded, "ne, Kisame-san Sasori-kun is going to be Sakura's father, but you can be her ootoji (uncle)" Deidara smiled.

"Yea!" he cheered it kind of creped them out, "where did you find her?" he asked, "she was lying on the forest floor" Sasori said and then he began to walk to his room for some rest, "ne, wait Sasori!" Deidara called running after him, "she can have my room" Deidara said placing Sakura on the bed.

"Then where will you sleep?" Sasori asked yet again not enthusiastically, she looked at him with puppy dog eyes, "no" he said turning away "please" she asked clinging to his cloak sleeve, "I've slept there before" she smiled and Sasori went red, "fine" he huffed.

"Oh Sasori-kun I need you to do one more thing" she smiled at him, "what do you want me to do?" he asked lazily, "can you please run to Konoha and get Sakura some more cloths" Deidara begged, "why do I have to go shopping for her" he whined "because Sasori-kun she is your daughter now and your already warming up to her"

"Am not" Sasori stated, "ah but you are Sasori-kun you called her, her and before you called her it" Deidara laughed, 'damn it caught' Sasori cursed, Deidara smiled
"please" she asked again, Sasori sighed "fine" he said walking out and heading for the door, "look Sakura" Deidara smiled "daddy is going shopping for you!"

Sasori stormed to the front door, "Sasori where are you going?" Itachi asked from his place on the couch, Sasori turned to see the Uchiha, Sasori being smart found the one thing to deflect the Sharingan, so he could now look Itachi right in the eye, "I'm going shopping" Sasori stated, "CAN I COME!" Kisame said out of no where.

"No" Sasori said, "It is for Sakura" he told Kisame, "who's Sakura?" Itachi asked, Sasori turned back to Itachi "she is my daughter" Sasori said yet again not enthusiastically, "since when have you had a daughter?" he stood, "since Deidara and I found her in the forest abandoned and Deidara wanted to keep it as her own" Sasori said now deciding to end this conversation.

"And Itachi" Sasori said not even turning around, "stay away from Deidara while I'm gone" Sasori then opened the door and took off in the direction of Konoha, Itachi glared at the spot he had been, "damn Sasori god he thinks he is soooo awesome" Itachi pouted on the couch.

"He doesn't have the right to say that to me" Itachi crossed his arms, "well Itachi-sama you do try to get Deidara to come to bed with you" Kisame said, Itachi turned his glare to Kisame, "bye" he said quickly and ran to his room, Itachi got up and headed for Deidara's room to see this Sakura.

Itachi stood at the door, it was opened and he looked inside to see Deidara playing with a little girl with pink hair, he walked in "so is this the Sakura I heard about" he asked sitting right next to Deidara, she scooted away from him a little "yes Itachi-sama" she replied.

Itachi took Deidara's hand, "why do you choose Sasori over me, love" Itachi asked, "OW!" Itachi yelled, "You bit me" Itachi looked at her, Deidara held her hand up and it was sticking its tongue out at him, "my hand bit you Itachi-sama, now will you please get out of my room" Deidara glared at him.

Sasori ran through the forest, 'why am I doing this again?' Sasori thought to himself, 'because Deidara asked me too or is it because I actually like that little girl, I did call her my daughter' Sasori sighed 'I guess I do have fatherly feeling for the child' Sasori stopped and took out his Akatsuki hat and put it on before approaching the gates.

Sasori made it to the gates, "what business do you have in Konoha and who are you?" a guard demanded, "I am Sasori of the red Sand also part of the Akatsuki" Sasori smiled seeing their fear, "my business is I'm shopping for my daughter" and with that Sasori moved his hands and there heads were soon on the ground.

Sasori hide Hiruko away once again and proceeded in the village, he looked around and tried to find the market place, he walked up to a woman and asked her "excuse me where is the Konoha market place?" she smiled at him in a sensual manner 'god I just want to know where the market is' Sasori angrily thought.

"Why don't I show you and I can help you find what your looking for" she winked, he grabbed her by the neck, "how about you just tell me and then I can leave and you won't be in my sight anymore" he growled and released her, "o-over there" she pointed and he headed in that direction, he finally reached the stores and it was crowded, 'greeeeeeeeat' he sighed and looked for a certain store "can I help you find something" a woman caring a blonde baby who was blonde herself and had blue eyes.

He stared at her, "you look lost" she smiled at him, he sighed "I'm trying to shop for my daughter" he told her, she smiled "let me help you" she laughed "men are never really good at shopping for their daughters, where is your wife?" she asked, "at the manor" she nodded.

"Well what does your daughter look like" she pulled Sasori into a store that looked like what he was looking for, "she has pastel pink hair and emerald green eyes" he said the woman helped him pick out tons of cloths, Sasori paid for them and they walked out "what is you family name?" he asked her, "Yamanaka" the woman smiled.

He nodded and headed back out of the village, 'they shall not die when we get the nine-tails' Sasori told himself and raced back to the manor, upon reaching the door he slowed down and walked in, "that's a lot of stuff" Kisame said, Sasori nodded and headed to Diedara's room.

He walked in and placed the bags on the ground, Deidara handed Sakura to him she blinked and looked at him, they were just starring at each other until Sakura smiled at him and tried to hug him, Sasori brought her closer and let the small child hug him, Sasori smiled and actually hugged her back.

"Is Sasori-kun going soft?" Deidara smiled, Sasori glared at her and then he looked back at Sakura and smiled again, "maybe a little bit" Deidara smiled at him and look and sorted through the cloths, "Sasori these are adorable how did you find them?" she asked, he stared at her "I had help from a woman named Yamanaka"

Deidara nodded and emptied all her cloths from the dresser and put in Sakura's cloths "did you kill anyone?" she asked not looking up from her work, "yes two unfortunate guards" Sasori sighed bouncing Sakura on his knee and she was happily enjoying it.

Deidara piled all her cloths into a basket and headed towards his room, he assumed she was putting her cloths away in his room, Sasori sighed and looked at Sakura "hello my little Sakura" he smiled, "I will only smile for you my cherry blossom" Sakura smiled and laughed and hugged her new daddy.

Deidara came back in, "all finished" she smiled, "that was only 10 minutes" Sasori said, she smiled "I can multi-task" she laughed, "how is my little Sakura" Deidara took her from Sasori, she laughed and hugged her mommy "that's right little Sakura" Deidara cuddled with her.

"Oh Sasori-kun," Sasori looked up at her, "I had a little visit from Itachi-sama today" Sasori growled 'damn Itachi think he is can do what ever he fucking wants too' "what did you do?" he asked her, "I bit him" she smiled at him and went and kissed him "don't worry Sasori-kun the puppet always is loyal to its master" she smiled again.

They walked out and Deidara headed for the kitchen and Sasori went to the training grounds, "Oi, Sasori-san" Zetsu popped out of the ground, Sasori would never tell him that that freaked the hell out of him, "ne, Sasori what's wrong?" Zetsu asked, Sasori glared at the wall "Itachi" he stated, Zetsu fully emerged from the ground.

"Try to get Deidara into bed again or hit on her?" he asked Sasori nodded, "you want to spar?" he asked, Sasori brought out Hiruko and closed his eyes and brought his hands up, Zetsu moved to avoid the puppets attacks, Sasori moved his fingers searching for his target, "ne, Sasori if you close your eyes you will picture me as Itachi and might kill me!" Zetsu yelled, Sasori sighed and opened his eyes.

Deidara sat Sakura on the counter, "what do you want Sakura?" Deidara smiled, holding out two boxes, Sakura blinked and began to grab the box of cookies "good choice sweat heart!" Deidara cheered putting the other box up, Kisame walked in "AWW! IT'S SAKURA" Kisame ran and poked her cheek.

"Stop it Kisame" Deidara slapped his hand "you will scare her" Deidara said picking Sakura up, "please I want to hold her" he begged, Deidara sighed "ok" she smiled and handed Sakura to Kisame "be careful" Deidara ordered, then the ground rumbled "what was that?" Kisame asked, Deidara and Kisame ran out to the training grounds to find Zetsu beaten the crap out of and Sasori walking towards them with his eyes closed.

He walked up to Kisame and plucked Sakura out of his hands and headed for the door, when "daddy" was heard from Sakura, Sasori looked down to she her hugging him, "she said daddy!" Deidara jumped around "hey wait" she stopped "what about me!" she pouted, Kisame had anime tears running down his face "I only got to hold her for like a minute"

Sasori walked down the hallway with Deidara following, Sakura peaked over Deidara's shoulder "mommy" she smiled and tried to reach her, Deidara went and let Sakura have one of her fingers to play with, "she is so cute" Deidara smiled.

They reached their room and walked in, Deidara quickly changed and grabbed Sakura and jumped on Sasori's oh so soft bed, "doesn't she sleep in her room?" Sasori asked removing his Akatsuki coat, "not for a while" she said slipping under the covers, Sasori moved Hiruko to his spot and crawled into his bed Deidara was already asleep her hair sprawled all over her pillow.

Sasori sighed and looked at Sakura, who was between the two, "good night puchi hana (small flower)" Sasori said laying down and turning the lights of with a chakra string, he looked at Sakura as she closed her eyes and fell asleep between her new parents, Sasori fell asleep with a smile on his face.