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Sakura and Deidara walked into the house "are Gaara and Sasori here?" Deidara asked Ino, "no they left awhile ago, said they had to do something, I think it was train or I don't know" Ino shrugged, Sakura nodded "hey mom can they come to dinner with us too?" Sakura asked, "Well I don't see why not?" she smiled and hugged her daughter; "hey would you all like to come to dinner with us tonight?"

"Sounds like fun" Temari smiled, "I'm in" Ino and Hinata said, "Neji and I will go" Tenten smiled, "oh yea us too" Kiba said and Akamaru barked, "ok looks like were all going ok it will be formal ok" Sakura smiled, "hey how about all the girls go up to Gaara's room and well all get ready in their, like a party!" Deidara smiled, Sakura smiled at her mom "that sounds awesome!" the girls squealed and ran up to get the make up and dresses and such.

"Oh one of you boys please go find Sasori and Gaara and tell them about dinner and tell Sasori, Deidara says I swear if he wears his Akatsuki coat I will feed him to my owl!" Deidara twitched, "breathe mom" Sakura laughed, "I'll go" Kiba volunteered "thank you" both Sakura and Deidara smiled and went upstairs with their bags.

All the girls were locked away in Gaara's room, "ok so let me get this straight" Deidara said thinking "ok you Temari going with that pointy pony tail Shikamaru, Tenten is going with that white eyed guy, this white eyed girl here Hinata is going with Naruto, the Kyuubi container, and Ino is going with the dog boy?" they all nodded "ok, well then young ones we must make ourselves irresistible, because I have decided we are going to a restaurant where we can dance as well" she threw her hands in the air.

"What is that?" Temari asked pointed at Deidara's hand, Deidara looked at it "oh it's my other mouth it helps me with me jutsu's it makes the clay I use for my explosions," she smiled and it smiled at them too, "it's so cool" Tenten took a closer look, "so umm Mrs.…-call me Deidara- ok Deidara are you married to Sasori?" Ino asked, Deidara blinked "no" they went wide eyed "the leader wouldn't let us" she said "are you going to get married?" Hinata questioned.

"Well I guess I mean I never really thought about it, it was not really allowed me and Sasori but when Itachi started bring hoes and fucking them all night the leader eased up on us" all but Sakura were shocked "you mean you slept with him for 19 years and you weren't planning on getting married, you even had a child" they all said "well we weren't allowed to marry and beside you can't just leave the Akatsuki but this is different Sakura is stronger then most all the Akatsuki" Deidara said.

"Also Sasori and I would never harm her so they cant send us after her and Kisame and Zetsu would kill them selves before they hurt her, the only one who would be willing to kill her would be Itachi put he has a curse and cannot touch her, it was placed on him, after an incident" she looked at Sakura who cringed at the memory, "but as soon as Zetsu and Kisame find out they will be leaving as well, most likely" Deidara smiled "now enough of that" all the girls stared at her, "what was your relationship first like?" they asked.

Deidara laughed, "why are you all so interested in my love life?" she laughed, "I don't know" they all laughed "ok well here I'll tell you about the first day I arrived at the Akatsuki" Deidara giggled,


'Where the hell are we going' Deidara thought, 'we have been traveling for days this soooo better be worth it' my eye began to twitch, "we are almost there" my escort said, finally we came to a small clearing with a big manor, "is this it?" I asked, "Yes and just to warn you, you will be the only woman living here, you are the very first female Akatsuki member" he told her "ooo, what do I win?" she sad sarcastically.

They walked up to the big doors and entered the large manor, there stood a man with four other men behind him, "you must be Deidara" the assumed leader said, she put on a fake smile "hello" he eyed her, she rolled her eyes 'at least he wont be living here' she great fully thought, "this is Uchiha Itachi," he gestured and a man with long black hair and red eyes bowed and winked at her, Deidara almost threw up in her mouth.

"Here is Hoshigaki Kisame," he pointed to a blue shark looking man, he gave her a friendly smile and bowed 'I'm dubbing him on my ok list' she thought happily, "then we have Sasori of Red Sand" a man with reddish brownish hair looked at her briefly, Deidara could have sworn her eyes turned to hearts at that moment, "and then Zetsu" but Deidara's eyes never left Sasori, "Sasori why don't you show Deidara to her room" the leader said, Sasori glared but then looked back to Deidara "come on" he sighed, she followed him "so Sasori" she tried to start a conversation.

"What is your specialty?" she asked, "I am a puppeteer, I control puppets" he said not bothering to face her, "wow that amazing so your from the wind country" she dug "yes you are correct" he said, he sighed 'I should probably be nice' "what do you do?" he asked, Deidara brightened up "well see my hand right here helps form the clay into figures that are basically like bombs and have explosions, I can make things as small as insects to as big as elephants, I like to think of it as art" she smiled at him.

He nodded "very interesting" he said as he stopped in front of a door "here is your room, my room is that door at the end of the hall, Kisame is across from you, Zetsu is beside you and Itachi is down the corner past my room" he finished and headed towards his room "Sasori-kun t-don't call me Sasori-kun" he interrupted her, Deidara sighed "man what a mean hottie" she smiled and went in her room, Sasori heard her comment and rolled his eyes 'great' he inwardly groaned.

It was around 11:00 pm and Sasori decided to get something to eat, he was working on his puppet all day, he walked into the kitchen and grabbed what ever he could find, which just happened to be an apple, he walked out and heard the TV on, he walked into the TV room but didn't see anyone, he walked to the couch and looked for the remote, but what he saw made him blush madly.

There asleep on the couch was Deidara, she wore short, short black shorts that hugged her hips and were low and a black small spaghetti strap shirt that revealed her mid-drift, her hair was sprawled, out of its earlier do, Sasori gulped as she turned lying on her back he saw her large breasts, he contemplated on what to do, if he left her out here Itachi would do something to her, but what if she woke up when he was carrying her.

He finally decided he would rather her wake up to him carrying her, then being fucked by Itachi, he carefully picked her up bridal style, but what he didn't know Deidara had been awakened by his presence beside her, he carried her down the hallway to her room, he opened the door and slide her under her covers, he turned to leave when "thank you Sasori" Deidara smiled at him, he continued out of her room and shut the door.

End flashback…

"And it pretty much continued with me bothering him to insanity until one day on a mission I found out he had grown feeling for his annoying fan girl" Deidara smiled,

Another flashback…

Deidara saw Sasori killing all the men surrounding her, I knew I couldn't fight anymore, then Sasori came up to her "Deidara" he said with concern in his eyes, she felt a kunai imbed in her back, pain surged through her body "Deidara!" he held her, "don't worry Sasori, now I won't bother you anymore" she smiled, he pulled the kunai out of her back, "Sasori…I love you…please live on" she said, before she 'died' she heard him "no Deidara please stay with me" he held her close before all was lost.

Deidara woke up in her room all bandaged up, she looked around and saw Sasori asleep standing leaning on the wall, Deidara let a light laugh, Sasori shot awake and looked at her, she smiled "you're awake" he said, she nodded "I guess I'll leave" he said heading for the door, but he stopped "also I'm sorry for what I said before the mission" and he continued walking.

"Sasori wait" Deidara said so he could hear her, "I did mean what I said and I hope what you said doesn't change" she said looking at him, he turned around to face her "when I thought I lost you my world came crashing down, I didn't realize what I had until you were gone, it ate away my insides and as each day passed while they worked, it hurt more, but then they said all you needed was sleep" he finished, Deidara had tears running down her face.

"I even watched you that might at the stream when you sang and when Itachi went near you it angered me I want you for myself and only me" he told her, Deidara smiled, Sasori walked up to her and kissed her hard on the lips, they heard something at the door and broke and saw Itachi standing their glaring at the two, he walked on and Sasori looked back at Deidara "I love you Deidara" he said kissing her again.

"Awwwwww" all the girls squealed, "that is so sweet" Temari giggled, "I wish a guy would say that to me" Tenten sighed, "Neji is such a butt and to 'that's to degrading to tell you I care for you'" they all laughed "well we better get ready" Hinata said noticing the time, they all changed and got their make up ready, laughing at funny stories and such.

Soon they all came downstairs to see all the guys ready, Neji took Tenten by the arm he wore a cream colored kimono, while Tenten wore a kimono with different purples, Hitata wore a simple green one and Naruto wore an orange kimono with a white sash, Ino's was blue and Kiba wore a grey kimono, Deidara wore a black kimono with silver imbedding "I swear Sakura if your dad is wearing his Akatsuki coat I might just…" she trailed off mouth open looking at Sasori walk out with Gaara.

Sasori wore a black kimono like hers only it had red imbedding, Sakura nudged her mom forward as she went up to Gaara, "you look beautiful" Gaara said kissing her gently on the lips, he looked at the pink kimono with the darker pink cherry blossoms, "and Sakura your mine I don't even want to let you go out and share your beauty with anyone else" he said, Sakura smiled and grasped his hand.

They all walked to the restaurant they were having dinner at, "so how did you do with my father, I mean you're alive but how did it go?" she asked her precious Kazekage, "it went very well actually," he smiled at his flower, "well were going to have fun tonight" Sakura kissed him on the cheek, they walked into the restaurant and were seated.

Eating had gone fairly well except Naruto was now on his 42nd bowl of ramen, some music started playing and Neji stood "Tenten would you like to dance?" he asked Tenten turned red and took his offered hand, soon Ino and Kiba were out there followed by Temari and Shikamaru, Gaara looked out of the side of his eye to se Sakura sigh, he swallowed his pride "Sakura do you want to dance?" she looked at him and smiled.

They got up and headed for the floor and moved to the slow music, Sakura rest her head on his firm chest "Gaara I love you" Sakura smiled, he held her closer, Deidara leaned back in her chair, "Sasori why won't you dance?" she asked, "shh Deidara and look" he smiled and pointed over to Gaara and Sakura, "Sakura" Gaara said, "what is it?" she followed his steps.

"I want to ask you…if you will…be my wife?" he asked pulling out a small box, Sakura's eyes widened he opened it to reveal a diamond ring "Gaara…" Sakura was breathless "of course I've dreamed of this moment almost all my life" she smiled tears falling from her eyes, he slid it on her finger and he kissed her tenderly on the lips.

"Aww Sasori he just asked her to marry him," Deidara smiled, "I know I was there helping him pick the ring, also one more thing" he said covering her eyes, "we don't have to have a ceremony but I want it official" he said sliding something on her finger, he removed his hand and she saw a ring with a diamond on it with birds engrave in the metal, "aww Sasori" Deidara jumped on him and kissed him.

Sakura and Gaara were dancing with big smiles on their faces, "oh Gaara" Sakura said looking up at him, "there is one matter we must take care of though" she smiled, "and what might that be?" he asked "my parents need a house to live in Suna" he laughed "I will make it happen" he kissed her once again.


Later on Sasori, Deidara, and Sakura officially left the Akatsuki, along with Kisame and Zetsu who both went their own ways, unfortunately for Itachi Gaara killed the Akatsuki leader and Sasori was able to go on his long deserved killing rage, Itachi ended up dead and thrown in Konoha, apparently someone their wanted him dead said Naruto.

Sakura and Gaara got married and had the biggest wedding ever recorded in history, it was his way of showing the world that she was his, Sasori and Deidara were also lucky to get three grand children in the following years and Sasori happily guarded them over protectively as he did Sakura, Gaara was Kazekage until he had to retire and his eldest son took over, capable of controlling sand as well as all of the jutsu's his mother learned and ended up marring Naruto and Hinata's daughter.



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