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What Hurts the Most

He surveyed the scene, gob-smacked. There he was, his longtime boyfriend, since even before Hogwarts, in their bed with another man.

Harry James Potter, destroyer of the evil Lord Voldemort, made no effort whatsoever to conceal his movements as he tore from the room, slamming the bedroom door behind him.

Frantically wiping at tears that streamed down his face, the Boy Who Lived charged blindly to the fireplace and shoved his hand into the pot of floo powder on the mantle.

"Harry!" So the lowlife decides to make an entrance, Harry thought, pausing. Turning around, he was greeted by the divine vision of Draco Malfoy, buck naked save for the sheet draped around his hips.

Red-faced and gasping for breath, he called, "Harry, wait! Let me explain," but became quiet as a maniacal grin appeared on his lover's face.

"Bye bye, Drakie-poo." With a childish wave, Harry Potter stepped into the fireplace, threw down his floo powder and disappeared from the flat leaving a weeping Draco Malfoy.

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