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The Sage and the Sightless

Harry Potter glanced down at the silver chains shackling his wrists, rubbing at the steel cold enough to burn. He pulled at them vainly, sighing and staring down dejectedly into his lap.

Six weeks. Six whole weeks he had been the prisoner of a mad psychopath and his Death Eaters and they had not, as of yet, killed him. As amazing as that in itself was, they did starve and torture him making him wish for death. He wanted anything, anything to relieve the pain. Even if it was death.

Though Voldemort has spent a good percentage of the last seventeen years hunting one Boy Who Lived, he had decided that he wouldn't kill Harry Potter. Instead, he opted for something better. Slower methods that were merciless. Food was too good for Harry Potter. Sleep was too good for Harry Potter.

It seemed, that death was even good to Harry Potter.

That wasn't what he thought, however. No. Harry Potter would be free, whether Moldy Voldie wanted him or not. Indeed, as soon as Harry Potter regained his freedom, he would be his.

Simply because Malfoys always got what they wanted…

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