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Summary: Yami and Yugi want Kaiba. But how would one go about it? By getting jobs at KaibaLand, of course! Too bad Kaiba doesn't have a clue. YYxYxK

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They didn't even bother to fill out separate applications.

Seto Kaiba sat at his desk on the top floor of KaibaCorp, looking at a job application for a teaching position at Domino City's KaibaLand. There was to be a dueling school starting there in a few weeks, and the CEO needed workers as he had neither the time or the patience to teach children himself. Usually he wouldn't even have bothered with the résumé, and just thrown it at some lesser employee or something, but this had caught his attention.

And not in the good way, either.

Yami Atemu, as everyone had come to know him since he became solid, was quite the hot-shot. He didn't duel in tournaments as much anymore, and must have decided that he wanted a job. Why he wanted a job, Seto didn't know, as he had enough tournament winnings from the few that he did participate in to last him a lifetime, but there must have been some reason or another.

Something that Seto didn't even want to think about.

And then there was Yugi. He was, Seto had to admit, also a good duelist, about at the same level as his counterpart. It seemed that he also wanted a job, working the same position and hours as the other.

Once again, Seto didn't even want to think about it.

What was perhaps the worst of all, though, was that they filled out the same application on the same paper. The address was the same, phone number, references, everything. Both of their names were written in the appropriate spot at the top.

And Seto didn't know what to do about it; it was vexing him, that these two midgets would have the nerve to attempt something as foolish and childish as this. Did they think that this was some sort of game or something?

But of course, it was always a game. And the point of this game was to see if Seto Kaiba, duelist extraordinaire, would throw away their application just because they decided to act like idiots.

Seto did not want complete fools working anywhere affiliated with his company. Then again, there were a myriad of incompetent people a mere floor below him. Touché.

And Yami and Yugi did qualify for the job's needs. They knew the game of duel monsters inside and out, and were kind enough to deal with children without making them cry or running home screaming to their mothers. They had patience, most of the time, when something did not turn out exactly right at first, and they had enough power to stop a revolt from forming.

One had to be careful of revolutions, after all.

Yet something seemed so odd about it. There was something poking Seto in the back of his head, telling him that something suspicious was playing out right under his nose. He just didn't understand it.

Yami and Yugi had probably just put in a single application because they always did things together; that was how they worked, as they were part of one soul. One person, if you will.

So what was the problem?

Seto huffed, fed up with the way that he was obsessing over this. Yami and Yugi were fine for the job, and they knew Seto enough to not want to piss him off. He needed a couple of people in the classroom at once anyways, and hiring them together would void the need for an initiation.

Picking up his phone, he dialed his secretary. The two boys didn't need to know that Seto had hand-picked them for this. They had enough pride as it was.

"Yami," Yugi said, walking into the living room with a single bowl of ice cream; chocolate, naturally, "You'll never guess who just called."

Yami smiled, his lips curving naturally as his cheekbones rose, "KaibaCorp?" At Yugi's nod his grin widened, "And did we get hired?"

"Yeah!" Yugi exclaimed, sitting next to his dark half and ignoring the spoon to dip his finger in the dessert, "Can you believe it?"

Yami bent his head and licked the ice cream off of Yugi's fingers before they made it to his mouth, "It doesn't really matter if I believe it or not," He smiled, licking Yugi's finger again even though there was nothing left. "What matters is that we're in."

Yugi smiled, returning to the bowl to feed his Yami again. His expression suddenly turned thoughtful, even though his little grin never slid off of his features, "Do you think that he'll ever figure out what we're trying to pull off?"

Yami shrugged, "I don't know. For all of Kaiba's smarts he seems to miss the point quite often." He blinked, smirking as Yugi slid his chocolate covered digit into Yami's mouth, "And even if he doesn't, I'm sure that it'll be fun, right?"

Yugi laughed, sliding his finger out of Yami's mouth to replace it with his own, "Yes, I think that it will be."

Day one of KaibaLand's new Dueling school had officially commenced. Yami and Yugi were glad to see that the students were mostly teenagers that were really serious about dueling, though there were a few pre-teens that had attitude problems. Yugi promptly took them to the other side of the room and taught them a few rules of etiquette before Yami really got angry.

They both wondered if those few kids would come back the next day.

Mokuba was in the class, too. When Yami saw this he looked at Yugi pointedly, a fire burning in his eyes that Yugi only saw when the doors were closed…or at least when the shades were down. The ex-Pharaoh had a plan in mind, and Yugi was almost excited to see it.

"So, Mokuba," Yami said casually during break; the younger Kaiba had stayed behind to catch up with his brother's rivals, "How old are you now?"

"Thirteen," Mokuba answered, "But I'll be fourteen in a few months."

"Well, that's good," Yami answered, never losing that regal air. Yugi was across the room writing a new concept on the board. He wondered what Yami was planning. "How has your brother been? We only saw him for a quick minute this morning, but other than that we haven't heard anything about him since Battle City."

"Oh, he's good. Just tired, that's all." Mokuba responded, "Why? Did you want to speak with Nii-sama?"

"Actually, I did," Yami said, "Mokuba could you do me a favor and ask your brother to come down here a half-hour after classes end?"

"Could I ask why?" Mokuba asked, cocking his head.

Yugi felt himself flushing as Yami smiled again, that fire burning brighter than ever. He hoped that Yami wouldn't say anything to the smaller boy, as that would embarrass him. Yami just shrugged a little, though, and answered with, "Aibou and I just have to discuss something with him, that's all."

"Is something wrong?" Mokuba's gray eyes were round in worry. He blinked a few times, "Because I can go get him now if-"

"No," Yami interrupted gently, "Nothing's wrong, just get him after classes. A half-hour, okay?"

"Okay…" Mokuba said, before moving onto another topic that Yugi couldn't hear. He was trying to hard not to laugh and dropped his chalk onto the floor as he had finally figured out what the other was planning.

That, and Yami told him with a few quick images through the mind-link. It was Kaiba's expression that did it, honest.

Kaiba walked down the hall towards the Dueling area around 3:45 that afternoon. Mokuba had found him near the coffee bar 15 minutes ago, and had informed him that Yami and Yugi needed to speak with him. Kaiba had only huffed, wondering what had gone wrong already. It was only the first day!

This had better be good, Seto thought as the appropriate door came into sight. Even the almost-silent stomping of his black boots on the tiled floor seemed loud and annoying.

The CEO opened the door and walked in, not even looking to see where the two other were, "This had better be good, you-"


Seto stopped his sentence right there, subconsciously wondering why Yugi had said his counterpart's name. And more importantly, he wanted to know why he had said it like that.

His mouth dropped. Oh my God.

It was Yugi and Yami, on a few tables pushed together, kissing. And it wasn't a sweet peck on the lips, either. It was Yami straddling the smaller, ravishing his mouth while unevenly running slender fingers through his hair. It was Yugi holding Yami's face close to his, trying to make the space inbetween them nothing. It was two boys locked at the lips, grinding into each other, completely oblivious to everything that was going on around them.

Basically, it looked like Yami and Yugi about to have sex on a desk in KaibaLand. Children sat there, and people ate there. Therefore Seto was pissed.

Yet he didn't say anything. Why?

Because Seto, yes, Seto Kaiba of Kaiba Corporations, the largest gaming company in the world, was tongue-tied. He had always known that there was something a little different about Yugi and Yami's relationship, especially since the spirit became solid, but…he didn't know that it was like that.

So the CEO just stared. He didn't know what to say, and if he did then he didn't think that he would, either. Somehow, Seto was enraptured by this; he couldn't turn away. It was so odd and wrong that the two of them to engage in an activity like that in somewhere public, yet they did it anyway. It was…such a turn on.

I cannot believe that I just thought that.

Yet it was true.

And Seto should have been screaming his head off and firing their asses, but he wasn't. He couldn't. So he watched. He watched for a full five minutes. Just watching. Just watching how Yami and Yugi pulled away from each other for a few seconds to catch their breath before starting again, just as passionate as before. Just watching as the elder let Yugi dominate the kiss for a little while, just to make it fair. Just watching as he took control again.

Just watching.

"Nii-sama!" Mokuba said loudly, walking down the hallway, "Nii-sama, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Seto said shortly, closing the door behind him as the smaller approached. He didn't want Yami and Yugi to know that he was watching.

"What did Yami and Yugi want?" The younger Kaiba said earnestly, "Is something wrong?"

Seto, oblivious as always, completely missed the point of Yami and Yugi's little…stint. Plus, he still had that completely arousing image stuck in his mind; he wondered if his face was red, which would have just been embarrassing, "They weren't there." He said, "I waited, but they never showed up, so I'm going to assume that nothing is wrong."

"Well, okay." Mokuba replied, "I'll just ask them tomorrow."

Tomorrow, Seto thought. Was there going to be a tomorrow, or was the CEO going to end this before it got any worse?

Or any more heated?

Once again, Seto wondered if his face was red.

"You do that," He said before walking out of the hall, Mokuba by his side.

Yami collapsed on top of Yugi as he heard the door close behind them, straightening out his legs so that they were laying body-to-body. There was not an inch of space between them. Sweat was beading his skin; it was hot in the room, and a smile graced his face, "Do you think it worked?"

Yugi twirled a lock of Yami's blond hair inbetween his fingers, "I don't know," He said, "It might take a little longer for him to get the hint."

The spirit kissed Yugi's forehead, "Do you think that we're going to get fired?" He seriously looked concerned, not wanting to lose his first job after a single day.

Still though, this was fun.

Yugi shook his head, "No, I don't." Yami creased his eyebrows, so Yugi continued, "Think about it; Kaiba's the kind of person that would solve a problem immediately. He doesn't wait, and because he sat there and watched us for ten minutes without leaving," The light smiled a little at that, "He liked it, and won't get rid of us. Not until he has to."

"Do you think we have a chance?" Yami raised a pierced eyebrow, smirking again.

"Definitely." There was a twinkle in Yugi's eyes, "I was actually waiting for him to leave."

"And why is that?" Yami asked, blinking slowly because he knew full well that Yugi liked it.

"Because," The smaller pushed his hips into Yami's own, and the dark stopped blinking and breathing at the same time. His cheeks flushed red, "I want to go home. As it is I don't think that Kaiba's going to keep these tables." He leant up and kissed Yami on the lips softly. His voice was a dramatic whisper, "They won't be here tomorrow."

"Then we'll have to use another." Yami's voice was just as soft. He pressed down into Yugi one more time, and wrapped his arms around him, pinning him there. He felt Yugi's breath get caught in his throat, "Come on, let's go home."

To Be Continued

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