Yami and Yugi didn't wake up the next afternoon until the sun was clear over the Game Shop and shining into the overhead windows; even then, both halves of the single soul just curled up a little into each other's bodies and fell still once more. They were both alone in the house the previous night, and in all honesty decided to take advantage of that fact to the fullest. They'd have to clean up the kitchen and the bathroom and the living room and the entryway before Grandpa came home on Monday.

They could do it. Maybe.

Probably not, though, especially if their supposed plan came to fruition within the next 24 hours. That was the desired outcome, however, so all was well.

Yami was the first to open his exotic eyes. He yawned largely, blinking dazedly, then hugged Yugi closer to him and breathed in his soft scent; it was made of sweat, passion, and above all the sweet fresh scent of a forest grove. Yami loved that scent. "Yugi," He whispered, burying his head into Yugi's soft tangled hair, "Aibou, I think that it's time to get up."

Yugi stretched a little as well, his yawn sounding like a moan as he struggled to wake himself up fully. He pushed his back into Yami's stomach; his voice was quiet and slightly raspy, "What time is it?"

"The sun is on its way over the top of the Shop." Yami said, scrunching his face slightly because of his slow thought-processes, "It's probably a little before two."

Yugi groaned again, pulling his pillow closer to him. "Shouldn't we get up soon? We do have to go to work."

"What time does class start?" Yugi muttered, finally opening his eyes. He was just so happy and content…he didn't want to move.

"We have to be there for six, love," Yami murmured. "We have plenty of time."

Yugi sighed, though he didn't seem too upset at all, "Then why do we have to get up?"

Yami's response was simple, "Grandpa's coming home tomorrow."

"So-" Yugi started, but then stopped abruptly. He really wasn't too sleepy anymore. If Yami bothered to look then he would have seen a pink color creeping up over Yugi's cheeks. Yami loved it when Yugi blushed, especially when the circumstances were correct as well. "Oh."

"Mm," Yami sighed contentedly, "Yeah."

The two of them had to admit: that last night was wonderfully satisfying and complete. They hadn't been able to be that free since Grandpa's last trip. It felt good.

Yet for some reason, both of the boys were under the impression that it could be even better. "Yami, do you think that Kaiba will react to us soon? I mean…well…" He was slightly flustered, if not a little more than that. Yugi was still modest despite all of the changes that Yami guided him through.

"Well…yesterday morning I wasn't too sure," Yami replied truthfully. "But you've given me an idea." The former Pharaoh's tone was smooth, confident, and playful.

Yugi was perplexed, "How did I give you an idea? Last night--"

"No," Yami interrupted good-naturedly, "It was when we were speaking to Kaiba yesterday afternoon. About the fireworks…?"

Yugi was silent for all of three seconds. Then his violet eyes widened, "Tonight?" He forced himself around so that he was facing Yami. His face was still slightly flushed which made the other smile. "We're going to do it tonight?"

"Sooner rather than later," Yami conceded. "Really, we both know that he's interested and it's obvious that he knows it as well. I think that it's time we make a move."

Yugi blinked, leaning forward as if Yami's next statement was the biggest secret in the world. Who knew, maybe it was. "What are we going to do?"

Yami wasn't giving, though; not entirely. He did give Yugi a kiss, but wasn't about to offer up anything else. That wouldn't be any fun, "You'll see," He said heavily once they pulled away, "I promise, you won't mind."

"What if I do?" Yugi pouted.

"You won't. And I promise that you won't feel left out." Yami smirked, his eyebrow piercing glinting slightly in the sunlight. "I'm going to offer something that Kaiba just can't refuse."

"No." Yugi said, though he smiled nonetheless, "You wouldn't!"

"Oh," Yami said, still smiling. "Oh, I would."

There were a few minutes of silence which consisted of Yami and Yugi just staring at each other. Wrapped up in the same sheet nothing was left to the imagination. Nothing was desired to be, either.

The previous night came back to both of the boys full fledge. It was so…arousing.

"What room do you want to clean up?" Yugi suddenly asked.

"What?" Yami asked just as quickly, surprised. "Why do we need to take separate rooms?

"Because," Yugi said breathlessly, "We can't be in the same one."

Yami smiled again. Of course they could. They just wouldn't be able to clean anything.

He said exactly that.

Seto's mind was flying as he walked down the hall to that familiar classroom; the fireworks were due to go off in ten minutes, but he didn't care. Mokuba was the one that was interested in those sorts of things. He would surely watch them.

Kaiba, however, was walking towards the source of all his confusion and thoughts that circulated through his thoughts for four full days.

Honestly, the CEO could not remember the last time he had walked down to the children's area so many times in a month, let alone just a couple of days. Yami and Yugi had captured his mind and just would not let go.

The worst part was that Seto couldn't tell if he minded or not. To tell the truth…he kind of liked all of the attention that he was getting. Even as a child, Kaiba tried to give all of his focus to Mokuba so that he'd grow up with some type of healthy background. Now all of his time went to KaibaCorp to keep it afloat.

Seto never really did exactly what he wanted to do. Maybe he didn't know how.

Maybe Yami and Yugi could teach him.

It went against everything that Seto had ever believed in. Since the beginning of High School the CEO really couldn't stand either of them, but rather respected them because of their dueling stature. Could it be that that respect was turning into something more?

It went against everything that Seto had ever believe in, but for some reason both his mind and his cold heart were telling him that it was time for a change. At least for a little while; maybe it could even last longer.

It couldn't hurt to try…could it?

"Y-yami," Yugi panted, struggling helplessly even though he didn't want any help at all, "Y-yami…" He couldn't say anything else, and couldn't do anything, either.

He was duct-taped, courtesy of the drawer in the corner of the room, to the white brick wall just a little ways from the door. The light was fully clothed, and the tape only covered his chest so that he couldn't walk away nor move his arms. Yami stood in front of him, running his firm-but-soft hands over the smaller's buttoned pants and fly. The former Pharaoh was so calm, but Yugi was quivering and moaning uncontrollably.


Yami only smiled deliciously. "Don't worry, Aibou. This is all going to end in only a few more minutes." He paused, though, reconsidering his last statement. "Actually, I regress. It's all going to begin."

Yugi shivered again.

Seto walked inside of Yami and Yugi's classroom. All but two lights were off, giving the whole area a mysterious and alluring appearance. It didn't seem like anyone was in the room at all.

Well, that was the impression that Seto got at first, all until he heard Yugi whimper and Yami chuckle appreciatively. Then, oddly aroused and interested, Seto walked into the room. He looked around for less than a second before his eyes drank in all that was happening.


Yami's denim-clad hips were thrusting strongly into Yugi's, his lips ravishing the smaller's face, neck and collar bone. Yugi was standing directly in front of him, his chest and arms bound together and to the concrete-brick wall; he was murmuring words of thanks, love and lust.

Seto couldn't believe that this was the same innocent Yugi and regal Yami that he had grown so used to. It was so obvious that they had both changed.

Maybe that meant that it was okay for Seto to change as well. He could at least shift…right?

At the CEO's exclamation, Yami stopped in his ministrations and stared straight at Kaiba. His eyes were gleaming with love and dripping with lust; the smile that his features gained at the sight of Seto only enhanced the look.

It was so sexy.

"I knew you'd come," He said softly, licking his lips softly before turning back to the still-shaking Yugi and whispering something in his ear. Yugi took a deep breath, a smile on his own mouth now. Seto wondered what Yami had said.

The thought left his mind, though, once the former Pharaoh stepped closer to the other. He looked up at Seto, his head tilted and his eyes rolled to take in his whole face. "Yami, what--"

"Yugi and I have been eyeing you lately, Kaiba," The spirit said simply. "And we decided to see what you'd do given the chance to watch us in high spirits. Both of were pleased with your reaction."

Seto knew it; they were putting on a show for the CEO and the CEO only. It should have made him mad.

But it didn't.

Seto only felt…gratitude. It felt so odd to be thankful for it, but no matter how much Kaiba tried to push it away he knew that he wouldn't be able to. This was a new emotion that was sinking into his chest, and he didn't know what to do about it.

Would he even try in the future to push the feeling down?

"What are you trying to do?" Seto asked softly. As much as a quick session with the two boys appealed to Kaiba, he knew that he would draw the line before they got to that point. Seto was not one to throw himself into something without commitment.

He wouldn't let someone use him. He wouldn't let someone embarrass him. He wouldn't care about someone with no intention of caring about him back.

Did he really even care about Yami and Yugi?

"We're trying to get to know you better, Seto Kaiba." Yami said.

Yes, he did. Yes, they were.

"I'm not here for some kind of quick fuck." Seto said stubbornly, "Not in the least. I'm here to try to figure out why you're doing this to me."

"We're doing this because we like you, Kaiba." Yami said just as heavily, "We've seen how hard you work and how lonely you are. Mokuba will not carry you through this life, because Mokuba has his own goals. As much as he loves the game of Duel Monsters, both Yugi and I can tell that that's all it is to him. A game. Not a lifestyle."

"Why are you doing this?" Seto just couldn't believe him. It was just too good to be true.

"I've already told you, Kaiba." Yami said; he actually looked a little annoyed at the CEO. Then again, when has he not been? "Now come here. Yugi and I have been together for quite a long time, even before we were physically separated. We're at just as much risk as you are. Haven't you realized that a break in a relationship between the three of us would ruin Aibou and I as well? We want to take this chance with you. For you."

"What do you want me to do?" Seto couldn't help but ask; he had a pretty good idea of the outcome of this, though. He was actually believing that he'd like it. Seto Kaiba didn't believe in things too often.

Yami grabbed Seto's tie and pulled the taller's face close to his own. "I want a kiss."

And he did.

Seto had never been kissed before; it was almost sad, but there it was. Yami's lips were soft and sure on his own, and just by the way he breathed when the other responded Kaiba knew that he was as experienced as they came.

He actually felt embarrassed at his naivety , but that was an emotion that the CEO could hide quite easily. He wondered if Yami could see through it.

He wondered if Yugi, who was watching with a sense of urgency and longing, could see through it as well.

Yet Kaiba didn't care; he closed his eyes in pleasure as Yami started to loosen his tie with slender fingers. He shivered when the other's fingers unbuttoned his shirt and ghosted over his pale chest.

Seto downright moaned when Yami's hands moved down and undid his pants before sliding his fingers down the zipper. He felt his lust mounting and realized that something was going to happen that he never thought would.

Kaiba actually thought that he was going to be alone for as long as he lived. Now it didn't seem too far off.

Suddenly, Yami pulled away from Kaiba's pink lips and grasped his wrist lightly. His cheeks were flushed just a bit and his smirk was as wide as ever. "I'm not the only one here, you know. Don't forget about Aibou."

Seto looked up at Yugi, who was watching him with eyes full of curiosity, excitement and just a little bit of fear. The CEO had never really thought about him and Yugi being in this position. He did with Yami, of course, but Yami was so aggressive.

Yugi just…wasn't.

That didn't mean that he wasn't attractive, though. His pale face was entirely pink and sweat was beading on his forehead. A drop was making its way down his cheek.

"Go on," Yami said softly before removing his hand from Kaiba's wrist and pushing him on the small of the back lightly. Seto stepped forward, watching as Yugi's fingers shook and clenched; it was obvious that the smaller had thought of Kaiba in such a way before.

But now it was a reality.

Seto continued walking until he was right in front of the hikari. His mind had no clue at all as to what to do, but his hand had another idea because it raised to Yugi's warm cheek and stroked it softly before cupping it. Yugi took a deep breath, his heart rate picking up dramatically.

"You're cold," Was the only thing that the smaller said; he smiled a little, too.

Seto only blinked before bending over quite a bit to kiss Yugi's lips tentatively. The smaller couldn't move at all because of the duct-tape, which meant that the CEO had full control over the other. This was something familiar to Kaiba, and he was more than willing to take advantage of it.

After all, everything else was so new to him.

Seto deepened the kiss with Yugi very quickly, forcing Yugi to gasp and wiggle underneath his binds; there was nothing he could do. He nipped and bit as the shorter duelist's bottom lip harshly, and soon a bit of pain was mixed into Yugi's moans of pleasure and need.

Yet the smaller didn't seem to care.

He wanted more, judging by the erratic thrust motion that his hips were occupied in. Seto couldn't help but concentrate on it and move his own body to match the rock.

It was so intriguing.

Yami watched Kaiba kiss Yugi with a glint in his eyes; he really wasn't expecting the CEO to actually go along with what he was suggesting. Sure, all of the logic was there, but Seto was never one to show any emotion.

Now he was showing quite a bit, and was getting into the act as well. It might have been cruel to restrain Yugi, but it was really the only way to make the CEO comfortable. Seto Kaiba loved power, and binding Yugi to the point of immobility was the only way to give it to him.

Besides, Yugi looked like he was enjoying himself. His mind was practically vibrating with all of the emotions going through his thoughts.

Y-yami, Yugi purred as Seto started to press himself awkwardly against Yugi's body; he was just a bit too tall, Yami…

Enjoying yourself, Aibou? Yami asked good-naturedly as Yugi let out another vocal moan; one of Kaiba's hands was fumbling with the zipper of his pants.

Shuddering, his aura suddenly changing from hot to cold, Yugi panted, He's…going too…fast…

Yami blinked, only mildly surprised at Yugi's response. In all of the commotion and surprise at Seto's willingness, he had forgotten that lust wasn't the only thing that was to be satiated in that night.

Yugi and the former Pharaoh hadn't really ever said it while alone, but Yami's words to Kaiba weren't lies. They really did want to get to know him better…maybe even fall in love with him.

They were just afraid that the feelings wouldn't be returned; that was why they didn't voice their concerns too often.

Still breathing erratically, Yugi squirmed again; his legs were moving back and forth and shuffling as if they wanted to get away. Maybe Yugi wasn't ready for this with the CEO. Maybe he was afraid of a commitment that could backfire so easily.

Maybe he hadn't forgotten all of those things that had happened between Kaiba and himself in the past; maybe he was afraid.

Yami hadn't thought of that.

The idle boy suddenly stepped forward, deciding that Yugi needed a break to sort out his feelings and thoughts. It was so odd how thoughts such as these only manifested when the choice was close to a closing.

But they would close tonight. Everyone was willing; it was just that they weren't ready.

"Kaiba," Yami said softly, placing his hand on the taller's shoulder. At the touch Seto seemed to regain his mind and conscious thought and immediately jumped away from the duelist taped to the wall. Yugi was flushed in the face and his lips were already beginning to bruise and swell. He seemed so thrown off; the fears must have caught up to him when he realized that there was no where to go.

This wasn't supposed to happen; the proposed relationship wasn't supposed to take such a turn before it had even started. It was supposed to be fun and games and nothing more.

But then again, who could really expect their relationship to be flawless?

Kaiba was staring straight ahead, probably thinking about everything that Yami was. It would take a minute for the world to slow down around him; he'd be thinking for quite a while.

"Aibou," Yami said slowly, stepping carefully around the idle CEO to reach the smallest of the three; he started to pull silver tape off of the wall with all of his grace and patience, "Are you alright?"

Yugi nodded, still a little dazed, "Yeah. I just wasn't expecting…" He faded off.

"I know," Yami whispered, pulling the last of the tape off of Yugi's shirt to reveal his soft top, "Some wounds don't heal as fast."

Yugi pulled away from the wall and looked up at Yami, their hands unconsciously entwining, "I'm sorry."

The taller of the two shook his head, smiling softly, "Don't be. You've just proved to me something that I was doubting in the corner of my mind." He bent down and kissed Yugi's sweat-slicked hair gently, "You've proved it to someone else, too, if only he could hear our minds."

Kaiba was staring at the two of them.

"I think I understand." Seto said simply to himself so that no one else would hear. His physical emotion was ebbing away so that it matched his clipped voice. "I think I know what you two are trying to tell me." He just wasn't sure if he believed it.

Seto didn't want to believe Yami when he said that sex wasn't all that he was looking for. He did it anyway, but there was so much doubt in the back of his mind he wondered how he was able to ignore it.

Now he didn't have to, because it wasn't there.

He had scared Yugi, Kaiba knew that. He had done it before, too, yet he was having trouble bringing himself to care. That wasn't how Seto worked. He was presented with something powerless and immobile; of course he was going to take advantage of it.

Didn't he always?

And if Yugi just wanted to satiate his lust, then he would have taken everything that Seto threw at him. He wouldn't have gotten afraid, and Yami wouldn't have had to come to his rescue.

They wouldn't have really wanted to enjoy it; they wouldn't have wanted to have the feeling of wanting it again.

Was it real?

Yugi's heart had slowed down considerable when Yami kissed him tentatively on the lips. Now free from his bindings, he could wrap his arms around the other and hold his warm weight to him. Yami was so comforting, and Yugi just never wanted to let go.

He wanted to start a relationship with Seto, but Seto didn't know that. He just did what he thought was wanted of him. That wasn't like the ruthless CEO at all, but somehow in this situation it fit.

Kaiba never wanted anyone before. He wanted things, and got everything that he had ever desired, really. This situation was new, though. Having to compromise his intimate wants with someone was a new challenge that he failed miserably at in his first attempt.

Maybe the second one would prove easier. It had to be, because after that night things weren't going to roll like this again. The die would be cast once more and the odds of another encounter like this were a million to one.

"I'm okay Yami," Yugi said, pulling away from the kiss, "I love you."

"I love you." Yami said sweetly, then smirked before turning back to Kaiba. "What about you, Seto?"

Something glinted in the CEO's blue eyes. They looked just a little bit warmer.

Fireworks started to blast above the building, lights going off outside to enchant peoples' watching eyes.

No one in the classroom noticed, though, especially when Yami's smirk widened and his eyes narrowed, his eyebrow piercing glinting once more in the dim light.

A while later, Seto, Yami and Yugi stepped out of the Dueling Building. The fireworks had just come to a close, but smoke was still lingering in the air as if they threatened to return at any moment.

Kaiba stared at Yugi and Yami, while Yugi and Yami stared at Kaiba. Yugi blushed a little, remembering everything that had happened in the classroom and how they were probably going to have to move it somewhere else. Yami was just smiling, his aura still regal but a little more relaxed.

Seto just resisted the urge to straighten his clothing a little more.

No one spoke for a moment, but the silence wasn't awkward. Surprisingly, it was more comfortable than anyone could have imagined.

The CEO still couldn't take it, though. He wasn't embarrassed…just shocked. He had never imagined that anything like that would ever happen to him. Yet it did.

"I'll see you two on tomorrow afternoon." He said, trying to keep his voice flat like normal but failing just a little bit.

"Count on tomorrow morning," Yami said, pulling Yugi closer to him by the hand; it was a little chilly out and the extra body heat must have felt nice. "In your office."

Yugi smiled nervously, hoping that everything would work out. Some things more than others. "And we can go out after classes….right?"

Mokuba could be seen walking towards the area from far away; he looked like he was looking for his brother. Kaiba noticed this, "Sometimes. I have other things to do, you know." His voice would probably never lose that icy tinge.

"We weren't asking you to drop them," Yami said simply, smiling and squeezing Yugi's hand.

"Nii-sama!" Mokuba was closer now, and was actually just running down the sidewalk to meet them at the exit of the park, "Nii-sama, I was looking all over for you."

"I was just with Yami and Yugi, Mokuba," Seto said, looking down at his younger brother and smiling a little; he resisted the urge to ruffle his hair. "We just had to work a few things out about the Dueling classes, that's all."

He'd tell Mokuba, Kaiba knew this. It was just too soon. Even he wasn't completely believing it yet. And he wanted to make sure that this arrangement would last. He didn't want anyone that didn't need to get into it to get upset.

Seto didn't want to get upset, either.

Mokuba just looked a little indignant, though it wasn't bad, "Did you even see any fireworks?"

"Oh," Yami chirped in happily, looking Kaiba up and down with his cat-like stare that he had recently adopted, "He saw the fireworks alright. We all did."

Yugi tried not to laugh.

Kaiba just stared.

"But I thought that you were--" Mokuba started.

"Through the window, Mokuba," Seto interrupted, trying not to glare at the former Pharaoh, "That's all. Why don't you go wait in the car. I'll meet you there."

"You mean we're going home?" Mokuba asked incredulously; this wasn't like his brother, "You're not working tonight?"

"No," The elder responded while Yami and Yugi just watched, "Not tonight."

He wasn't sure if he had the energy to.

"Awesome! Can we watch a movie?"

"Whatever you want, Mokuba," Seto said, "Now go on."

The smaller Kaiba did as he was told. They all watched until he was gone, then went back to staring at each other. Oddly, it felt quite natural.

"Goodnight, Kaiba," Yami said softly, turning around with Yugi to follow Mokuba out of the gates. The security guards off in the corner just let them go; they weren't paying too much attention at this point, anyways.

"Goodnight," Yugi added smiling before he too turned around, and then they were gone.

Kaiba only stared, wondering where that had come from. Even worse, he was wondering why he didn't mind and was only excited for more. Even just sitting with the two other boys seemed nice.

He wondered what it meant.


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