One Morning At Rittenhouse

Lu: Hey Dylan.

Dylan: Hi Lu .

Lu: Did I spook you?

Dylan: No I just have a lot on my mind.

Lu: anything you want to talk about?

Dylan: I saw Araya kissing in the hallway with a candy stripper

I can't deal with her and sex I could get him fired.

Lu: It won't work take it from someone that gave birth at sixteen if she wants to have sex she will find it.

Dylan: I hope not!

Later that Day Lu saw Araya

Lu: Hey Araya wait up

Araya: Hi Lu

Lu: Araya we need to talk later

Araya: What about sex did my dad put you up to this

Lu: Yes he is worried about you

Araya: What I do is none of his business

Lu: He doesn't want you to be like me give birth at sixteen

Araya: Do you think I am that stupid? I will have sex when I want he can't stop me