One day, Ponyboy got mad and started running around with a glass of chocolate milk. Suddenly, he found someone in the room with him! Surprised, he looked and said "You have bangs!" He shouted, and was SHOCKED when the person moved his lips at the EXACT SAME TIME YET NO SOUND CAME OUT!

So Ponyboy got bored with his REFLECTION and started turning the light switch on and off.

"Ponyboy, don't do that!" Said Tim Shepard who was there and grabbed Ponyboy and started flinging him around the room.

"Tim, don't do that!" said Dally and he grabbed Tim who was still hanging onto Ponyboy and balanced him on his head.

"Dally, Don't do that!" said Soda, and he grabbed Dally who was holding Tim who was holding Ponyboy and stuck them up his nose.

"Soda, don't do that!" said Two-Bit as he came into the house, and he grabbed Soda who had Dally, Tim and Ponyboy stuck up his nose, and stuck their feet to the ceiling.

"Two-Bit, don't do that!" said Steve, and he grabbed Two-Bit who was now stuck to the ceiling with Soda who had Dally, Tim and Ponyboy stuck up his nose and stuck them all in Ponyboys glass of chocolate milk.

"Steve, don't do that!" said Johnny, and he grabbed Steve who was now trying to jump in the glass of chocolate milk with Soda, Dally, Tim and Ponyboy and Two-Bit in it, and put them in the cupboard and then jumped in himself.

Darry walked in the house and saw them.

"Idiots!" he said, and he took the glass with all those Greasers in it and threw it in the Garbage. He went to shut the lid…

"Darry, don't do that" from 7 voices was the last thing he heard before he shut the lid with a smug smile.