Disclaimer: I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean or any of its characters.

Author's Note: I watched Dead Man's chest for the second time today, and thought of this scene near the end of the movie. It seems J/E, but rest assured I am a W/E shipper. This one-post is just how Gibb's might have seen the last meeting of Jack and Elizabeth.

I saw Miss Elizabeth lean forward, and with a grimace I knew she was going to kiss him. There had been close calls before, but then she had never had that look in her eye. That predatory look I've come to see in Ol'Jack's eyes when he sees something he wants and aims to get it.

I look down and see poor William looking straight at the pair. I hurry to block his view, but it's too late. The lad's heart is in his eyes and it's broken. As Miss Elizabeth joins us in the longboat, William asks about Jack, and I hear in his voice the end of the couple and their love. Miss Elizabeth hears it too.

She's hiding something. Cap'n Jack Sparrow loves his Pearl, but he loves his life more. What made him stay? There's more in her eyes than sorrow fora loved one. There's guilt there, there is. Maybe there was more to that kiss that met even this old sailor's eye.