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Chapter One:

There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea.

You became the light on the dark side of me.

Love remains a drug that's the high and not the pill.

But did you know,

That when it snows,

My eyes become large and,

The light that you shine can be seen…

Trash… trash everywhere. Fluttering down the dirty concrete sidewalks, spotted black in certain places by gum that had been spit from someone's mouth, were candy wrappers, plastic bags and all sorts of litter. It was disgusting. Garbage bags filled with who-knows-what lined the sidewalks, sitting in front of apartment buildings filled the air with a foul stench that that small button nose was foreign to. Tokyo wasn't heaven but compared to the city of East Boston it seemed like a crystal utopia to the young girl who slowly trudged up the large and quite steep hill to what would be her new school.

Two weeks, it had been two very long weeks since poor Kagome Higurashi was pulled from her, for the most part, peaceful and happy life in Tokyo, Japan by the cruel hand of fate and thrust into the strange new land that was East Boston, Massachusetts, located in none other then the US of A.

Mama Higurashi (O: Does this poor woman even have a name?) had thought it would be good for her children, a new experience they would learn and grow from and so without even consulting Kagome or her younger brother Souta, had made the arrangements with a friend already living in the states and now here she was.

It was positively infuriating! How could her mother do this to her? How could she tear her away from the only place she had ever known, from her friends and her home and thrust her into this foreign place without even running it by her? It wasn't fair! It wasn't right! How could she? How could she?

But no matter how hard she tried Kagome just couldn't stay angry at her mother. It had been hard on the whole family, the loss of Grand Father Higurashi (O: Does he have no name too? Lol are the adults in this show not important enough for names?), but none had taken it as hard as Mama. The woman had stayed strong for her children but Kagome could still remember hearing her mothers grief filled sobs carried down the hall in the middle of the night.

First her husband and now her father, Kagome could understand why her mother craved to escape the house that held so many happy yet painful memories. Kagome herself could hardly stand it. Every day she would come home from school and call to her mother, lips parting to call for Grand Pa to inform him she was home as well, but the words would catch in her throat and the memory of him dieing in his hospital bed, her mother clinging hard to his old wrinkled hand while Kagome and Souta stood off to the side and wept their final goodbyes through tear choked voices would flood back to her.

New tears welled in those wide and wondrous sapphire eyes but Kagome refused to let them fall as her eyes locked upon the dirty ground before her, avoiding all eye contact with the kids, her soon to be classmates, that walked around her.

Perhaps America would not be so bad; perhaps it would be one grand adventure. Yes, Kagome was determined to be positive about the whole situation; she would not allow herself to be the cause of more stress upon her mother's mind. Kagome would make new friends, would learn new things about the American culture. Yes, this would be fun!

Pale pink lips formed into a soft yet bright smile, head rising from its bowed position and holding high as the large brick building that was her new school came into view. She was slightly out of breath from the long walk up the hill but thankfully Kagome was fit and stayed in shape, so it did not faze her too much.

Sapphire eyes locked with the building, taking in what she could see as she approached the front of it. It was very large and for some reason reminded Kagome of one of those schools for ill-behaved children. It was made of dark crimson brick and looked rather dirty though much cleaner then the sidewalk she now stood on. Grey concrete steps led up to a series of three dark green colored double doors that Kagome noted also seemed rather dirty, though perhaps she was simply being skeptical. A silver pole stood in front of the school on the first landing of the grey steps, none other then the American flag blowing in the slight breeze at the top of it.

East Boston High School, her new school. Kagome was not sure what she could expect from such a strange place but she had heard plenty of stories from her friends about how cruel American's were to the Japanese. How they teased and bullied them and beat them up any chance they could. How the mocked them and thought they were so much better. Kagome was not sure if it was true, but the possibility that it might be sent a shiver down her spine and caused her stomach to knot with anticipation.

Groups of teenagers formed around her, talking casually about this and that, what they had done over the weekend and the such. They seemed no different from her classmates back in Japan. Thankfully Kagome understood every word that was spoken within earshot of her; Mama Higurashi had taken it upon herself to teach her children English to 'broaden their horizons' or some such nonsense.

No one paid her much mind, none came over to talk to her, though she did get a few curious looks from her peers and also looks of admiration from a few of the boys around her. Yes it was true, Kagome was quite beautiful. Her face held a certain soft and angelic look to it that gave her a rather innocent appearance though this contrasted with her body. Kagome's body was of a much more sinful design. She stood only about five feet and two inches so was rather petite, her frame slender yet the curves of her hips and the fullness of her fairly sized chest gave her an hour-glass figure. Ebony tresses reached down in soft waves to just below her shoulders, rustling slightly in the cool breeze that flew around her, causing the loose locks to caress her olive toned skin.

One plus side to America was that Kagome did not have to wear a uniform to school. Instead she wore a pair of faded blue denim hip-huggers that rode low upon the curves of her hips and defined them as well as her wholesome thighs quite nicely. For a top she wore a fitted black t-shirt with the word 'Neko' written across her chest in glittering pink letters, top holding tight to the swell of her bosom and the toned flatness of her stomach. Plain black sneakers rest upon her feet, thudding softly again the ground as Kagome made her way over to the black spike fence that surrounded the school and leaned against it.

A sigh escaped her lips as Kagome's head tilted toward the blue sky that slowly began to brighten as the sun rose somewhere off in the distance. Still her presence was barely recognized, though occasionally she got a few looks from a group of teenagers before they went back to talking amongst themselves, it was obvious to her that the topic of a few of the groups was none other then her. This would certainly be a long year, but Kagome was determined to make this all work out.

Sapphire eyes fell shut and a bright smile of determination made Kagome's face seem to glow with a soft yet radiant beauty. It was then that a strange beep-like sound emitted from the building and caused Kagome to snap out of her thoughts and her head to fall straight once more, eyes opening to watch as the groups of teenagers around her started up the grey steps toward the school.

Pushing off the fence, soft and smooth olive toned skinned hands would reach up to grasp the straps of her yellow backpack which rested on her shoulders as Kagome followed after the crowd, completely unaware of the set of deep brown eyes that watched her as she walked. Eyes completely focused upon the new girl's rump as it swayed from side to side, well defined by her jeans.


Okay, so maybe Kagome's thoughts about her new school were not so skeptical in the beginning. The outside was certainly nothing to look at, but the inside was much worse. The school was obviously old and had obviously seen better days. It wasn't run down or anything, it simply looked rather bleak, rather stingy, and kind of dirty. The desks were probably older then the school, covered with all kinds of graffiti and engraved into by students who most likely would rather carve up their desk then listen to their teachers. The bottoms of most of the desks were covered in chewed gum, which Kagome found out first hand when her knee brushed up on the underside of her desk.

Three periods down and one to go, the American school day was much shorter then the one in Japan and for that Kagome was rather grateful. Plus she was already a head of most of her classmates by a few lessons so there was no need to work her butt off to try and catch up. Perhaps this school year would not be so bad. True her classmates had yet to acknowledge her presence, but it was only a matter of time. Besides, the teachers were nice, well most of them anyway.

The now all too familiar beep-like sound sounded over head signaling the end of third period. Standing from her desk and gathering her newly acquired text books into her yellow backpack which she had to lug around all day for lack of a locker, Kagome headed out of her geometry class, but not before bowing respectfully to a rather puzzled math teacher. Old habits die hard. Making her way down the stairs to the first floor, surrounded by a swarm of teenagers buzzing with conversation, Kagome made her way to a rather large cafeteria.

Long brown tables with matching brown benches attached were lined up one in front of the other, a space left between for students to walk down. The floors were wooden and covered in scuff marks from sneakers and shoes as well as scratches obviously from tables being dragged around. Kagome was not totally positive what the walls were made of, it looked something like concrete with wooden planks lining the bottom. At the top of the cafeteria was an indoor running track led to by a stair case on either end of the cafeteria. Perhaps this had once been a gym but once again Kagome was not positive.

There were kids already seated at tables and white Styrofoam lunch trays left behind by the previous inhabitants of the cafeteria whom had second lunch. This was third lunch, the last lunch hour of the day with the fewest kids in it. Kagome was secretly grateful for that for large groups of people often made her feel nervous. But all comfort was shattered as Kagome walked slowly toward the rather long lunch line. This may have been the smallest lunch hour, but there were still certainly quite a lot of kids in it.

Eight open doorways were located at the far left of the cafeteria, each leading to a different part of the kitchen and then back out to the cafeteria all with different choices of food. Kagome was not quite sure which line to get into, so simply chose the one that seemed to be moving the fastest. A small sigh escaped Kagome's lips as she stood in line, once again ignored by her peers which talked amongst themselves rather loudly.

Finally, after what seemed like hours but was truly only a few minuets, Kagome had her lunch; what looked like a hamburger but she wasn't too sure and an order of fries that looked a tad undercooked. Paying for her lunch with the American money her mother had given her that morning, Kagome now stood before the cafeteria, eyes scanning the tables filled with strange new faces hopelessly.

Where would she sit? It felt odd going to a table you were not invited to and Kagome didn't even have the option of sitting alone, all the tables had occupants.

"Way to look like a guppy in an ocean full of sharks." A soft feminine voice suddenly came from off to the side causing Kagome to jump slightly, nearly dropping her tray and its contents to the floor.

Head would snap to the side, Kagome's deep sapphire eyes falling upon a rather slender yet still curvaceous girl with long raven locks kept out of her feminine face in a high ponytail atop her head. The girl was about Kagome's height give or take a half of an inch but was far more slender. Were Kagome's curves were full and thick, this girls were more fine and slender.

The girl was dressed casually in a dark denim skirt that reached about the middle of her thighs and for a top wore a plain white form fitting t-shirt with clean white tennis shoes upon her feet. Kagome noted that this girl was certainly attractive yet there was something soft and kind in her pretty indigo eyes. She also noted that like herself, this girl was of Asian heritage.

A few moments passed by with silence between them, the noisy chatter of the other students surrounding the two girls. When the moments of surprise and admiration passed, Kagome blushed slightly, realizing she was staring at the poor girl who only held a friendly little smile.

"Yeah well I was just trying to figure out where to sit…" Kagome said plainly, nodding her head softly as if to confirm it as she looked away from the girl and back to the sea of faces. Now Kagome wouldn't exactly label herself shy, but being the new kid in such a large school as well as new to the city one could not help but be a tad bit nervous and shy around others.

"You're that new girl in my English lit class, Kagome right?" The girl did not wait for an answer. "You can sit with me and my friends." Again she did not wait for a reply, instead grabbing Kagome firmly by the upper arm, her own lunch held in her free hand as she tugged Kagome down the row of tables.

"Uh… okay." Kagome was obviously a bit confused, but not about to pass up the pretty girls more then welcomed invitation.

"My name's Sango by the way." The girl stated with another friendly smile as she looked back at Kagome who looked rather lost at being pulled along.

Suddenly the two girls stopped at the far end of one of the long brown tables where three young men were seated talking casually amongst themselves and picking at their own lunches. All three heads turned to acknowledge their friend and the girl who stood beside her with the large sapphire eyes.

"Hey guys, this is Kagome, she's new here." Sango stated with a bright smile as she pulled Kagome from behind her and to her side as if to show her off. "Kagome, that's Miroku..." She pointed to a young man who sat on the edge of the brown bench. He had short onyx hair that reached to about his shoulders pulled back into a small pony tail. He had a sort of boyish look to his handsome face and a very mischievous twinkle in his soft chestnut colored eyes. He was dressed in a pair of slightly baggy dark denim jeans and a dark purple dress shirt, the top few buttons left open to reveal a clean white wife beater underneath.

"Hello there." Miroku said in a rather smooth and very flirtatious voice as a smirk formed on his pale lips. This caused Kagome's brow to arch and a small smile come to her lips. Something told her that this boy would certainly be a handful.

"That's Inuyasha…" Sango continued, but not before giving Miroku a very hard and warning glance, pointing to another boy with much longer onyx tresses. His hair came to about below his shoulders and was braided neatly, two locks left handing on either side of his face. He had a sort of rough look to his face and did not look too friendly but he certainly was very cute. He wore a pair of faded looking baggy denim jeans and a red dress shirt, left completely unbuttoned to show off his black wife beater which clung to his slender yet muscular frame and defined it quite nicely.

"Hey." He said simply, turning indigo eyes to Kagome who gave him a friendly smile, earning a small 'humph' sound in return.

"And this is Sesshoumaru, but you can just call him Sesshy." Sango stated with a rather teasing smile as she pointed to the last boy at the end of the table sitting beside Inuyasha. This boy had a far more feminine look to him then the others, he was neither handsome nor cute, he was beautiful. His face was fine and slender; his skin smooth and pale where as the other boys had a healthy looking tan to them. His onyx hair was rather long and hung freely down to nearly his waist. His eyes were a deep and soft blue that reminded Kagome of the cold of winter. This boy looked neither friendly nor mean, holding a rather bored expression.

"Don't call me Sesshy" Was all he said before turning his attention back to picking at his lunch which looked something like chicken. Kagome chuckled softly at that as Sango rolled her eyes and slid into the bench across from the boys who each sat in a row on the other. Kagome followed quickly after.

The situation made Kagome ponder over something. She noticed that all of them were obviously of Asian heritage. Was it this schools way to have all the different races group together and stick to their own kind? Kagome would be sure to find this out.

"So Kagome…" Miroku started, never taking his eyes off the new young beauty. "Where are you from?"

"Japan." Kagome said simply as she poked at her 'burger' half expecting it to twitch.

"Japan, really?" Sango broke in as she took a sip from her chocolate milk carton. "That's where my parents are from." She smiled as she looked toward Miroku, yet the smile seemed a bit forced and that same warning glare came to Sango's eyes. This puzzled Kagome. Had she missed something?

"That's where all our parents are from." Inuyasha broke in with a roll of his eyes as if Sango had stated something completely idiotic.

"Don't be such an asshole Inuyasha; it's bad for your complexion, right Sesshy?" Sango's attention turned to the tallest of the three boys Sesshoumaru who simply rolled his eyes and maintained his bored expression earning another 'humph' from Inuyasha.

"Kagome…" Miroku suddenly reached across the table and placed his hand upon Kagome's, earning the girls full attention. "Will you bear my children?" Kagome's eyes went wide in shock. He was kidding, right? Sango's murderous eyes turned on Miroku as she reached across the table and smacked him off the side of the head so hard he nearly fell off the side of the bench but luckily caught himself.

"Idiot." Inuyasha snickered with a shake of his head. Sesshoumaru merely rolled his eyes.

"Forgive me; I can't control myself in the presence of pretty girls." But he did not seem to be apologizing to Kagome, instead his attention was on Sango who still looked ready to jump across the table and strangle him to death.

Kagome's sapphire eyes looked back and forth between the two, obvious confusion written upon her pretty face as she looked to Inuyasha as if for an explanation. Inuyasha simply rolled his eyes and shook his head as if to say 'don't ask'.

Kagome felt tension forming between the two, whom she expected were somewhat of a couple and felt rather bad for being the cause. So with a rather flirtatious smirk Kagome shrugged.

"Oh it's fine…" She started, tilting her head to the side as she placed her arm around Sango who gave her a rather puzzled look. "Sorry to tell you though, I'm much more interested in getting up Sango's skirt then down your pants." All eyes went wide, with shock, even the bored looking Sesshoumaru's face took on a look of complete and utter surprised.

Sango's face was completely pink and Miroku was practically drooling on himself at the suggestion Kagome had made. Inuyasha was the first to break the stunned silence as he began to laugh out hysterically, followed by Sango who went along with the idea and placed her arm around Kagome's waist. Miroku stared as if infatuated with the two girls as the pretended to flirt, sending Inuyasha into more hysterics at the positively lustful look on his friends face. Even Sesshoumaru was now chuckling, enjoying how the two girls teased his friend.

When the moment passed all the tension between the group was gone and things became quite casual, the group talking amongst themselves like best friends. Talking about anything and everything that came to mind. Sango and Miroku asked questions about Japan, though they all knew Miroku's mind was busy wondering about Kagome's experiences with other girls. Inuyasha added sarcastic remarks here and there but Sesshoumaru stayed silent through most of it, not even seeming to be paying any attention.

This was certainly a very odd group of friends.

The bell sounded signaling the end of lunch and all at once the teenagers in the cafeteria were up and filing out to their next classes. The group of five stayed close together, Sango and Kagome locking arms, still playing with Miroku's head, who stood behind them with Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru at his sides.

"You know what…" Sesshoumaru suddenly stated out of the blue as the five entered the main hallway and went to go there separate ways.

"He speaks!" Kagome cried out in mock astonishment, causing all in the group to chuckle except Sesshoumaru who rolled his eyes.

"We all know that we don't know much of anything so just tell us." Miroku said with a smirk.

"On the contrary, I'm fucking brilliant!" Sango stated with a confident smile.

"Yeah, yeah, just tell us Sesshy before the warning bell rings." Kagome broke in, earning a glare from Sesshoumaru for being called his hated nick name.

"You look a lot like Kikyo." A dead silence fell over the group at that comment. Miroku and Sango's eyes turning to Inuyasha whom clutched his fists tightly and took on a hard look.

"She looks nothing like Kikyo." With that, Inuyasha turned and headed on his way, Miroku quickly saying his goodbye and running off after his friend.

Left there now with just Sango who looked rather troubled, Sesshoumaru having also gone his separate way, Kagome turned to Sango with a look of confusion.

"Who's Kikyo?"


I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grave.


The more I get of you the stranger it feels, yeah.

And now that your rose is in bloom,

A light hits the gloom on the grave…

Ba da ba da da da da ba da ah ya ya,

Ba da ba da da da da ba da ah ya ya.

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