There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea,

You became the light on the dark side of me.

Love remains a drug that's the high and not the pill.

But did you know,

That when it snows,

My eyes become large and,

The light that you shine can be seen…

It was a beautiful spring day, the sun shining high in a sky dotted with fluffy white clouds; the perfect day for romance, the perfect day for the ceremony that marked the beginning of their lives together. But that wasn't really true, they had been together, been inseparable for the past ten years. But now they were finally about to make it official, now they would seal their vows of love and devotion with a kiss in front of a group there to witness the two make their love indefinite, make it known to the world with two labels and two bands.

Kikyo stared up at that clear blue sky, a smile on her face as she stood at the end of an isle like path cut through the row of the chairs, a white carpet laid out against the grass to lead the way to the alter which was a lovely little arch decorated with white roses. The scene was set and what a beautiful scene it was, now all that was missing was…

Kikyo's eyes fell to gaze down the isle as she appeared and a soft smile spread across her lips as she spotted that happy little grin and those tear filled eyes. She looked so happy and Kikyo shared her happiness as she slowly approached as the music played. She looked so beautiful, seemed to glow with delicate radiance as she stopped in the middle of the arch, obviously trying to hold back her tears.

It was overwhelming; after all this time, all the struggles and hardships they had faced had led to this wonderful day and Kikyo couldn't have been happier. Tears of joy trickled down her cheeks as the minister began to speak, reading from his little book as he addressed the two in front of him. Finally they would be together forever, finally their love would be known to the witnesses and the world. It was so wonderful, so emotional that Kikyo couldn't help but cry her silent tears.

"Oh Kikyo… are you… are you crying?" Kagome mumbled from her side, those sapphire eyes turned slightly to gaze at the woman next to her.

"No!" Kikyo grumbled stubbornly as she reached up her free hand to wipe the tears from her cheeks. "It's my allergies, all the pollen, ya know."

"You're totally crying." Rin giggled softly at Kikyo's other side.

"Shut up!" Kikyo's mumbled a bit louder at the younger girl who just continued to giggle.

"Shh!" Kikyo snapped her head to the side to look over at Sango who stood beside Kagome. "Jeez, you guys are so immature. Have some respect." The other girls rolled their eyes.

"You're just jealous that she got to the alter first." Kikyo retorted smartly, causing Sango to go red in the face. "Poor Sango, still can't get Miroku to pop the question."

"Shut up." Sango growled.

"Make me."

"Now girls." Kagome whispered looking from Kikyo to Sango. "Behave."

"Well tell your girlfriend to mind her own business." Sango grumbled.

"Why don't you tell me yourself Ms. Priss?" Kikyo challenged.

"Oh you know why don't you just-"

"Hey!" A sudden shout caused the girls to jump and turn their attention forward. "Do you bitches mind?" Frankie smirked, her hand on her hip as she turned slightly to face the other girls from where she stood at the alter beside Inuyasha who was snickering, along with Sesshoumaru, Miroku, Ginta and Hakkaku who stood at his side of the alter. "I'm trying to get married over here."

"Sorry." The girls chimed in unison.

"Thank you." Frankie's smirk returned to a happy little grin as she turned to a rather shocked minister. "Sorry minister, continue please."

The man nodded, but Inuyasha couldn't stop snickering throughout the rest of his reading not even when he slid the ring onto Frankie's finger. Frankie wasn't helping the situation either by making funny little faces at him; Inuyasha was nervous and when Inuyasha got nervous he got a terrible case of the giggles, Frankie knew that and was completely exploiting it.

Classic Frankie; where other brides would throw a tantrum and make their fiancés pay for such behavior, she actually encouraged and provoked it. But Frankie wasn't just any bride, that was clear by the outfit she wore; it was the exact outfit she had described to the girls so many years ago complete with her top hat and that long draping cape. But she looked beautiful with her hair left down in curls and the outfit seemed to suit her better then any old wedding dress.

More thanks to the nagging of Sango rather then Frankie's actual desires the girls wore dresses but they were anything but traditional bridesmaid dresses. The dresses were short, only reaching to a few inches above the knee and were rather snug as they were shaped to fit the forms of each girl. The dresses were a soft blue that matched the color of Frankie's vest with a thick light beige ribbon that went around the stomach and beneath their breasts and tied in a large bow at their backs, matching the main color of Frankie's suit as well as the shoes they wore. Like Frankie the other girls wore top hats, placed artistically tipped to the side in front of the loose buns their hair was tied into; unlike Frankie's their top hats were blue like their dresses and the ribbon around their base was beige, Frankie's was the opposite.

The girls looked quite good, but perhaps the same couldn't be said for the boys. They were in tuxedos, but not traditional black ones, oh no, they were the same color blue as the girls' dresses with beige vests under their jackets and beige shoes. None had been too happy about wearing 'tacky' blue tuxedos, especially Sesshoumaru but Frankie had had the final word. Inuyasha had gotten out of it though, his tuxedo was the traditional black with a light blue vest beneath the jacket. He had had quite a good time teasing the other boys about their tuxedos before the wedding and had been more then a little amused at how the onlookers had snickered as the men escorted the women down the isle.

Inuyasha's antics had people in their seats snorting, trying to hold back their own laughter and be respectful, but the same couldn't be said for the people at the alter. Sesshoumaru, Miroku, Ginta and Hakkaku were practically rolling with laughter while the girls held their lips tightly, trying to stifle their giggles. The only one not laughing was Sango who looked quite peeved off at everyone's actions. Sango took weddings very seriously and couldn't believe everyone was 'ruining' the ceremony and that Frankie wasn't angry, she was actually part of it!

By the time the minister finished, looking quite flustered due to everyone's behavior, everyone was beside themselves with giggles and howling with laughter. When he gave Frankie and Inuyasha the okay to kiss, both were too busy laughing and gasping for breath. But eventually they did kiss, still giggling and snickering and the crowd applauded and cheered through their own laughter. It was the weirdest wedding anyone had ever been to, that was pretty much all anyone would ever say about it, but Frankie and Inuyasha were just fine with that.

"Well that was… amusing." Kagome giggled as she headed down the isle, arm and arm with Kikyo.

Because of this Ginta and Hakkaku had been forced to walk arm and arm together, that had certainly raised a few eyebrows in the beginning but now the boys were milking it for all it was worth, working the crowd to make them laugh harder with their playfully flamboyant behavior. Rin and Sesshoumaru were still standing at the alter, Sesshoumaru holding up Rin who was doubling over with giggles as she watched the brother's work their comedy act. Sango and Miroku were ahead of Kikyo and Kagome and poor Miroku was receiving a long lecture and the cold shoulder as Sango refused to let him touch her.

"Yeah, imagine what the reception's gonna be like." Kikyo replied with a snicker as she draped her arm over Kagome's shoulder and pulled her close.


Kikyo was dead on about the reception; like the wedding the whole thing was one big mess of sarcastic jokes, crazy antics and laughter. But what else were receptions for? It was enjoyable and the bride and groom weren't complaining one bit, in fact the bride was the cause of most of the sarcastic jokes, she and the DJ had even gone toe to toe and exchanged biting and sarcastic remarks, all in good fun of course and of course Frankie had won, no one could beat that woman when it came to sarcasm and witty remarks.

Ginta and Hakkaku had of course been the main source of entertainment though, what with their wild antics on the dance floor and the formal way they went around to every table and playfully insulted each person at the table. The two were a pair of clowns as usual and everyone loved them for it. Then when Miroku performed his speech, being Inuyasha's best man it was accustomed, everyone was in tears they were laughing so hard because Frankie kept interrupting with her usual sarcastic remarks.

"… She's you're soulmate Inuyasha."

"Yea it only took a hole in my chest to convince him."

"True, and for that I'm grateful you were stupid enough to throw yourself in front of him."

"I should have thrown you in front of him."

Even Sango had lightened up, it took a few White Russians and a shot but eventually she was as loose and fun-loving as the rest of the gang. Maybe a bit too much as she had proven when she had caught the bouquet and Miroku the guarder, due to careful precision on Frankie and Inuyasha's part. Miroku had kneeled down in front of her as she sat to slip the guarder up her leg but just as he went to do so Sango had hooked her knees over his shoulders and pulled him forward, pushing Miroku's face right between her thighs. Miroku had no complaints though and neither did anyone else, everyone hooting and hollering as Sango who giggled drunkenly as she held Miroku's head between her thighs with her legs hooked over his shoulders.

It was certainly a night to remember, one of good fun; even Frankie's parents had managed to have a good time, not fighting once, but that was mostly because they were separated most of the night. Joshua, Frankie's father, hanging out with Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's father and a few other men while Darcy, Frankie's mother, stayed with Mrs. Higurashi, Kaeda and a few other women. They had even danced, much to the shock of Frankie and everyone else, to what Darcy claimed had been their song when they were young lovers; Seasons Change by Expose. It was as if the happiness of the night was intoxicating and even the feud between Frankie's parents was not immune to it.

But the night had calmed down as people began to depart until it was just the old gang in the reception hall, sitting together around a round table, just talking about this and that. Jokes were made, people laughed and reminisced about old times and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The high levels of alcohol everyone had in their systems were probably mostly to thank for that. Good thing Frankie and Inuyasha had arranged a limousine to pick everyone up at the end of the reception which seemed to be nearing.

"This was fun!" Sango suddenly chimed, her words slightly slurred and laced with a drunken giggle. "You two should get married more often." She pointed to Inuyasha and Frankie, or rather she pointed to the empty space beside them.

"Yeah what do ya say babe." Inuyasha smirked as he looked to Frankie who stared at him with a lazy smirk and glazed eyes. "Wanna marry me again?"

"I'd marry you a hundred times over." She exclaimed in a lazy drunken drawl before leaning up and planting a very passionate kiss to his lips which Inuyasha returned.

"Ugh, get a room." Sesshoumaru grumbled with a roll of his eyes as he held tighter to Rin, who sat on his lap still giggling, though for what no one was quite certain.

"Don't worry, we will later." Frankie wriggled her brow suggestively as their kiss broke.

Kagome was smiling ear to ear, both due to her little alcoholic buzz and the happiness of the moment. This was how she had always pictured it, the eight of them together like this as they helped two to celebrate a most precious occasion. Loving eyes turned to Kikyo who sat at her side, would they one day be as content as Inuyasha and Frankie? Perhaps if the world stopped being so stupid and ignorant and let them live and love. Kagome's smile quickly faded as she gazed at Kikyo's face. She looked deep in troubled thoughts.

"What's wrong Kikyo?" Kagome asked gently, calling the rest of the group's attention away from Ginta and Hakkaku who were in the middle of a funny story.

"Nothing." Kikyo sighed. But Kagome frowned and brought her hand up, playfully poking Kikyo's cheek.

"You know that doesn't work on me. C'mon sweetie, tell me."

"Yeah Kikyo, tell the class what's on your mind." Ginta slurred, going to take another sip of the dark liquor he was drinking.

"You've had enough brother dear." Hakkaku lectured, his voice also slurred as he pulled the glass from Ginta's hand, causing some to spill before he brought it to his own lips after taking a sip of his own drink. Kikyo rolled her eyes and gave a soft smile.

"I was just wondering… do you think it'll always be like this." She began as she looked around the table at her friends, her dearest friends. "Do you think we'll always be together like this?

"Of course!" Rin exclaimed as she shot off Sesshoumaru's lap only to fall right back into it with more giggles as Sesshoumaru gave a grunt.

"Yeah, we're like an inseparable force… like some sort of chain, a steal one, impossible to break." Sango agreed, trying to sound smart but with slurred words was failing miserably. Miroku nodded his head slowly, a stupid grin upon his face.

"Yeah but it's like…" Kikyo paused, trying to find her words. She had had just as much to drink as everyone else but apparently she held her composure better. "We've all got our own lives, what if we stop fitting into each others."

"We'll just make room for each other." Frankie shrugged before leaning forward and placing her hand flat on the middle of the table. "Let's make a vow right now."

"Ugh, more vows?" Inuyasha groaned, earning a hard look from Frankie which shut him up.

"A vow to always be friends." Frankie smiled and looked around the table as Inuyasha leaned forward and placed his hand over hers.

"Forever and ever!" Rin giggled as she placed her hand over Inuyasha's followed by Sesshoumaru's over hers.

"Until the end of time." Sango slurred with a smile as her hand went over Sesshoumaru's and Miroku's over hers.

"Until the bottle's empty." Miroku added with a nod. No one knew what that meant but everyone nodded in agreement while snickering.

"And all the weed is gone!" Ginta added stupidly as he placed his hand over Miroku's. At that Hakkaku spit the alcohol he'd been drinking from his lips, spraying his brother as he looked to him.

"All the weed's gone?" He whined in distress. Ginta wiped the liquid from his face and shook his head as he nodded to the growing pile of hands. "Oh right… yeah, until the weed is gone… let's hope that never happens." He sighed as he put his hand over his brother's.

"Potheads." Sesshoumaru mumbled under his breath with a roll of his eyes while the rest of the group snickered and giggled.

"Until the earth crumbles." Kagome smiled as she placed her hand over Hakkaku's and looked up expectantly to Kikyo who for a long moment, just stared at the pile of hands.

"Friends…" Kikyo began, looking around the table at the group before focusing her eyes on Kagome "and lovers, forever." She finally said, a smile curving her lips as she placed her hand on top of the pile.

Kagome's sapphire eyes gleamed as she leaned up and placed a soft kiss to Kikyo's lips. Frankie and Inuyasha did the same as did Sango and Miroku and Sesshoumaru and Rin. Ginta and Hakkaku looked at each other for a long moment, made disgusted faces and opted for taking another drink instead.

They were right, this was not the end; not the last chapter of a book. This tale, like their friendship, like their love, was a never ending story.


I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grave.


The more I get of you the stranger it feels, yeah.

And now that your rose is in bloom,

A light hits the gloom on the grave.

Yes I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grave.


The more I get of you the stranger it feels, yeah.

And now that your rose is in bloom,

A light hits the gloom on the grave.

Ba da ba da da da da ba da ah ya ya…

Now that your rose is in bloom…

A light hit's the gloom… On the… Grave.

-The End-

Otachii: -Le sigh.- Oh the sweet fluffy goodness laced inside the ever-present dark and light humor. Now that's a wedding I wish I'd attended. Sadly my friends, this is indeed the end of this story.

Now I shall start my second one, but not before I do as I promised and read all the fics I was asked to read and write the Venus Versus Virus oneshot I promised to write. But before I do all that I will present you with a sneak peak of my next fan fic. A Sailor Moon fic featuring the shoujo-ai couple Usagi and Haruka (Serena and Amara) which I hope most of you will read…

A Soldiers Loyalty

A lover's betrayal, a young heart broken, a present and future left in shambles; the Sailor Soldiers thought their days of hardships were over but peace in the universe means chaos in life. How far will one Soldier's loyalty to her princess take her? Can love and devotion truly change the path of destiny Usagi and her Soldiers walk? UsaHaru


… "What the hell is this all about Setsuna?" Makoto questioned in an annoyed tone. "Why weren't we aloud to tell Usagi about this meeting" …

"I didn't want to worry her." Setsuna answered calmly. "Not until I know what it means."

"What, what means?" Ami asked. Setsuna had been acting very strange for the last couple of days.

"There is a disturbance in time." This caught the group's attention, even Haruka opened her eyes. "The gate to the future, the future Chibi-Usa exists in, is disappearing… fading away." …


… "Chibi-Usa! Chibi-Usa!" Usagi wailed at the top of her lungs…

"Usagi, Usagi, please calm down." Her mother begged as she took Usagi into her arms and allowed her to weep against her shoulder…

"Mom." Usagi finally managed to choke out. "Mom, Chibi-Usa, she's-she's gone!"…

"Usagi…" Her mother cooed gently as she pushed Usagi back just enough to look into her eyes. "Who is Chibi-Usa?" …


"The child of Ying and Yang?" Haruka questioned, here face and voice showing her confusion clearly. "I've never heard of such a thing."

"Very few have." The woman said, shrugging gently as she peered over the top of the book she was reading, her brown and green eyes seeming to twinkle darkly.

"What is it?"…

"Ying and Yang, the perfect balance of light and darkness, of good and evil."…

"The child of Ying and Yang must be pure, must be born from the purest of love, the purest of hearts and tainted at birth." The woman paused, her eyes falling back to her book. "No matter what Mamoru has done, Usagi's love is still pure, such is her heart and therefore a child of their union will indeed be pure, as pure as Usagi herself." …

"How does one taint the child, how do you create the child of Ying and Yang?" Haruka asked attentively, trying to keep her fists as well as her voice from trembling with rage.

"The child must be born on the night of a full moon at the time when the moon is highest in the sky." The woman began in a deep voice, as if what she were about to say was extremely important and it was indeed. "The mother must give birth basked in that pure moonlight and when the child is born…" The woman paused as if troubled by the words she was about to speak. Her eyes rose over the top of her book once again, the green specks seeming to swirl within the brown of her irises. "You must kill the mother and bathe the child in her blood."


"You must save her Haruka." …

"Why me? What can I possibly do?" Haruka asked desperately. "She won't listen to me, she won't even come near me! He's turned her against me, against all of the soldiers." Tears trickled down Haruka's cheeks and fell to the floor as she bowed her head in defeat. "Her love for him is unwavering, I wave foolish to think I could ever compare." …

"But you do compare Haruka, more then you've ever known…" …

"You know what you must do now, don't you?" …

Haruka's eyes were wide as she stared forward as if in a daze, as if in shock, and why not? All she had ever known about her past, all of it had been warped to the likings of another. To say she was in shock was an understatement. She should have been angry, been furious but she couldn't find it in herself to be. Instead of wanting vengeance in that moment, she was happy, she was overjoyed…

"I won't let that bastard destroy her… not again."