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Mikan was fretting in her room. Back and forth she kept her pace, she matched every stomp with the loud pound of her heart. Once in a while she would start punching her head, boxing the irritable swell of nerves on her temples. There have been several knocks on her door but she ignored them. All she could do now was walk and try to think. Think, think, think! After giving her head hard knocks, she would wipe the tears of frustration that brimmed on her eyes. This could not be happening, she thought. This could not be happening.

"Little girl," a deep voice echoed from the other side of the door. It was Natsume. "Get out of there before I burn your door."

For a second, Mikan wanted to laugh at Natsume's antics. He sounded very much like the big bad wolf in the Three Little Pigs story. But the moment she remembered what she knew, she immediately leaned back against the door and shook her head. "Get away, Natsume! You will burn no doors today!"

"Oh yeah?" he snapped then fell silent. Mikan just knew he used the fire against her wooden door but because she stood behind it with an activated Alice, his flames disappeared into zilch. He cursed a little and finally left.

Sometimes, Natsume was an idiot. He would waste his Alice for useless situations like these. He was very much like smoking a stick of cigarette, because every time he used his powers, he cut the minutes off his life shorter, flame by flame. She wanted to run after him and apologize but both of them knew how stubborn they could be. And this is one of those stubborn moments –Mikan wanted to be alone.

After five years, Mikan knew it was best of her to think clearly if she was alone. She didn't want people telling her this or that. Not in this problem.

Mikan resumed her walk fest as she knew that Natsume had gone. She knew he wouldn't persist much on getting her out of the room, he wouldn't want her to think he actually cared. Though he really did. But she swore she would really say sorry to him once she gets through her dilemma. They were supposed to go to Central Town and get some Fluff Puffs with Ruka and Hotaru. It was soooooh much like a double date and she really wanted to go. She was just about to get extra Rabbits from her room when Otonashi spotted her to tell her something.

"Mikan Sakura! I bear you distressful news!" Otonashi announced, unconscious of her heartlessness of the situation. "Your grandfather –he's dying!" She grabbed MIkan's hands and for a second, her eyes had a glassy stare. The pressure on Mikan's hands increased and then Otonashi let go. She shook her beautiful head and sniffed. "So it is confirmed. I am so sorry…"

Mikan wanted so much to tell Hotaru about Otonashi's message but she was in a whirlwind of confusion. The last time this happened, though it wasn't as serious as this, people didn't help that much. They just added to the frustration. Now she really knew she had to deal with this alone.

"Aaarggghh!" she grumbled, knocking her knuckles against her forehead again. She let herself fall on the bed and sobbed. "Grandpa! I don't know what to do…! I just know they won't let me see you…" Though no one could see her, she covered her face with her palms as the tears fell without control. She turned around and buried her face against her soft pillow. "Waaaaahhhaaaa… I don't like it here anymore… Waaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa…"

The auburn pigtails were such an eyesore. Seeing those two idiotic things dangling from her head was unavoidable; Natsume never ceased to trail around her, vice versa. Maybe something romantic happened between them, but he knew Natsume too well. Natsume falling in love and admitting it would be a terrible blend of tomatoes and ice cream. But he was certain that there was an understanding between the two –they were simply waiting for each other.

Lately he spent his time watching her since she was always blocking his view of Natsume's actions. It was such a shame that the boy could smile after all –being around this girl must have really done something to him. The dark frightful atmosphere that surrounded Natsume disappeared… as if sucked back into gloomy outer space.

He wanted to get rid of her when he first saw Natsume smile. But when he saw how happy they were together, he tasted bile on his mouth. That's when he was starting to realize how he really hated her. It was irrational, unconnected and too inconsistent. He had his eyes on her before because she could be a firestarter –metaphorically speaking, of course. But now he was waiting for her to make a scene, make a fool out of herself –he wanted to see her move. How he hated her for the life she had.

Perhaps this was how Natsume felt about her and he wanted to destroy it.

Earlier, he heard the little fortune-teller tell the trouble-maker the news about her grandfather. Every word brought so much fear in the girl's eyes it intrigued him. She was capable of so many things! Because there he was, thinking that she could only laugh and trip over. And tonight as he stood on the roof above her room, he listened to her deep breaths; she cried herself to sleep. Before settling on her rooftop, he had tried to convince himself that he was simply there to check if Natsume was with her, or that he needed to make sure Natsume was within the school premises. But as he kept a sensitive ear for her to make any sound, he knew he was starting to be shackled by her mere shallow nature.

But the girl was planning to escape. Her undying love for her grandfather was beyond the beyond, that she was willing to leave all her friends in exchange for an attempt to tend an old man. It was too humane it made him snicker.

A dying man was least of the world's problems. Time kills.

He quickly heard a light rapping on the girl's door. He crouched a little lower to hear better; it seems that the person was talking.

"Mikan… are you alright?"

It was not Natsume, but a girl's voice. Seems he got pissed when his flames died out when he was the one urging her to come out of the room. Hearing no answer from the sleeping girl, he heard a crunch and twist and the door opened. He knew it was the girl's best friend –the smart Imai Hotaru; her perfect opposite. Imai called the girl's name again and the moment the girl woke up, he could clear the heavy sobs that escaped her throat.

"What are you doing here?"

He did not turn around at once when the Black Cat called him. Acting like he was always there, he just turned his head from his crouched position and smirked. "It is none of your business. But what other reason could there be?"

Natsume raised a brow at him. He turned his back to him and snorted. "If you think I'm scared of you, you're wrong, Persona. Don't you dare use her to get to me."

Persona let the boy leave with the final word. He smiled at himself and stood up. He wanted to mock Natsume's words but he was rather delighted to see fire blazing from his eyes. "Nobody else could know me too well…"

Mikan stared at the pack Hotaru dropped on her lap. Inside the clear package were egg-shaped chocolates. She frowned at the pack and then at her best friend. "Thanks…?"

"Look. Sex makes people happy," Hotaru said ever so naturally. "But since you can't have sex yet, chocolate is a good substitute." She smiled faintly at her friend. "It seems you need a whole lot of sex –I mean, chocolate."

Mikan started to giggle. "Thanks for making me laugh, Hotaru-chan." Though they were now fifteen years old and she was still getting used to the idea of her classmates and friends talking about sex so casually. She never really gave it some thought though. She slid her fingers inside the parcel and took three pieces. After popping it inside her mouth, she breathed out a breath of relief through her nose. "Hmm."

"See…" Hotaru asked. "I told you it would work."

"So you eat chocolate, huh?" Mikan asked after swallowing the sweets, her fingers digging for the pack again.

Hotaru gave her a look. "What do you mean? Of course I eat chocolate."

"I mean," Mikan said, eating a piece, blushing. "When you and Ruka can't get intimate at once." She stared at her pack of chocolates, trying to count them from her lap. If she was still getting used to the idea of sex, she was slightly having a harder time accepting that her two best friends in the world were dating. And people forced her to be with Ruka. She tried to meet with Hotaru's gaze again but a big hand slapped her head. "OOOOWWW, Hotaru! That was soooooooooo mean!"

"You deserve it," Hotaru replied, standing up from the grass. "You idiot. Ruka and I aren't having sex."

Mikan rolled her eyes. "All you had to do was tell me…"

Natsume was not around anymore and yet here he was, behind a tree, eavesdropping. He was not eavesdropping, he was observing. He had his arms folded across his chest and he was sure that not a bit of his dark coat was visible from the distance.

And as he listened he noticed how the girl did not follow Imai once she left. Instead she sat there on the grass, staring at a little pond, hugging her knees against her chest, hiding away from the world.

He didn't really seek to understand her. But her emotions, though common, tickled something inside him. He had to admit that he was beginning to feel an attraction towards the loneliness that was enveloping her being. He cherished people's loneliness –because for that amount of time he could almost feel himself not alone in his world. Not that he wanted to be with anyone.

When the word 'sex' puffed into the air from Imai's lips, he found himself looking and listening intently. He was rather amused by her blush and the way she caught the bits of chocolate in midair with her mouth. She would lick her lips afterwards and continue to talk again. It seems that the girl was still all shy when it came to the topic. But if only it dawned on the imbecile that the moment when a girl realizes the reality of sex, it means she is growing to be capable for it. And she seemed made for it. He kept referring to her as 'girl.' He could clearly see her growing form, blossoming into a curvy figure of a woman. She wasn't as flat-chested as she was before. The short blue skirt wasn't helping either, it revealed her fine pair of limbs –she was a killer of his kind. Not that he was lusting after her though.

But that innocence.

Her innocence disturbed him. How could she be so stupid, how can she be so dumb? The way she sat there without caution of who might see her underwear… or why she was so ignorant of the things going around her! He was here, watching her and still… And still she had those annoying pigtails –those silly childish pair of auburn pigtails that seemed to move and twirl and bounce along with her every move. And those long tresses' ends… softly curled into soft twists that fell further down her breast, the other on her shoulder blade.

It did not take long. The urge to touch those ends consumed him. He wanted to tug it out, use is Alice and shred it to ashes. He wanted to pull her hair out of her head and put it against his nose and take a whiff of her cheap shampoo. What could those feel –

"Ahh!" she shrieked, jumping in surprise, almost falling back down on the ground when she noticed that one of her pigtails was caught in the hand of the scariest people in the world. It was the King of Spook himself!

The shock on her eyes made him forget that he was supposed to be scary. A dark chuckle rose from his throat and it threatened to come out. Instead came a grunt. He wanted to pull the piece of hair closer to make her fall on her back but he let the hair off his fingers.

When contact was broken, she was up on her feet, meters away from him. "What the hell was that for? Haven't you noticed, Natusme isn't here!"

Corrupt her. Corrupt her.

Destroy her.

Those hazel eyes were glaring at him with anger. He felt like smiling.

Corrupt her.

With. Pain and pleasure.

On the surface she pulled out all the anger she could muster from her body. But on the inside, she was shaking like a leaf. She was no better than Ruka's pet bunny when frightened. Her heartbeat took each beat slowly –she was trapped in his world of mind games and torture. This is the man, she thought, this is the man who causes so much trouble for… the academy… the… the… She shook her head slowly, trying to think some sense. I couldn't even remember Natsume's name because I'm so scared! she thought inside her head. She knew she had to break free. She had to use her Alice! But why and how? He wasn't even touching her!

But the way he touched her hair… he felt like a ghost. An angry demon or spirit. He gave her Goosebumps. But there was something she could not understand. She could not understand something.

When He turned away; the sound of life present again around her. She fell on her knees, panting. Her heart came back to life, too, it palpitated wildly against her chest. Her fingers and palms were cold; she was terrified. It felt like forever, the way his dark shadow cast upon her, his dark coat standing against the light that shone at her. The mask that covered his eyes was nowhere and she could read what his eyes had said:

She was off the hook… for now.

As he retreated from her form, he wanted to reach inside his own chest and touch his heart to make it stop from beating relentlessly. He cursed a silent one, he damned the land he walked on. He wished he would forget. The way her hair felt under his fingertips…

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