Strange Angels

This is set sometime after the end of Season 1. While it doesn't break canon to my knowledge, it is definitely AU. The Winchesters survived – John is off searching for more information on the demon, and the boys are playing knight errant.

Characters: OMC (Aaron)

Disclaimer: The Winchester boys aren't mine. The Colt isn't mine. Wish the car was mine. But I can only blame myself for the Circle of Enoch.

Rating: M (Overall)

Summary: The Circle is broken.

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Prologue: A World Without Heroes

Aaron reached forward and switched on the radio. Gene Simmons' distinctive voice filled the cab.

A world without heroes
Is like a world without sun
You can't look up to anyone

He glanced wryly in JD's direction as the lyrics hit home. During his entire life, Aaron had believed the Beata were heroes. He had sacrificed dreams on the belief that he was fighting the good fight, just like his parents and untold generations had before him. That one day, the children whose coming was foretold would change the world.
All that the Beata had to do was hold on to it long enough.

Aaron didn't remember who said "absolute power corrupts absolutely" but it certainly applied. Maybe their parents had never betrayed them – maybe their parents did not yet know what the Council would become and all those stories of duty and honor were still real for them. Maybe their parents believed that the gifts still active within their sacred blood sealed their true purpose, and it was a good one.

But the dreams showed the lies within the vow.

In his dreams, a dozen young men and women did the unthinkable – they broke the Seal, giving the world that generations of their families had sworn to protect to the Grigori.

Aaron could see their reflections in the rear-view window while he adjusted the mirror, the ghosts of a future that could never come to pass. A dark-skinned young woman who smiled, her mouth bloodstained mouth as she danced with the dead body of a young boy. Blonde twins walked between plants that withered as they passed, their black eyes glittering with power. A laughing red-haired girl reveled in the pain she chose as a companion, whose light touch with an ichor-covered hand caused her victims to bleed from every orifice. And darkest of all was the hazel-eyed devil with the face of an angel, sacrificing every carnal pleasure as he left behind a trail of shattered bodies.

They were the Betrayers who would break the Seal for Shemhezai.

And Shemhezai was beauty itself in the midst of his ascension, with blue-green eyes and JD's smile.

At his altar, Shemhezai was surrounded by faces Aaron recognized; high-ranking members of the Council could be seen in the throng – including his father, a sharp betrayal that stung like a ritual blade to his own chest. The children were there, too – the young women who were Shemhezai's consorts and the young men his warriors on earth. Every one of them had become a vessel for one of the Grigori, their smiling faces and easy laugher belying the fact that they were ushering in Armageddon, and they ignored the dead husk of the boy who would become Shemhezai laying broken on white stone.

It was a future that could never come to pass, a mission that required faith and sacrifice.

To keep twelve children from becoming the Betrayers, parents would remember the vows forgotten by their grandparents: that the blood of the Nephilim was a sacred bond to protect humanity, a power given to withstand the Grigori by God himself when the angels fell. The Beata were God's warriors, given visions that sent them where they were needed most, and it was their duty to fight the unbeatable foe. It was their duty to die fighting. It was their duty to fight in death.

But not everyone answered the call to action.

Only eight of the children would be saved. The others would remain with the Circle of Enoch, corrupted by the Council and molded to serve its dark purpose.

Those few who still lived by the code were giving up their unimagined lives on a gamble. They were giving up each other, the only family that they had ever known. The plan had been set into motion, and tonight would be the last time they fought by each other's side. Tomorrow morning, when the dust settled onto the rubble of a broken Circle, those who remained would have already gone their separate ways.

Aaron prayed that it would be enough.