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The legend of Hira is well known all over the world for its action, its love, its compassion for others, its longing to be real, its wanting to help the world in every aspect of its being.

As the legend goes a beautiful young, Japanese goddess, who could predict the near future, saved the world from mass destruction millions of years pass. Before beyblading , before wars, before hatred, before great divisions. But she was caught in her own crossfire and died a terrible death.

Her pet Yoko lived for years and years to come in a rock, to her it was her life to others Yoko was a monster, a beast, a disaster waiting to happen any minute. Yoko was majestically beautiful, fire circling around her white, brilliantly shiny coat of fur. Hira fell in love with a Mar. Mars are heavenly beings sent to destroy such monsters but as he was about to do just that, Hira asked for his compassion towards the beast. He felt her red eyes pierce deep into his. In her eyes he saw something he never seen before in woman …strength. Hekan, Hiras father, also known as the most powerful and feared god, did not approve of his daughters new love. Hira did not want to disobey her father's wishes but she did not want to leave the love of her life nor did she want to die if her father commanded for her death, Hira wanted to see the world grow. She predicted her loves death. On the night it was to occur she went to the place and saw that the man before Treton, her love, was her own father.

The legend also says that there was a great fight between Hekan and Treton. Hira stood between the two seeing what they would do..waiting. Treton did not attack but pleaded her to get out the way, to Tretons wishes, she moved. The second she did Hekan attacked killing Treton instantly. Her pain was so great as she witnessed the present actions. Hekan was angry and killing Treton was not enough he smit the heavens, he attacked the people, the earth, the animals he would not stop until the world no longer existed. Hira and Yoko stood before her father The Great Hekan. The legend also says that there was a great fight between Hekan and Hira. There was a big explosion as their strengths clashed and a fire arose. Hira told Yoko to incise herself in a rock. As Yoko was doing so she looked back at her master who was smiling among the flames her image dancing along with them. "It is okay Yoko for one day we will meet each other again in the far future." The legend says that Hira will be reincarnated and that that person would rule the world to end wars and make it a peaceful place to live in. The legend is exactly that, therefore no one has been able to prove it.

The sound of a book hitting the top of a desk awoke Tyson, Hilary and a few others in the middle of history.

"Any questions", Mr. Yoshi asked. No one said anything. "No comments?... no? Ms. Tatibana do have anything to say taking that you always do?" Hilary did not even notice she was being asked until she felt everyone one looking at her.

"Oh … um… no I don't um… Excuse me what was the question?" she asked yawning.

"Do you have any comments about the piece we just read?" said annoyed he had to repeat himself.

'Ahh what did we just read, great what do I do I have say something', she thought desperately thinking of something convincing.

"Oh yes it was… beautiful? in the way… it was written", she stuttered.

"Hmm, good. How about you Tyson? Do you have anything to say?

"Who me? No not really?" he said stretching backward in his chair and falling directly on the floor. He could hear his classmates laughing. Max helped him.

"You alrig," max was cut off by Mr.Yoshi.

"Sleeping in class! And during this beautiful legend!" he yelled out scaring everyone who wasn't paying attention.

"So it was beautiful" Hilary mumbled.

"Tyson Granger and Hilary Tatibana I would like to see you when class is finished.

"Great" they mumbled in unison.

"Hey Hil what's up with you lately you never fall asleep in class. It's ok for Tyson but not for you" Rai said leaning over to her.

"I just haven't getting much sleep lately I guess." she whispered.

"Rai! I would like to see you to. Hilary what has gotten to you lately?"

After the day was over

"What did Mr. Yoshi say?" Kenny asked the three as they all walked away from the school.

"No sleeping in class." Tyson and Hilary said at the same time.

"No talking in class." Rai said in a mocking voice.

"How could you disrespect the legend of Hira that way? Kids today have no respect" the three said in unison.

"So nothing different?" Max asked giggling.

"Hey guys I'll catch up with you later," Hilary said backing up.

"You're not coming to practice with us? You need to practice with Yenny. You're getting better and better each day" Kenny asked.

"Yeah right" Tyson said to himself.

"Thanks Kenny but I have to go run some errands with my mom" she explained pretending not to hear Tyson.

"Okay, see you later, Hil," ray said.

"Bye guys," she said walking away after they said bye if you consider a nod a bye, coming from Kai.


Hilary got home, went straight to her room to try to get some sleep. Her mom knocked on her door.

"Hilary, sweetie aren't you going to Tyson's for practice"

"No, practice was cancelled today", she yelled out sinking her face in her pillow.


The guys entered the dogo just as the phone started ringing. Tyson ran for the phone in the kitchen.

"Oh hey Mr. Dickinson long time we heard from you." All eyes were focused on Tyson as he spoke.

"What! That's great! We'll do it!" Tyson yelled getting all excited.

"We're going to Taiwan", he said closing the phone.

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