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It was a month after Kai and Hilary's talk in the park. To the naked eye Hilary seemed happy and she quit running away from her best and only friends. But for Kai it was a burden what he knew, and for Hilary it was hell. No matter how much she ignored the headaches and overlooked the nightmares she had to acknowledge that the date for the tournament was approaching itself. She couldn't help but feel pain and misery lurking over her like a cloud of darkness ready to consume her very being down to the bone. What she was going through no one knew, if they did they would not understand even Hilary herself was lost in a web of complications. Voices in her head saying the time for the Bladebreakers was over. She could not ignore these voices and their hissing at her. She felt her head blast with headaches and for a split second she was sure that she had gone mad and had to be put away immediately. Who wouldn't think the same if you knew that darkness was just waiting around the corner ready to attack any minute.

In Tyson's dogo the amazing beyblade team trained for the tournament to come. Their tired breaths mingled with the clashes of their powerful beyblades. It was a normal day. Rai and Tyson were battling as were Kai and Max. Kenny was in front of dizzi. Suddenly their training was interrupted with a knock on the door.

"That must Hilary" Kenny said walking towards the door. It was not Hilary. To his surprise it was a man dressed in black, black suit, black gloves, black sunglasses and black gloves.

"Oh, hello, how may I help you?" Kenny asked politely.

"Well I'm looking for a Miss Hilary Tatibana. Is she available at the moment?" the man asked peering in to the dogo.

"Hilary? No, she's not here at the moment. May I ask why you're looking for her?" Kenny looked at the man suspiciously.

"Hey, Kenny who is it? Rai asked moving towards the open door, being greeted by a middle-aged man.

"Right. I didn't catch your name" Kenny told the man.

"That's because I didn't give it" he said walking away leaving the two teens highly confused. The two walked towards their teammates to find one was missing.

"Hey where did Kai go? I was just about to battle him." Rai asked the Max and Tyson.

Tyson looked back at where Kai was originally. "Good question here was here a minute ago." He told Rai a little upset. "Can he stay in one place or at least say when he's about to leave!"

"Who was at the door?" Max asked ignoring his friends temper.

"I don't know. He was a really strange man asking for Hilary" Kenny explained.

"Yeah strange and rude" Rai added annoyed.

Light footsteps and settled breathing could be heard as Kai silently followed the man in black to a big van, yeah you guessed it a black van.

"Hello Kai" said the man turning to see him eye to eye. "I knew you would come"

"What do you want from Hilary?" he asked motionless staring into his eyes. The man laughed slightly.

"If you want to know more about your little friend, than what you already know, come with me"

"Im good here thanks." he said sarcastically. "Now what do you want with Hilary?"

"Well Kai Hiwatari I'm afraid that's not your choice." He said turning his back to him. The last thing Kai felt was a strong blow to his head.

"It's mine. Get him into the van and be discreet" he ordered his men.

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