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When Yuki got home from school, he immediately took off his uniform and looked in his mirror. As he stared at himself in the reflective glass, he poked his stomach.

'I'm so fat.' He thought to himself. Last time he thought it out loud, Kyo had overheard and said, "What are you, crazy? You're the farthest thing from fat!" 'Of course Kyo would say that,' Yuki thought. 'He's so lucky… he's thin'

Yuki carefully pulled out the scale he had secretly bought after dropping Tohru off at work one day. Tentatively he stepped on it…

125 pounds

"Yuki, " Tohru called upstairs, "dinner is ready!"

Quickly he hopped off his scale, put on some large pants and a large shirt to hide his "fat" form, and walked down the stairs…


"What did you make for dinner Ms. Honda" Yuki asked in full "Prince" mode.

"Niratama!" She said in her cheerful voice.

Kyo suddenly felt sick.

Yuki started doing the math in his head. 'The leeks will probably add up to 100 calories altogether, and the eggs…Fuck, those have 350 calories each'

He sat at the table and looked at the delicious meal Tohru had made. He picked up his chopsticks and ate. He didn't want to insult her, so he cleared his plate.

"That was delicious Ms. Honda." Yuki said before he excused himself.


Yuki made his way upstairs. He looked in his mirror and pinched his (nonexistent) pudge.

'She would never like me. I'm fat and stupid. Akito was right…juunshi aren't meant to fall in love.' He grabbed his towel and went to the bathroom. He turned on the shower but didn't shower right away. First, he took his toothbrush and made himself throw up the unwanted calories he took in. He brushed his teeth, took his shower, returned to his room and went to sleep.


Yuki woke up to the smell of his favorite breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, French toast, and Sausage.

"Damn." He said to himself as he got up and looked in his mirror. Yuki was disgusted with the way he looked. He wrinkled his nose and got ready for school. He also checked to see if his spare toothbrush was in his bag. Just as the night before, he cleared his plate.


"I'm sorry I can't walk to school with you today Ms. Honda, but I have some things to do with the student council." That was his excuse for getting to school at 7:00 A.M.

He was glad the student council office had it's own bathroom and that he was the only one there at 7 A.M. He turned on the faucet just incase…


When Yuki finished, he brushed his teeth and looked in the mirror in the bathroom. He removed his shirt and stood staring at himself.

"Why did I eat so much? No wonder I'm so fat…" He criticized.

Then he got an idea. He put his shirt back on and ran to the nearest drugstore.


Tohru was worried. Yuki had been acting strange the past few days. He was wearing clothes that were 3 times his size, going to the bathroom directly after meals to take his shower, and locking himself in his room directly after school. What was wrong with Yuki?

'I wonder if I could cheer him up with some onigiri?' she thought.

In an attempt to make him feel better, she made some onigiri filled with cheese (he is the rat after all) like the mystery onigiri from the culture festival, and went to school.


Yuki placed the items on the counter. He paid for them and returned to school. It was now 7:15. Since no one would be in the student council office for 15 more minutes, Yuki unveiled his items. One was a bottle of aspirin; the other was a bottle of weight loss pills. They were both about the same size…the weight loss pills bottle was slightly bigger. Carefully he emptied the aspirin into the sink and poured the weight loss pills into the aspirin bottle. He flushed the aspirin down the sink's drain and left the bathroom. He looked at the clock. He had 5 minutes to get rid of the weight loss pills' bottle. He ran to the huge dumpster behind the school, threw the empty bottle in there and returned to the student council room where Kakeru was waiting for him.

"Hey Yun-yun! Where were you?"

"And why is it any of your business?" Yuki answered coldly.

"Right – you aren't a morning person… Sorry I forgot." Kakeru said sheepishly.

"Whatever, we have work to do before the bell rings." Yuki turned to Kakeru, but he was already asleep.

'Figures,' the rat thought to himself. 'Who would want to help the stupid rat?'


It was lunchtime. Tohru was ready to surprise Yuki with the special onigiri . she Walked to the student council room and tentatively knocked on the door. Yuki opened the door with his eyes closed and asked "What!" Then he opened his eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry Miss Honda, I thought you were someone else…What brings you here anyway?" he asked with his kind smile.

"W-well I made you some onigiri for lunch. I thought they'd cheer you up – I mean you seem kind of sad lately…"

"Honestly Honda – san I'm not very hungry right now, but I will take them for later. I'm fine, you don't need to worry about me…but thank you Miss Honda. You should go eat your lunch." He was right. Hana – chan and Uo – chan were waiting for her. She handed him the onigiri and said "I hope you enjoy them Sohma – kun," before she ran to their classroom.


Yuki stared at the onigiri. He was kinda hungry too.

"Why do people keep doing this to me? Do they want me to be fat?" Then he remembered. He took the aspirin bottle out of his bag and took out two of the white pills inside. He put them into his mouth and swallowed. His hunger started to die away. They actually worked! He placed the bottle back in his bag just as Kakeru waltzed into the room.

"Yo! What smells so good?" the dark haired boy asked..

Yuki pointed to the onigiri Tohru made.

"Oooo, can I have some!" Kakeru asked enthusiastically.

"You can have it all." Yuki answered.

"Aren't you hungry?"

"No, not really." Yuki said simply.

"Are you sure I can have all of it?"

"Yes, just take it Kakeru."

" Wow, thanks Yun-yun!" Kakeru said as he stuffed his face."Hey, they're filled with cheese!"

'Good to know.' Yuki thought as he walked out of the student council room to his classroom.

"Did you eat the onigiri I made you Sohma-kun?" Tohru asked sweetly.

Kyo looked infuriated. "Why'd he get onigiri? Why didn't I get any!"

"Because you're a stupid cat." Yuki replied.

Kyo came running towards Yuki but he dodged him.

"Yes, I did eat them Miss Honda, they were delicious."

Tohru wanted to test him. "What were they filled with?"

"Cheese. That's why they were so delicious…Thank you again Miss Honda."

"You're welcome Sohma-kun!" Tohru said with a smile. "I'm so glad you liked them!"

'I'm glad Kakeru liked them' Yuki thought.

The bell rang and lunch was over.


Just like the day before, Yuki took off his uniform and inspected himself in the mirror. He turned to the side and sucked his stomach in. then he let it go. 'She'd never like me the way I am.' He thought to himself. He took out his scale and stepped on it.

124 pounds! That was one less than yesterday!

He hopped off the scale just as Tohru announced that dinner was ready. He quickly got into his huge clothes and went downstairs.


"I don't feel too good Miss Honda, I have a headache. Could you bring my dinner upstairs?" Yuki asked politely.

"S-sure Sohma-kun…Are you sure you're okay? I can come up and keep you company…" Tohru said.

"No, I don't want you to catch what I have Honda-san. I'll go upstairs now."

"I'll bring up your dinner Yuki-kun."

Yuki turned around, blushing, with a look of shock. He gathered his composure and walked upstairs. 'She's starting to like the new me already…'


Tohru came up with a bowl of miso soup. She knocked on Yuki's door.

"Come in."

Yuki was lying in bed.

"Sh –Shigure – san said I should tell you to take some aspirin to get rid of that headache…"

"I will Miss Honda, thank you for your kindness."

"You're welcome Sohma-kun. It's no problem." Tohru said sweetly. She left the soup next to his bed and walked out of the room. However, she sat outside his door. She had left a crack open so she could watch him.

First, he went to his bag and took out a bottle of aspirin. She saw him take two and go back to bed. Then he fell asleep. She went downstairs to join Kyo and Shigure-san.


When Yuki had finally heard Tohru go downstairs, he got up. He quietly moved with the bowl of soup to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and disposed of the soup. Then he took his shower and went to sleep again.

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