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"Oh no. No no no." Tohru hoped she was dreaming. She tightly closed her eyes and opened one than the other.

Yuki was still there, passed out, in rat form. She picked him up and ran to Shigure's house as fast as her feet would carry her.

"SHIGURE!" she yelled once she got through the door.

He appeared in front of Tohru and saw the look on her face. "What's wrong?" he asked seriously for once.

Tohru held out Yuki's fluffy little body as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Shigure looked. "I'll call Hatori. Lay him on his bed."


"Hatori? I need you to come over." Shigure said into the receiver.

"What's wrong? You're more serious than usual…"The doctor replied with concern for his friend.

"It's Yuki…He passed out… I don't know what happened yet, but could you just come over? Please?" he pleaded desperately.

"I'll be right over." Hatori hung up the phone. 'I wonder what happened…'


Shigure went up to Yuki's room. When he opened the door, he saw Tohru, on the edge of the bed, crying.

"What happened Tohru?" Shigure asked cautiously.

"I should have realized sooner…"she sobbed.

"What didn't you realize?" he asked gently.

We all should have realized…" She looked up at Shigure. "Yuki hasn't eaten anything in a month…" the troubled girl said softly.

"How did you find this out?" Hatori's voice asked from behind.

Tohru got the food diary, the weight loss pills, and the scale.

Shigure and Hatori both read the food diary then looked at Tohru, speechless. She started crying again.

"It's all my fault! I know, it's all my fault!" before she ran out to the stoop.

Shigure wanted to go comfort Tohru.

"I think it's better if she's left alone now…we have to find out how much Yuki weighs…." Hatori said.

"Should we tell Aya?" Shigure asked.

"No, he'll panic if we tell him now and we have to focus on Yuki now…we can tell Ayame tomorrow when we're sure Yuki is alright."

"Well he can't be weighed in his zodiac form." As soon as the dog had pointed this out the "poof" was heard.

"I guess we can weigh him now, hmm Shigure?" Hatori said happy he was right.

"Wha-what happened? Where am I…Where's Miss Honda?" At the thought of Tohru, Yuki attempted to bolt up, but he fell right back down again.

"Calm down Yuki," Shigure said gently. "You're at home, in your bed, and Tohru is downstairs."

"I'll need to weigh you." Hatori said once Yuki seemed calm.

The silver-haired boy looked frightened.

"It's just a scale Yuki."

"Where are my clothes?" He asked in a last effort to avoid the scale.

Shigure and Hatori looked at each other. "I'll get Tohru."

"While he's gone I'll need to weigh you." Hatori said.

It was inevitable. 'It's obvious they know what I've been doing….They'd find out eventually, so I might as well cooperate…' Yuki thought as he slowly got up and stepped onto the scale.


Kyo walked home from the dojo. When he arrived at Shigure's house, he saw Tohru sitting on the stoop…. crying. As soon as he saw her crying, he ran to her as soon as she could.

"What's wrong? Are you okay? What happened?" He asked troubled by her tears.

"Y-Yuki hasn't eaten in a month…" She trailed. "And it's all my fault.

"Tohru? Where are Yuki's clothes?" Shigure asked from the doorway.

She looked up in thought. 'I picked Yuki up and ran home'' She looked up at Shigure. "I'll go get them." She picked herself up and began to walk into the woods.

"Kyo, I want you to go with her….I'm worried she may do something….well…crazy."

"I was going to you know!" Kyo said angrily before he tried to catch up to Tohru.

When he did, she looked so…guilty.

"Don't blame yourself Tohru… It's his own fault…. he did it to himself…"

"How could you say that Kyo – kun?" Tohru asked angrily tears still streaming from her eyes.

"Well he's the one who thought he was fat…it was all in his mind…"

"He did it because he thought he was "too fat" for me to…"

"To what?" Kyo asked.

"To…like him…as more than a friend…" The crying girl trailed off.

"Wait…how did you know that he thought he was fat? Did you know about this? Did you know what he was doing to himself!" Tohru screamed.

"No…I didn't know what he was doing…It's just that…one day …about a month…maybe a little over a month ago…. I passed by his room, he was in his underwear, and he said 'I'm so fat'. I told him he wasn't but apparently he din't listen to me…"

They had finally arrived at the spot where Yuki had transformed. Tohru carefully picked up his uniform, folded it, then her and Kyo walked home.


At this point, Yuki's ribs were visible. Hatori looked at the scale with Shigure peeking over his shoulder. The suspense was killing him, (just like it's killing you now hmm?)

Yuki looked down at the scale.

98 pounds.


Kyo-kun…can I tell you something?" Tohru asked tentatively.

"Sure. Anything."

"You promise not to get mad?"

"Yeah, yeah, I promise…just tell me already."

"I think…. I love…. Yuki – kun…I told him I did…then I ….I kissed him…"She blushed.

Kyo stopped dead in his tracks. He looked up at her. ' I lost to him even now when he's weak? I lost her to him?'

"You're mad at me aren't you Kyo – kun?" Tohru said sadly.

"No, I'm not mad at you Tohru." 'But I am mad at that damn rat. He won fair and square….' Kyo thought to himself.


"Yuki, you're eating…now." Shigure said sternly. as Tohru and Kyo walked through the door.

"Tohru…make Yuki something…. anything to eat." Shigure ordered Tohru.

"You can't talk to Miss Honda like that!" Yuki yelled at Shigure. Strangely, Kyo was silent and went to his room.

"Sohma – kun, it's alright…. do you want anything in particular?"

'I honestly don't want to eat…. because I still look fat…but because thry're going to watch me now…I guess I have to…'

"Could I have some of that cheese onigiri?"

"Sure Yuki – kun" Tohru said as she happily walked to the kitchen with a smile on her face because he was finally eating (and because the onigiri wasn't hard to make.)

"Now Yuki, I want you to give me those pills, your 'food diary', your mirror, and your scale." Hatori said.

"But…that…" Yuki was now sure they knew about his problem. He also knew Hatori was right. "Okay." Yuki did not want to fight anymore.

"And I want you to start seeing a psychologist, tomorrow after school."

"Why? I don't need one…"

"Well you have to go to one. Doctor's orders. I'll sit with you in the waiting room to make sure you go."


Just then, Tohru walked through his bedroom door with the delicious smelling onigiri.


It had been a day. Yuki was exhausted. When he finished his onigiri he fell asleep.

Shigure locked his door so if Yuki did wake up anytime soon, he couldn't "take a shower".

Hatori had told Yuki he would pick him up after school for his appointment and went home.

Since Kyo went to his room earlier, he had not come out for anything. He had only laid staring at the ceiling thinking about how he had lost Tohru, the girl he loved, to Yuki, until he fell asleep.

Tohru went to sleep. She had dreams of the past day.they haunted her usually sweet dreams.

Throughout the house, there was an overwhelming amount of pain, guilt, and fear that could not be cured. At least not tonight…


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