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A fist rapped at the bedroom door of Ron Weasley, and he woke with a start, sweating. He really needed to take something, some kind of potion so he wouldn't dream when he slept. It was too embarrassing to think about it. He groaned and rolled over, pretending he hadn't heard the knock, and pulled the pillow over his tousled red hair. The doorknob turned, and he heard footsteps. Shutting his eyes quickly, he feigned sleep again, hoping that his mother would go away.

Unfortunately, Molly Weasley is very persistent. Pulling the blanket off the bed, she shouted, "Up! Up, you lazy boy!" She snatched the pillow off Ron's head and started beating him with it. "Honestly, are you going to just sleep your summer away when your best friend is downstairs, talking to your sister?"

Ron snickered, opening his eyes. "Harry and Ginny aren't back together, then? Because I could have sworn it wasn't talking they were doing."

Molly thrust the pillow at his head again, and Ron raised his arm to meet it. "Mum, okay, okay! I'm getting up!" He winced every time she swung the pillow at his arm. "Mum! I said I'm getting up!"

Molly grinned. "Yeah, I know… But this is just so much fun." Ron scowled and pushed her out the door.

"I'll be down, I swear."

"Don't you go back to bed, Ronald."

"I won't, I won't."


Twenty minutes later, Ron was dressed, having taken so long because he was daydreaming while he tried to put his socks on. Most of the time he just held his sock over his toes, staring at the wall, a drowsy look on his face. He nearly stumbled down the steps, matting down his nappy hair as he did so. Glancing at the kitchen table, he grinned as he saw his best mate, sitting next to Ginny, engaged in conversation over who-knew-what.

Slipping into a chair near the end of the table, Ron looked up at his mum as she set down plates of eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, and tomatoes. Dishing himself a plateful of everything, Ron began to eat, looking at the front page of the Daily Prophet, which didn't have anything new, or interesting. Flipping to the horoscopes, he smirked as he looked at them. They reminded him of Divination class, and though he knew the wizarding astrologists and seers who wrote for the DP were gifted and educated, he couldn't help but think of Hermione storming out of Trelawney's classroom.

Before he could look very far, his exasperatingly knowledgeable twin brothers, Fred and George, of course, apparated inside the kitchen, in the seats on either side of Ron. "Hey, brother," one said, grinning from ear-to-ear.

"Where's the surprise?" the other asked.

"Yeah, you know-"

"Your girlfriend?"

Ron looked up at Fred, raising an eyebrow. "Girlfriend?"

George snickered. "Yeah, the one that's supposed-"

"-To be here soon?"

Molly waved her dishcloth at the twins and said, "Hush, boys."

George grinned and said, "Oh, so you didn't tell him, then?"

"We figured you might at least give him-"

"-A little warning, so he could-"

"-Well, at least … freshen up a bit." Fred eyed his brother's unkempt hair and noticed that the shirt he was wearing hadn't quite gone through the wash yet. "Did you sleep in that shirt, little brother?"

Ron scowled and took another bite of sausage. "What's this girlfriend you're talking about, anyway? I don't have a girlfriend. Lavender and I broke up ages ago, remember?"

"Yes, because of your surprise visitor."

Ron stared at his mother. "Mum, who are they talking about?"

Ginny, stifling a chuckle, piped up from her spot next to Harry. "Didn't anyone tell you that Hermione's coming over today?"

Ron choked on his sausage and tried to glare in everyone's direction at once, resulting in giving himself a headache instead. "Why didn't anyone tell me?" He leapt up from his chair and was about to bound up the steps to his room again before he turned to look at everyone at the table. The twins were smirking at each other, Molly was smiling into the dishwater, and Harry was trying not to laugh. Ginny was another story, however, holding on to the table and Harry's shirt to avoid falling off her chair. "Oh well, what's the big deal anyway?" he said aloud. "It's just Hermione."


"You'd better change, brother."

"You wouldn't want Hermione to think you smell."

"Or don't take a shower."

"Or both."

"Shut up," Ron said, walking up the steps into his room.


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