BOKE-japanese quince

YUKI YANAGI-snow willows.



"But I don't understand. How can there be plants such as algae and sea weed in the ocean, but there is no air or sunlight? How does it make food?"

Karei was taking her life lessons to learn more on developing her sword skills. She was bending over slightly so as she would not ruin her special red kimono in the sea water.

Touching the algae didn't seem grossly or slimy to her because she was so in tune with all plants and the great waters. What it was worth, she enjoyed the company of her sensei also, Shiju-san

"You see Karei, the under-water plants can't survive on land and without sunlight at the same time. The agitation helps to mix up the water with limits the effects of negative turnovers. And that helps the water become more environmental for the plants"

Shiju-san explained with pride of teaching her young pupil.

"Oh. Okay. I understand now. Thank you." Karei straighted out.

"Well my Lady that concludes todays teaching. I do hope that you have learned plenty of information. I wish I can teach you more but alas it is getting dark and dusk is approaching." her sensei bowed.

'Dusk. Oh yes. Hanganshi.' Karei brought a finger to her mouth in thought.

"Oh hai. Arigatou again Shiju-san. You have taught me plenty. You may leave now." Karei bowed back and watched has her sensei walk down the sandy pathway and the guards opened the back gate for her. Karei raced over to the gate where she had left her sandals and socks. She grabbed the cloth she knew would come in handy if she had to wipe her feet off. Once her feet were in her white, warm socks and stuck in her wooden clogs, the middle child folded up the wet algae in her dainty hand to keep for later.

The guards bowed before letting her re-enter the palace grounds. She pitter-patted on up to her head quaters, checking to see if anyone was around to stop her from meeting Hanganashi. Clip,clop.clip,clop went the sound of her small shoes against the hard, palace floor.


'What could she possible want to see me alone for? Jinkika wasn't even invited.'

Hanganashi reviewed the message from earlier. She was standing near Karei's bookshelf.

She tried to find something interesting during her patient wait. The candle light made her golden and white hair glow. Her jade kimono was made of pure cotton and had cherries dancing around it. She, unlike her sister, Lasshio, had the privilege of wearing an obi.

Lasshio had to wear a rope because she hasn't trained as much; looked upon as a child mentor when Hanganashi was reaching teenage hood pretty soon. Her birthday is just around the corner too.

The door slid opened just as she ended the second chapter of...

"How to use dragon's oil".

Hanganashi stood without hesitation when Karei spoke before she could bow.

"No need to bow. Tonight im not the princess anymore. Treat me like your friend."

Hanganshi wasn't baffled. Sometimes Karei didn't like all the bowing, and special treatment. But tonight something wasn't right about the way she said it or possibly it's all in her mind. Or possible its not.

"Okay then. What's going on? And why wasn't Jinkika added to this little party of ours."

Hanganashi placed the book back where she found it only to turn around and see Karei open up her antique jewelry box. She took the folded up sea algae and stuck a sharp pin in it, attaching the algae to the inside of her box. Amongst the water plant were many other shells and pearls founded by her and Shiju-san pinned to the inner fabric.

"Well, I think you had better sit down for this story, because it's rather intriguing." Karei advised her kitsune body guard.

Hanganashi kneeled down as suggested.

"Okay." Karei sat back down. "This is what happened. It was the same night after Mikkusu became stricken with that blood trouble and..."


Karei was tucked away in her futon when a noise disturbed her from her beauty-sleep. Three rocks were laying on the glazed floor in her room and she knew what that meant.

"Yoru!" she silently exclaimed. Karei quickly pulled the sheets over her and picked up the rocks. She held them all in one hand, moving to her balcony, and closed the doors behind her. Just as she assumed. Karei has been secretly seeing this wolf demon who was born on the eastern border but migrated with his family to the west once his village was pillaged by ogre youkai, so her told her. In her opion he was lucky to be...


"Wait one minute. You saw that ookami demon again?" Hanganashi asked with a confused look. "And just last night too?"

"Hashi, quiet down. There are demons amongst us." Karei put her index finger to her lip and directed the kitsune to shut up. Other demons can hear there conversation if not careful.

"Your father doesn't know does he?" Hashi, as Karei likes to call her, crossed her arms.

"Well...not" She answered giving up on the lying account. Even kitsune can detect a lie from a mile away.

"Mmhm. I knew it. Are you sure your even allowed to see him?" Hashi asked more aware that Karei could be doing something more serious than it seems.

"It doesn't matter. That is not the point! Now listen, and no more interruptions." She told her strictly.

"Okay, Okay. I'm listening. Then what happened?" Hashi became more relaxed on the floor. The sun was plummeting down rapidly.


"Forget about Yoru. So anyways, yes I snuck out with him but only for a little while."

"Hey!" Yoru said with a sneaky voice. He had grayish, blue hair and two extra sharp fangs. His claws were longer than Karei's nails

"Wanna come down, you know, if it's ok with you." He asked shyly. She was the princess of a highly dangerous taiyoukai with the ability to slash him in threes within seconds. But no pressure right?

"Sure." Karei easily jumped down to be caught in the arms of the ookami.

"Let's go. I won't take you far." he said putting her down.

Yoru always had the sweetest smile. And Karei has seen his fighting skills. She has no idea how in the world Yoru can fight so well when he claims that he had no special training. She also hasn't met or seen his parents but Yoru also has a twin sister; he's the eldest.

Karei finds it so courageous that Yoru travels alone in the pitch black woods every night to feed his little clan. She felt safe around him more than anyone else. But if her father ever knew she had been sneaking out to see him once every week, well lets not ponder on the consequences.

"Hey, com-mon. I want to show you something." Yoru swiftly swept her in his arms and placed her on the grassy dirt. He held the power to turn invisible so tiptoeing past the guards wasn't that difficult. Yoru would do nearly anything for Karei, even if it meant hauling over a ten foot gate just to see her enlightening face.

"Hey, what's the big idea? Usually we just talk near the shore." Karei asked, hands on her figured hips.

"Well tonight's different. Let's go." He reached for her hand and they both disappeared into the night as her hand touched his.

Through the bushes and deep green forest of the pathway, the two, young, yokais crept silently until Karei made a squeaking noise.

"What's wrong Kay?" Yoru looked back to find her squinting. He called her kay like a nickname.

"I-I can't see that well in the dark. I'm, I'm not a wolf like you Yoru." She released his hand.

His response was a generous smile. "No Problem. I'll carry you." He picked her up swiftly. "Ok then?" he asked to check if she was comfortable with his decision.

"Ok." She replied hesitantly. Karei has never been in the arms of another male other than her father.

"Good. Onward." he continued to their destination. He felt her lay her ead on his chest. This felt every good to him.

By the time they reached Yoru's mysterious area he had set Karei safely down. She was quite puzzled. All the hime saw was a wall of twines and willow leaves.

"Silly ookami, where have you taken us?" Karei asked with a playful smirk stretched over her barely can be seen face.

"You'll see, but first you have to close your eyes." She raised an elegant eyebrow, hands folded.

"Do it, or I won't show you the surprise." he pointed behind him.

"Fine. But I am the one who should be ordering you around, mind you." She giggled at the irony.

More darkness was all she could see while her lids were shut. Karei then heard him pull back the vines and the sound and smell of water and wild flowers filled her nose.

"Ok, now!" Yoru demaned.

Karei 's eyes burst open to find the most gorgeous, ravishing scenery in her life. There sat two pearl white swans, full grown, in a splendid pond crowded with sakuras, ajisais,

yuki yanagis, boke flowers and more. All having a heavenly scent.

Karei was so stunned. She was literally speechless. No one has ever done something as thoughtful for her. She had to repay hi. Some how. Some way. But how and in what way?

"Yoru, this is..." A grateful smile. She finally figured out how to repay him.

" like it then?" Yoru asked taking her hands in his.

"Hai." she looked up at him. "I have a surprise for you . Now you have to close your eyes."

He gave her a questioned look.

"Do it or you won't get your surprise." Yoru closed his eyes.

Karei started on her tip-toes and had her lips ready to kiss him. But as she was leaning upward, Yoru peeked his eye open and at once took her lips in full bliss. The kiss went on for a mere two or three seconds until...