There's this branch of National Library Board in my country that I frequent. I found a Flash comic there which went along similar lines - all different views of what might have become of Wally West, had he not become empowered by the speed force.
It was a very good comic, and it inspired me to try my hand at this.

Ideas are always welcome.

Prologue: What I Know is What I Know

In the darkness of the room, there was a sudden flicker of light before it faded as quickly away. Then another followed, and another.

All at once, the fourth flicker burst into a small glow of orange light, its source being the match held carefully by a well-worn hand. The match was gently lowered, lighting several wicks of candles that were positioned upon the top of a cake.

Light - though dim - thus returned to the room, and faces could be seen gathered around a table. The cake's icing also became visible, as was the striking blue bird emblazoned across the width of a dark chocolate bat.

"...very funny, Alfred."

"Unfortunately, Master Dick, it was not my doing this one time around."


"Not me, either, Short Pants."

"Tim? Roy? Wally?"

Heads shook in the poor lighting.

Then a throat cleared, and several eyes widened.


"I do have a sense of humor; I just hardly use it. (1)"

The young, black-haired, blue-eyed man of the hour blinked, then chuckled as he shook his head.
That one, he had not seen coming.

"Dude, your candles are melting."

"Some things just can't be rushed, BB; don't have a cow."

Somewhere in the darkness, much to several indignant protests, a pair of horns poked forth in the visibility range, followed by a strangely familiar lowing.

It was quite the party in this place - almost every one that Dick Grayson - as the first Robin or as Nightwing - had ever befriended was there. And that was a lot of people.

"Damn it, Logan! That was not what I meant!"


"Settle down, people!"

Amidst the ongoing quarrel, Dick looked back at the cake and the melting candles upon it. In his life, there had been many things he wished for on annual basis, some which he would continue to ask for. Who knew, maybe accumulative request worked better.

There had been one wish he had always questioned, one which he never asked for in the end.

Sure, he had sometimes wished his parents were still alive - times in his youth - but did he wish none of that had happened?
He would always wish Tony Zucco had not showed up to threaten Mr. Haley, that his parents did not have to pay with their lives.
But did he wish Batman had not descended from the night and come talk to a crying little boy that fateful night? Did he wish he had never become Robin, the Boy Wonder?

He could not honestly say.

He looked up, above the chorus of little flames, and at his guardian. Bruce nodded, to which he answered with a smile.

If anything, he would never regret ever meeting Batman; he could not imagine what life would have been without meeting Batman. It was destiny's design; always would be.

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.

Batman and Robin...

Batman and Nightwing...

Guardian and Ward...

Father and Son...

One would be static without the other.

They would always be the Dynamic Duo.

May that never change, Dick decided.
Then he blew out the flames.

(1): In response to the fanfic "How I Wonder", which I bugged the heck out of Pelze-Junge for.