Overview: Post-Hogwarts. PWP. Ginny/Michael Corner.

Rating: R

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Authour's Notes: A response to Metafrantic's The Great Harry Potter Drabble Challenge. It had to be exactly 100 words long and contain, at the minimum, some element of sexual suggestion. This was my attempt, including a nod to canon as of HBP.


"Eight Year Itch"

At a Ministry ball, the fifth anniversary of Voldemort's defeat, two ex-classmates with too much wine stole off into the Ministry's bowels to some broom closet.

Neither were with their dates.

First he was against the wall, she with her mouth on him. Then she was against the wall, his hand rubbing parts beneath her gown.

An eight-year-old itch scratched, they slumped down amidst the brooms and buckets. Michael Corner tasted his handiwork from his fingertips. "Was I better than Harry?"

Ginny smirked and licked away the traces of his pleasure from her lips. "Was I better than Cho?"

They exited without answering either.