Okay so…

Okay so….don't kill me…I know it's been FOREVER since I updated. My excuse: High school is damn hard! Okay that's not a good excuse…sorry again. Just don't kill me xD

Oh and this update it short…for that I am sorry. I am not at home at the moment so I don't have my notebook that contains this story with me, so I'm running on memory at the moment. But when I get home, I promise I'll write another LONGER chapter ;;

There stood Ino, blonde hair pulled back, lips pouty-like, and blue eyes very similar to those of Naruto's in a daze. Of course that daze was more of a lust-filled gazing, directed at Sasuke's bare chest. At this the Uchiha rolled his eyes. "Is there something you needed?" He asked her as he covered the object of her obsession with his black shirt.

Finally Ino was brought back and shook her head slightly. "Oh…I just wanted to invite you to the new night club, tonight of course." Sasuke knew good and well about the night club so as Ino began going on and on about it, he thought of more important things, like himself and a certain blonde boy there.

It would be the perfect opportunity to ask Naruto somewhere without it being really awkward. "We'll see you there" Ino's eyes lit up. "Wonderful...wait…we?" A smirk appeared onto Sasuke's handsome face. "Well of course. Naruto and myself. What do you say dobe, wanna go out tonight?"

The blonde boy gulped as he looked out of the doorway to the kitchen. "Um…I guess…" He could feel Ino eyes practically glaring like daggers at him, but he couldn't deny the Uchiha anything. "Fine, then it's settled." Sasuke said as he began to close the door on the girl, who was only pouting by then.

Soon it was just Sasuke and Naruto alone again, and Sasuke began to stretch. "Well then dobe, I suppose if you're going out with me tonight, you better go get ready." By now, Naruto's face was as red as it had been in years. "G-go out….what exactly do you mean by that Sasuke?" The Uchiha smirk returned again. "What do you think I mean by that blonde?" He grew closer to the boy and before Naruto knew it, he was pressed against the front doorway. He felt the pressure that was Sasuke's body against his own, making him blush madly. "I…I better get going…"

There was a soft sigh from Sasuke, but he let the boy escape his self-formed cage anyways. "I will pick you up at 8 sharp." Naruto nodded and soon was out the door.