Drabble, in response to the prompt "School's out."

A fluff moment between Hermione and her and Ron´s younger child.

Hermione Weasley was putting away some clothes for her fourteen years old son, Matthew. As she was finishing putting everything inside his wardrobe, her younger son David came running in to the room.

"David Weasley, what have I said about you running inside the house?"

The little boy looked down at his shoes looking very ashamed. "Sorry, mum," he mumbled, smiling weakly.

Hermione couldn´t help but smile back. David was so like his brother and father when they felt ashamed about something. They usually didn´t know where to look, and their ears and neck were always tinged in a nice red shade.

Hermione sat on Mathew´s bed. "Apology accepted, sweetie. Now tell me why were you running?"

Hermione´s words seemed to appease her youngest son because he flew into her arms, gave her a kiss, and then sat on bed with an enthusiastic little jump. That enthusiasm was one of the many Weasley´s traits that her three children had inherited, and she loved seeing it in them.

"Mum, school is out. So, I´m thinking that maybe I can take a ride on Matt´s broom this time. I´m seven years old; I´m not a baby anymore. Please, mummy?"

Hermione threw her head back laughing at David´s remark about his age. She sweetly kissed his cheek. "If you promise to be careful, then I –"

But she had no chance to finish her sentence because David had thrown his arms around her neck.

"I promise, mummy. I promise!"

Hermione nodded, and held her son tight. She kept thinking how in four more hours she would be the happiest woman. Her oldest son Matthew and her eleven years old daughter Catherine were coming home for the Christmas holiday. It was going to be great having all her family together.