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She was folding the laundry when she found it. When Hermione moved in Marcus had been keen to keep his house elf, much to Hermione' chagrin. After much gentle persuasion on Marcus' behalf, she had relented. On the condition that she did some of the work. So Rosie had washed the clothes, now Hermione was folding them, ready to be put in the cupboard.

She had seen it before of course, she thought she had convinced him that she wouldn't wear it. But here it was, all ready to be put away, and maybe worn one day. Not if she had anything to do with it.

So she placed it on top of the dresser, Hermione would have to talk to Marcus about it when he got home.


"Here you are," Marcus said as he walked into the bedroom. He came over and gave her a kiss. "What are you reading?" He asked sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"Nothing really," Hermione said, pushing it aside, "How was your day?"

"The usual pain in the arse," he said, "I work with monkeys I tell you. What did you get up to?"

"Just some cleaning and caught up on some reading," Hermione answered, getting up. "Look what I found in the pile while I was doing the laundry," she said turning around with the shirt, "How did that get there?"

"I have no idea," Marcus winked, "Look good on you it would."

"Hot pink is not my colour," Hermione retorted, "And it's tacky, I told you in the shop, I wont wear it."

"Aww please love, I think it would be cute," he said, "You could wear it to the game this weekend," he suggested.

"I wont!" Hermione exclaimed, "I will look like all those other airhead Quidditch wags. Not happening mister."

Marcus got up and walked over to her, "Why don't we..." he began while taking the shirt she was wearing off, "Just try it on here at home, and if you don't like it," pulling the other top on, "I'll return it."

Hermione turned and looked in the mirror, it was a ghastly colour, she thought about it for a moment, "If it was a different colour, I may just wear it around the house," she said quietly.

She looked up and saw the wide grin on Marcus' face, "I'm not wearing it outside of this place, and you are not to tell anyone I have it, got it?"

"Got it," he agreed, putting his arms around her waist, "It would be a good community service, it would prevent a lot of unneccesary lopping of trees."

Hermione laughed, "How would it do that?"

"Well people would see it, and take it's advice to heart, hence less brooms, less trees being cut down."

She turned around, and put her arms around his neck, "No it wouldn't. It would probably mean more babies, more wannabe flyers, and then more brooms. Wouldn't work," she finished shaking her head. "But you do have a slight point, I think I shall listen to the shirt."

The smile he gave her was pure devil, "So you fancy a ride then?"