Summary: Have you ever been bullied? I have. I feel like i will be looking over my shoulder the rest of my life. But who would guess a Slytherin becoming the bullied? We're meant to be the Bullys.

Warnings: As the title suggests, this fanfic is about a girl who is bullied, therefore some may find this topic a little sensitive; but it genually shows how someone can grow and eventualy get rid of these people with a little bit of suport. Perhaps it can be some help to people; but that is for you to decide.


A New Friend

I look in the mirror at my heart shaped face that contained more freckles than I would like. My eyes where like black holes. No light shone through. My lips where cut and swollen and my heart was still racing. I'd only just managed to get away. I looked down at my pale hands. I looked down at my small hands; they had scratches along the sides. They contained no jewelry like most people, I feared that it many get stolen or broken if I wore any.

I brushed the dust off my robes slowly. The longer I took the better. Anything to get away from them. I looked up again at my pitiful reflection. Normally tears would fall at this moment. But I've come to realize that to be a half-blood in Slytherin, you will be bullied but those who are 'pure-bloods'. Pure-bloods do not care if you cry; they will not cheer you up when you are down. If you are a half-blood then you are nothing more than vermin. They will never pity you, and if you show them your fear they will only make your life more difficult. If you stand up to them…. Well, let me just say I've tried, and look where it got me.

I heard a sudden movement of footsteps across the floor. It echoed loudly around the toilets. Pressure closed around me, my heart battled against my rib cage. My eyes caught a glimpse of some long bushy hair.

She twisted the tap and a rush of cold water splattered out. Her brown eyes looked sadly into the basin as she dipped her hands into the rushing water. She cringed as the water bounced off her skin and down the drain. She sighed and turned off the tap. She looked up and noticed me watching her.

"What?" She snapped.

"Nothing Gryffindor! Mind your own business!" I snapped back sounding more harsh than I wanted to. Her face was full of fury for a moment then she noticed my swollen lip.

"Oh gosh! What happened to you?" The Gryffindor asked kindly. I stared at her for a minute. What was with her? Gryffindors where never kind to Slytherins, and the other way round. My mouth went dry for a minute.

"I was beaten up again." I replied softly.

"No!" she said in disbelief under her breath. I shrugged.

"You really should go to the Infirmary, those cuts look pretty nasty," she said with concern in her eyes. "You should tell someone about this, it's not right."

"But then again, bulling never is," I growled sourly.

"Yes. I understand, I was always bullied when I was younger," she said slowly and understandingly. "Who's bullying you?"

"Draco Malfoy and co.," I replied with distaste. Her eyes narrowed.

"Ah. They bully me to," she said with a small smile. "Hermione Granger." She held out her hand. I smiled and shook it.

"Megan Lewis," I replied and released my grip.

"Do you want me to take you to the infirmary?" Hermione asked. I really couldn't understand why she was doing this still. I thought about it for a moment. If I was seen with a Gryffindor then I would be beaten up, but then again, I'd get beaten up for just walking with another Slytherin. Like a Slytherin would anyway. I nodded my head slowly. Hermione smiled widely and we left.

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