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The Uchiha ducked low under his opponent's spinning kick, a kunai flipping into his hand. With one swift motion, he used his weapon to rip through a core nerve in the Suna shinobi's back. As the kunoichi crumpled to the floor, the Uchiha leapt into the air, kicking her head with his heel in order to propel himself forward at another ninja. Immediately, the paralyzed kunoichi's neck was broken. Upon reaching the anguished ninja, the Uchiha engaged him in a fast set of melee combat. The sound of clashing kunai could be heard. Finally, the Suna shinobi managed to take a cut off the Uchiha. Blood spurted. A smirk leaked out of the stoic shinobi's face. Alas, the Konoha Nin was tiring. Suddenly, the Uchiha grabbed his neck and plunged his kunai into his stomach. Screaming, the shinobi tried to stab his opponent in the eye, but the kunai merely hit air as the metal cut through a normal Bunshin. Above his doppelganger, the Uchiha finished his final hand seal and blew multiple small fireballs. Two hit the shinobi's head, the other five blasting two more Suna Nin.

The Uchiha landed perfectly, drawing out his Fuuma Shuriken in tandem. Raising the armed hand, he pointed it at the four jounin standing in front of him. "Four to go."

Yelling out battle cries like the most unprofessional genin, the jounin allowed their emotions to take control of their bodies. Indeed, they were moving faster and were able to use more strength, but they soon tired. Leaping out of the way, the Uchiha swung his large shuriken at them, dispatching one by surprise. Still in the air, the Uchiha executed many hand seals in quick succession.

" Katon! Goukayuu no jutsu!" The Uchiha patented grand fireball spewed out of the ANBU's mouth, and the large sphere of chakra fire extinguished the Suna shinobis' life in a matter of seconds.

The Uchiha landed on the ground, wiping off a trickle of blood that oozed from the small cut he had obtained. Around him lay the bodies of ten Suna Jounin, the ANBU collected his shuriken back into its holster and took off his mask.

Uchiha Shisui, known as The Mirage, said, "None to go."


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Summary… or something like that… : An introduction to Uchiha Shisui's skill and power to build up for the later chapters. This is a short scene of one of his missions where he took out ten Sand Jounins easily. You see how he coldbloodedly kills the people without sparing them. There are a few more hints about this.