Zoro and Zorro

One day the whole crew stood in Merry relaxing and decided to start a conversation.

" Oi do you think Oda will make anybody fall for me?" asked Sanji suddenly.

Everybody stood in silence until Nami brooked it, " I'm afraid your going to die alone... sorry Sanji-kun."

Sanji let out a depressed sigh, " Ah well... at least I can still make out with people Robin want to make out?"

Robin didn't pay attention she was too busy reading her book.

Luffy looked at his straw- hat then smiled, "Hey do you think our creator Oda made us from movie characters?"

" HELL YES." said Zoro angrily while clenching his teeth.

" What are you so angry about Zoro?" asked Nami.

" Think about it who do I relate to?" asked Zoro.

Everybody shrugged with no answer.

Zoro looked annoyed, " Come on... do I have to sing the song for you?"

Robin stoped reading, " Your going to sing a song Mr. Swordsmen?"


" But you said-"


" Maybe you should sing it... you know so we can remember," said Sanji.

Now of course nobody really cared they just tought Zoro singing was a funny thought.

Zoro looked at his crew then sighed, " Fine just a bit though so you guys can remember..."

Out of the night when the full moon is bright
Comes a horseman known as Zorro

He quickly stopped and looked at his crew, " Well now do you remember?"

Everybody shock their head, " No, you should continue so we can remember better."

Zoro gave an unenthusiastic look before he sang the next lyrics.

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro
The fox of cunning and creed

Zorro, Zorro,Zorro

He makes the sign with the –

" WHATS SO FUNNY," Asked Zoro watching his crew laughing.

" I'm sorry Zoro thats so damn hilarious," said Ussop.

" What the song?" asked Zoro.

" No your voice when you sing," said Sanji exploding with laughter.

" This isn't me but... Mr. Swordsmen you suck," said Robin laughing out loud.

" If I could vote for the funniest shit your song would be it," said Luffy.

" No you guys don't get it... Zorro is a very cool swordsmen who fought horseback and hes a legend," said Zoro.

" He makes the sign with the Z," said Zoro.

" What?" asked Chopper looking at him confused, " sign of a Z?"

" Yeah he makes the sign of the Z like this," said Zoro reaching for Wadou.


He went over to Sanji and made a Z on his chest.

" What the Hell," said Nami confused.

Sanji stood motionless on the ground.

" Ah shit I forgot I sharpened Wadou earlier... so um...damn..." Said Zoro not knowing what do."

Zoro looked guilty for a while then he smiled, " Ah whose laughing now (Beep)