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hi there hunnies. well i think i'm over my writers block cause this little idea hit me late last night. this is gonna be a randy/lita fic. i've got no idea where this story is gonna go but i always work better that way lol there's not a lot of drama in this first chapter but i think there will be as this fic goes on. as always in my fics the raw and smackdown rosters are not split.

Fall at Your Feet

Bright beginnings

Amy "Lita" Dumas paced back and forth at ringside as she watched her on screen boyfriend Adam "Edge" Copeland get her real life boyfriend in a head lock. She tossed her long red hair back as she waited for her cue to grab a chair and get in the ring. The fans immediately began booing and chanting slut at her as she slid under the bottom rope with the black steel chair in her hand. Edge held his opponent as she swung the chair back, changing direction at what seemed like the last second and hitting the blond Canadian in the face. He fell in the middle of the ring with a loud thud as the redhead turned to the tall dark haired man who was standing over edge. A grin appeared on the redheads face as she jumped into the waiting arms of Randy Orton.

The fans didn't know whether to cheer or boo. After planting a passionate kiss on the legend killers lips Amy picked up a microphone from ringside and laughed as she looked down at her former boyfriend.

"For months I've had to walk out here with a smile on my face, pretending that it didn't bother me that everyone thinks I'm just your slut…I'm sick and tired of it and I'm sick and tired of you" she laughed again as she knelt down next to him.

"I finally found a real man, someone who knows how to treat a woman. I'm so over my dumb blond phase and I'm over you, Rated R Stupid Star" she stood up and threw the mic down as she and Randy climbed out of the ring together.

They got to the back and Randy slid his hands around her waist.

"I'm so proud of you baby……that 'Rated R Stupid Star' line was perfect" he said with a proud smile.

"Thank you honey" the redhead replied as she blushed. Adam made his way through the curtain about a minute after Randy and Amy. He looked at the redhead.

"Dumb blond? Ames that one hurt" he said with a small smile.

"Yeah well the truth hurts" the red haired diva replied as she took Randy's hand and led him to his locker room.

"I still can't believe the fans didn't guess what was going on" Amy said as she watched Randy unlace his boots.

"We did keep it pretty secret babe…I'm just glad we don't have to hide it anymore and that you'll be going to ringside with me from now on" he said with that half smile of his.

"So am I but I wanna get to do stuff on my own too, I'm tired of just running in with a chair or title belt and I'm tired of always being someone's arm accessory" Amy said with a sigh. Randy walked over and took her hand in his.

"Babe, you know you're so much more than that, right?" he said seriously. The redhead smiled at him.

"Am I Randy? I've spent so long only getting to be the ringside interference runner…what if I can't do it anymore? What if I can't put on a good match?" she asked.

"Amy you're gonna wrestle circles around everyone" Randy replied as he brushed a strand of flame red hair off her face. She smiled as she slid her arms around his neck.

"Thank you baby……what would I do without you?" she said with a smile.

"Your life would be so dull babe" he replied with a cheeky smirk. Amy laughed at her boyfriend.

They'd been seeing each other but the decision to make them an on screen couple had only been made very recently. Amy was glad to be away from Adam, working with him had been bearable at first but she'd gotten tired of putting up with his ego. It had been Randy's idea that she start working with him instead of Adam, he knew she'd never been happy playing the slut and working with him would give her the chance to try something new. With the Hardy's she'd been the good girl, the girl next door, with Adam she'd had to be a slut but now she could play the cocky arrogant bad girl, basically a female version of himself.

Randy showered and changed into faded blue jeans and a long sleeved white t-shirt while Amy fixed her hair. They were going to do a short photo shoot for WWE magazine before they went back to their hotel. The couple did a few different poses, the best one being one where Randy was standing behind Amy, a smirk on his face and his hands on her hips while she cut an Edge shirt to ribbons.

They got back to the hotel and Amy was immediately ambushed by Trish, Maria and Ashley for a girly gossip session. Randy laughed as Amy blew him a kiss and giggled as she followed the other divas to Trish's room. Randy was left standing with his best friend, John Cena who was also Trish's boyfriend. The 2 young superstars looked at each other.

"Drink?" Randy asked. John grinned.

"Ya read my mind man" John replied as they headed in the direction of the bar.

The girls were all sitting on Trish's bed giggling as Trish opened a bottle of wine.

"How are things with you and Randy?" Ashley asked Amy. The redhead grinned.

"Couldn't be better, especially now we're working together" she said happily.

"You're so lucky Ames, you guys are so cute together……I'm so jealous" Maria said with a pout.

"Aw Ria…you and Phil are ok aren't you?" the redhead asked.

"Yeah but we hardly get to see each other…I miss him" the little brunette diva said sadly.

"At least you get to travel with him a bit more now he's in ECW" Trish said brightly. Maria smiled.

"That's more like it" Ashley said when she saw the other diva smile.

"Now come on girls, I've got 4 bottles of wine here and no one gets to leave this room till they're empty" Trish said with a laugh.

"That sounds like a challenge to me" Amy giggled.

Randy and John walked into the bar and saw Dave Batista sitting alone with a drink in front of him.

"Hey man" John said as he and Randy sat down either side of him.

"Hey. Where's the girls?" he asked.

"They're having some girly night or something so we're hiding out here" Randy answered.

"I don't know how they can spend so much time just talking anyway……do ya ever wonder what they talk about?" John asked with a curious look.

"Make up probably or shoes" Randy said with a shrug.

"Don't forget clothes and guys" Dave said as John ordered drinks for the 3 of them.

4 hours later the guys headed upstairs. The girls were all laughing and dancing around Trish and John's room, the 4 empty wine bottles on the floor.

"Woooo my man is here!" Amy squealed as she jumped on Randy.

"You're drunk baby" Randy laughed as he caught her.

"I am not…I'm just soberly challenged" she giggled. Randy rolled his eyes.

"Come on, its time you were in bed" Randy said as he put his girlfriend back on her own feet.

"Yes sir" Amy replied with a mock salute as she wobbled a little.

"I'll make sure these 2 get back to their rooms ok" Dave said as he held Maria and Ashley up.

"Thanks man" John said as Trish threw her arms around his neck.

"I wuv you" the blonde slurred before she past out in John's arms. John laughed as he picked her up and placed her on the bed.

"Later man" Randy said as he led Amy out of the room.

"Bye John…bye Trishy" Amy shouted as she followed her boyfriend down the hall…

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