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Date: July 16, 2006


After school, Anzu rushed out to the front of the building to catch Kaiba before he could leave. For once, she knew he would listen; she would make him listen. He wasn't going to get away with it again, not anymore. Anzu was sick of his superior attitude, and his annoying habit of always talking down to her friends. He had hurt Yugi's feelings– hurt them badly! And even though Yugi was small and, it must be admitted, cute, he could normally stand up for himself. He wasn't one to just sit there and take it! But Kaiba had finally succeeded in silencing his rival, and Anzu had had to watch him walk away smugly while Yugi could only stare dejectedly at the floor.

She was more than angry; her rage had been building up all day, recalling Kaiba's past sins. So she decided to confront him and make him answer for all his wrongs. And over the time she had known him, he had certainly built up a hefty collection.

Anzu hid behind the corner of the building and watched as the students poured out of the school. She soon spotted her prey in the middle of the crowd, his height making it all too easy to pick him out. Chewing on her bottom lip determinedly, she pushed through the swarming crowd focused solely on the arrogant man she fully intended to cut down to size.

She grabbed his arm. "Kaiba-kun! I need to talk to you."

He glared fiercely. "Mazaki. Take your filthy hand off of me at once."

She smiled brightly. "No. Now come on; I need to talk to you."

Though much stronger than her, the easiest route seemed to be just to follow her– once they were away from the crowd, he could rid himself of her presence with very little hassle.

Anzu led him back towards the school, a tight grip still on his arm. His annoyance was rising.

When she finally found a spot she deemed suitable for their "talk", she let go of him and turned to face him. He sneered, crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall.

For a moment, her warm smile stayed in place. But then her true feelings took hold and she advanced towards him looking like a wild, enraged lioness. "You," she snarled, a finger poking at his chest, "are an arrogant, cold-hearted, unfeeling bastard. You don't even deserve to be on the same planet with decent human beings!"

In response, he merely raised an eyebrow. "Oh? So that's your opinion of me, is it?" He sighed in exasperation. "Goodbye, Mazaki– you're clearly not in your right mind. Although quite used to insults..." he smiled and his eyes flashed dangerously. "I don't appreciate them. Now get out of my way."

He tried to move past her, but she pushed him back as hard as she could. His shock registered for a mere moment before his face went back to carefully schooled impassivity.

"I don't think so, you asshole," Anzu said angrily, glaring daggers at him. "You're going to stay here until I've finished with what I have to see." Seeing that, for a moment, she had his attention, Anzu continued. "Do you remember what you said to Yugi earlier? Well it was rude and totally uncalled for and I'm not leaving– and neither are you, by the way– until you apologize for it. Maybe your cold-blooded scales don't let the numerous insults hurled at you hurt you, but Yugi isn't so fortunate. He's actually human, and he has feelings, damn it! So–"

At that point, Kaiba stopped listening. He had heard speeches like that from her before, and he had no desire to hear one again. What crime had she accused him of again? Oh yes, wounding poor Yugi with his vicious words. He cast his mind back. He had said something to the short boy, he remembered, but was it as bad as Mazaki was claiming?

He thought for a moment. Probably so.

He knew he had a biting wit, and more often than not his words were acidic and cruel. But even if he had trampled on Yugi's feelings a bit, did that really give her the right to viciously accost him and then proceed subject him to a torturous lecture? Apparently Mazaki thought so, because she had yet to stop talking.

And she certainly knew how to talk.

He wasn't listening to her babble, though he assumed it had something to do with Yugi still. Or maybe she was piling more insults on him. Or she was telling him why it would be a good idea to try to be Yugi's friend. Or, in view of his latest transgression, perhaps she was reminding him that he would never be good enough to be Yugi's friend. And she still hadn't noticed her wasn't paying her a whit of attention. Hmm, it seemed that all his slurs towards her intelligence had been rather more correct than he had thought.

She was closing in on him, trying to corner him against the wall. And she was livid. Her brows her drawn in, her mouth set in a tight frown– when she wasn't screaming at him–, one hand rested on her hip while the other pointed an accusing finger at him. She obviously wasn't afraid of his ire– because surely she knew that he wasn't one to take such a fierce verbal assault lying down. There would be repercussions.

First however, before plotting revenge, he knew he had to attend to the matter at hand– how to silence her. She was in a wild rage, working herself up even more with each new word. The waves of anger she was emitting were palpable, washing over him as he stood there before her, watching the red-hot, passionate fire burn in her eyes. Why, he realized suddenly, she was absolutely exquisite. Even if he didn't agree with her or appreciate her point, she did have a right to chastise him. He hadn't heard a word she had said, of course, but he imagined that at first it would be at least decently reasonable. He had never seen someone so unafraid to scream at him. He had never seen someone so passionate in their ire. She might be wrathful, but she was beautiful being it.

"Alright," he said finally, shocking her. "I'm sorry."

Anzu stopped in the middle of whatever it was she had been saying. She stared at him with wide eyes. "Wha... What?"

He took advantage of her discomposure to walk past her. "Are you really that deaf? Or are you just stupid?" He smirked as he caught the glare she shot him. "And really, hasn't that been your objective all along? To extract from me those exact words– 'I'm sorry'. Really Mazaki... You're going to justify my low opinion of you." He straightened the jacket of his uniform. "As I said not a full minute previously, I'm sorry. What I said to Yugi was unnecessarily harsh. Feel free to relay my apologies."

And with a smile, he left her stand there gaping at his retreating back like an idiot.

Maybe he wouldn't have to seek "revenge" after all.

:end scene 1:
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